Best Mattress Reviews And Ultimate Buying Guide 2017

Do you enjoy a good night’s sleep as much as we do? Are you tired of waking up in the morning suffering from a back or neck pain due to a bad sleep? Can’t hold your eyes open at work because you slept horribly? Can’t perform well in the gym due to sleep deprivation?
Nobody enjoys waking up to a stiff neck or experiencing discomfort due to a bad night’s sleep. It could be that your mattress is causing you these troubles. If you are thinking of changing it, we are here to help you make the right decision.
what getbestmattress.com provide
Making a switch to a new mattress could be just what you need. However this is no easy business. There are ample of parameters to consider before making a buy.
Getbestmattress is here to make your dream sleep come true by revealing the best mattresses in the market.
Thinking of your dream mattress? You can check below the top 10 best mattresses for 2017 to help you.Our job is to save you time and hustle, by doing what we know best. We are here to reveal all essential characteristics to help you decide the most suitable mattress choice that is also relevant to your needs.


How We Do Research To Pick Up The Best Mattresses

research from getbestmattress.com
We have reviewed dozens of mattresses(over 40) for you. Some are set apart from the rest, such as the exquisite NECTAR mattress (Best lover of getbestmattress.com) and Layla mattress. These top choices have a remarkable lifetime warranty and offer a sleep you cannot forget with their advanced 4 layer structure (Nectar mattress) and innovative use of materials such as copper (Layla mattress).
There are also other newer additions to the industry which can pleasantly surprise you, such as the Aviya mattress, an Ohio manufactured hybrid mattress which performs well. Or you can try Dromma bed, an evolutionary solution that brings you comfort while you sleep.
There are however famous brands which do not perform as well and disappoint us, such as the top 3 mattresses you should think over before buying. If you are not hurry, don’t miss our ultimate mattress buying guide 2017.


Top 10 Best Mattress 2017

Official siteTypeWarranty and trialSummaryRatingsCoupons
Best value
Nectar mattress review
Memory foam
Lifetime years
365 nights
  • 365 nights free trial
  • Forever warranty,only Nectar and Layla provide
  • Totally 11" high, better than industry standard
  • Sleep very cool with double gel layers design
  • 5 stars customer service, can renew cover for free
  • Support international shipping
$695 $795 $100 OFF
Editor choice
2 Layla mattress Review
Memory foam
Lifetime years
120 nights
  • The first mattress use copper memory foam
  • The first mattress use thermogel technology
  • I guess one of the coolest mattress I've reviewed
  • Lifetime warranty and 120 nights free trial
  • Two firmness scale in one mattress
$799 $899 $100 OFF
Editor choice
3 Nolah Mattress Review
Memory foam
15 years
120 nights
  • Doesn't retain heat as other foam mattresses
  • Cooler and more bouncy than memory foam
  • Stronger and more durable than Latex
  • Can protect wild animals when buying
  • Above industry standard warranty/trial
$774 $849 $75 OFF
Editor choice
4 Bear mattress review
Memory foam
10 years
100 nights
  • Very cool to sleep on
  • Excellent for pressure relief and recover
  • Just right bounce for mattress
  • Special Celliant technology they use
  • Good customer service
$800 $850 $50 OFF
Best price
5 Qomfort Mattress Review
Memory foam
Lifetime years
100 nights
  • Very affordable memory foam mattress
  • Sleep cool all night(gel+open cell)
  • Firmness suits to most people
  • Very fase delivery
$549 $649 $100 OFF
Editor choice
6 Aviya mattress review
Memory foam+Pocket coil
10 years
100 nights
  • 12 inches high, 2 inches than industry standard
  • Use foams and wrapped coil in one mattress
  • Special 5 layers design
  • Has 3 firmness scales to pick up
  • Perfect edge support system
$824 $899 $75 OFF
Editor choice
7 Avocado Mattress Review
natural latex+coil
10 years
100 nights
  • Use 100% organic Dunlop latex
  • Use 100% pure Joma New Zealand Wool.
  • Euro Pillow Top design
  • All are handcraft with high quality
  • Provide old mattress removal service for free
$1,699 $1,699 Buy It Now
Best value
8 Dromma bed review
Latex+Memory foam
12 years
200 nights
  • 2 inches thicker than industry standard
  • 200 night free trial, better than industry standard
  • Latex+gel memory foam provided cool sleeping
  • Two firmness scale to choose, the same price
  • Bouncy is better than pure memory foam mattress
$749 $849 $100 OFF
Best seller
9 Leesa Mattress Review
Memory foam
10 years
100 nights
  • Use special Avena foam
  • Very high ratings per customer feedback
  • Almost suitable for all kinds of sleepers
  • Start their business early
  • Bouncy and comfortable
$815 $900 $75 OFF
Best seller
10 Ghostbed mattress review
Latex+Memory foam
20 years
101 nights
  • Delivery a cooling sleeping experience
  • Latex+gel memory foam provided cool sleeping
  • Very durable, warranty is 20 years
  • Cover is removable and machine washable
  • Grow up fast
$745 $795 $50 OFF

Best Mattress Buying Guide 2017


Get Best Mattress By Your Needs(Save Time,We Do The Job For You)


Mattress Type(Which Is The Most Comfortable?)

Fortunately, there are plenty of different types of mattress materials which you can choose from.

TypeMemory foamLatexInner SpringHybrid
Price &Value
Pressure Relief
Pain Relief
Motion Isolation
Heavy Person
Medium weight
Light person
Sleep cool
Recommend Nectar mattress Avocago mattress Aviya Mattress Dromma bed

Memory Foam. These types of mattresses typically use a viscoelastic outer foam with a firmer polyurethane at its core. This smart and flexible system allows to have a variety of different feel and comfort levels, by changing the thickness and weight of both the outer and inner foam. Memory foam mattress enjoys a widespread preference across the globe and shares the highest user satisfaction. Therefore it is no wonder that manufacturers take substantial time in crafting their art to design a type of memory foam that is more distinct than all others.

Such an example is for instance Leesa’s special Avena foam. For more details check out our top 10 best memory foam mattresses, consisting of Pros and Cons for each product to help you pick the best mattress while staying on budget.

Latex Foam. There are two kinds of latex foam, Natural Latex and Synthetic latex. Natural Latex is manufactured from sap tapped from rubber trees, which have dark logs and light leaves. To yield the sap, it is either vulcanized (Dunlop method) or frozen first and then vulcanized (Talalay method).

Natural latex is incredibly resilient and durable and is found in spindle mattresses. On the other hand, synthetic latex (in other words polyurethane foam/memory foam) is made of petroleum by-products, and are in fact sometimes the result of a blend of natural and synthetic latex, for example Helix mattress and Brooklyn bedding are such examples. It might be useful to remember that there is a tendency for synthetic latex to off-gas, meaning the mattress can give off a certain odour due to the chemicals. In general, latex mattresses are considered friendlier for sex. Here is our list of top 5 best latex mattresses for your reference.

Innerspring. These types of mattresses consist of metal springs or coils surrounded by cotton, wool, or synthetic filler, covered in an upholstery finish. While innerspring mattresses used to be the most common types of mattresses available, they have now become obsolete and are not considered by a family as top priority. This is mainly due to the fact that these mattresses’ technology is outdated and often cost more than its actual cost. Sealy is the best seller among innerspring mattresses(Traditional).

Hybrid. A recent hot trend, this type of mattress is considered to bring the best of many worlds together while saving costs: usually the most popular combination is to use latex or memory foam as the top layer for comfort and pressure relief, and an innerspring or coil-based foundation underneath for support and bounce. Such examples are Dromma bed or Ghostbed mattress.


Which Mattress Has The Highest Satisfaction

If you look into statistics of consumer mattress reviews, it is apparent that memory foam and latex mattress have the highest user satisfaction when it comes to sleeping like the dead! In contrast, innerspring mattress traditionally ranks the lowest user satisfaction rates. I can reassure you the same based on my personal experience!

mattress type satistication

Based on research and testing from getbestmattress, Nectar mattress ranks the highest score of all mattresses with an impressive 9.7/10. Without doubt and in accordance with high ratings by real customers and other mattress reviews sites, Nectar is definitely an awesome memory foam mattress you should keep in mind before shopping.

Third in our ratings, with an equally impressive score, comes Dromma bed with a 9.5/10, a latex hybrid mattress with natural latex on top and gel memory foal as the comfort layer. Dromma bed together with Nectar mattress, make for our two most favorite mattresses at getbestmattress.com!

We rate Avocado mattress #5, if you are looking for a organic latex mattress, you must take Avocado into consider.Compared with ZenHaven, Essentia and Naturepedic, it’s the most affordable, and most of others don’t have pillow top design.


Mattress Firmness Scale(Which Suit Me Best?)

mattress firmness scaleFirm, there is not a lot of “give” when it comes to a firm mattress, meaning it has a harder feel to it than other types of mattresses. While some people prefer the overall feel and comfort level of a firm mattress, others invest in one because of the health benefits it can offer. A person’s weight will be equally distributed on a firm mattress, which is ideal for someone with back pain in need of a high level of support. A firm mattress is also known to keep its shape over a long period of time, which is important to someone in need of a consistent support structure to help keep body aches and pains to a minimum.

Medium,  actually, most of these online mattress companies just provide 1 firmness scale to save cost, that’s medium, if 10 is hardest, the firmness scale would be 5-7/10.  This comfort level would adapt to almost everyone, no matter you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper. If you don’t know which comfort level to choose or you and your husband/wife have different sleeping behaviors, you can choose this firmness scale. 

Soft,  if a mattress is too soft, it may lack of support we lead and cause back or lower back pain when you wake up next day, but on the other hand, soft mattress is more comfortable than firm mattress. So some one especially pure side sleepers would prefer softer mattress. I don’t recommend you sleep on too soft mattress because you may feel hot and sink too much into it, especially for heavy people.

What you need is a supportive bed but not a too hard bed or too soft bed.That’s why most online mattress companies only has one firmness scale to pick up, medium. Although they will lose some customers who prefer very soft feeling or very firm feeling.Research data doesn’t tell lies,you’d better correct your sleeping behavior and pick up a medium feeling mattress,for your healthy, that’s a long-term solution.

Too Firm:
  • Pressure points such as shoulders, hips, or knees are pushed up above the rest of the body
  • Numb or tingling shoulders or hips
  • Sensation of sleeping on top of the mattress, or away from it

Too Soft:
  • Pressure points such as the shoulders, hips, or knees are sinking below the rest of the body
  • Difficulty getting in and out of the bed
  • Sensation of “bottoming out” on the upper layer(s) of the mattress

Mattress firmnessLow weightAverage weightOver weightSide sleepersBack sleepersStomach sleepers

Mattress Size(Don’t Choose Wrong Size)

mattress size for single

When it comes to the mattress size, your decision should be based on the following prerequisites. Usually, Twin and Twin XL are mostly for children in a tender age. For example, a twin mattress would be enough for a child until 10 years or more, when you will need to switch to Twin XL.

Queen size is most families’ choice, as it is suitable for the couple who wish to sleep closer yet still feel comfortable.

That said, some families would prefer King or CA king; the first is wider, the second is longer, which means both would give you more space to toss and turn. Want to know more on mattress sizes? Reference our educational post which is the best mattress size for you?

Our mission is to facilitate your decision in less time and effort, sparing you from the headache to choose among tons on what suits you best. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or need more expert advice, contact us here, and in case you find our content interesting, feel free to share it with your friends and family. Let the search begin!


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