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Best mattress reviews and ultimate mattress buying guide 2017

If you have little knowledge on mattress industry and don’t mind booking some time to do research firstly, I would suggest you reference our ultimate mattress buying guide, we designed an infographic,  it’s interesting and easy to understand and I believe it can give you a hand to pick up the best mattress.

If you are in hurry, already listed top 10 best mattress 2017, we’ve already reviewed dozens of mattresses(Memory foam, latex, innerspring and hybrid) and we know Pros and Cons each of them, some are not so famous, but really amazing per on our testing and customer feedback. On the other hand, some famous brand doesn’t perform as well as we expected, like top 3 mattress you should think over before mattress.

If you already did some research before (Like learn from other mattress review site), of course you can still reference our top 10 best mattress mentioned before, I believe what we picked up is better than others, and we update almost every day. Or you can jump to useful mattress compare resources, everyone has his/her best mattress, see how does your best mattress perform when compare with others.

Get the best mattress is never an easy job, if what we do can save your time, it would be the best. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us here, and feel free to share with your friends what you’ve found here. Good luck.

Top 10 Best Mattress 2017(Update Jan.2017 to rate Layla mattress as #2)

Mattress Warranty and trialStructureHeightRatingsSummary Coupons
Best value
Nectar mattress review
Lifetime years
365 nights
Memory foam
11 Inches
Nactar mattress is the world's only two lifetime warranty mattress(another is Layla), world's only 365 nights free trial mattress, with special 4 layers structure, best mattress under $1,000, best lover of

$695 $795

Editor choice
2 Layla mattress Review
Lifetime years
120 nights
Memory foam
10 Inches
The first(if not the only) mattress which uses copper memory foam(sleep cool,pain relief,blood circulation),the only one mattress has two firmness scale(rotate over to enjoy),lifetime warranty(only Layla and NECTAR)

$799 $899

Best value
3 The dromma bed is the best mattress within $1,000
12 years
200 nights
Latex+Memory foam
12 Inches
Dromma bed is a 12 inches hybrid mattress, use natural latex as top layer, this makes is more bouncy and cool than most of her competetor, both warranty and free trial are excellent, top 3 mattress surely.

$749 $849

Best seller
4 Ghostbed mattress review
20 years
101 nights
Latex+Memory foam
11 Inches
The structure is very similar to Casper mattress, but is thicker and more comfortable, warranty and free trial is above industry standard, very friendly for sex as well.

$745 $795

Editor choice
5 Avocado Gwen Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
natural latex+coil
13 Inches
If you like organic latex mattress, take Avocado Gwen within $2,000. They use high quality Dunlop latex to delivery comfort, cool and bouncy. And it's cheaper than other organic brand like Essentia and Naturepedic.

$1,699 $1,699

Best seller
6 Leesa Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
Memory foam
10 Inches
Famous online mattress brand, get very high ratings by dozens of amazon real customers and many mattress review site, use special avena foam to delivery comfort,cooling and bouncy

$815 $900

Editor choice
7 Helix mattress review
10 years
100 nights
10 Inches
Different from her competetors, Helix's firmness scale is not fixed, you can customize it before buying based on your height,weight,sleping postion, and so on.. And the latex top layer makes it sleep cool and bouncy.

$850 $900

Editor choice
8 Zotto Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
Memory foam
10 Inches
Zotto is a very smart mattress, due to their special ThermaPhase comfort layer, will react to heat and actively cool the sleeping surface. OR If sleeping conditions become too cold, the Thermaphase molecules will redistribute absorbed heat to help keep you warm.

$825 $875

9 Nolah Mattress Review
15 years
120 nights
Memory foam
10 Inches
Very beautiful mattress, warranty and free trial is above average, combine the comfort of memory foam and the bounce of latex, one of the best mattress for young people and wild animal lover.

$750 $850

Editor choice
10 Is Bear mattress the best mattress for athletes?
10 years
100 nights
Memory foam
10 Inches
Best mattress for athlete, use special Celliant technology to make it one of the coolest mattress, easily relax and longer deep sleep time, fast recovery.

$800 $850


Ultimate mattress buying guide

Memory foam vs Latex vs Innerspring vs Latex mattress

Type Memory foam Latex Inner Spring Hybrid
Price &Value
Pressure Relief
Pain Relief
Motion Isolation
Heavy Person
Medium weight
Light person
Sleep cool
  • Nectar mattress
  • Tempur-Pedic
  • Brooklyn bedding
  • Spindle
  • Sealy Mattress
  • Dromma bed
  • Helix

  • Memory Foam,Memory foam mattresses typically use a visco elastic outer foam with a firmer polyurethane at its core. In this way, the feel and comfort level can be varied by changing the thickness and weight of both the outer and inner foam. Memory foam mattress is the most welcomed mattress type around the world and has the highest user satisfaction. Some manufacture will design their special foam which is better than original memory foam, like Leesa’s special Avena foam. Don’t miss our top 10 best memory foam mattress, we listed Pros and Cons of each to help you get the best mattress within your budget.

    Latex Foam,there are two kinds of latex foam, Natural latex and Synthetic latex, Natural latex is manufactured from sap tapped from rubber trees, like spindle mattress. Synthetic latex (aka polyurethane foam/memory foam) is made of petroleum by-products, sometimes actually mixed with natural latex,like Helix mattress and Brooklyn bedding.Latex mattress is more friendly for sex . We did sum up and ranked top 5 best latex mattress for your reference.

    Innerspring,Innerspring mattresses contain metal springs or coils surrounded by cotton, wool, or synthetic filler, covered in an upholstery finish. Innerspring mattresses used to be the most common types of mattresses, but now only few part of family treat it as first priority, it’s outdated technology and often cost more than its actual cost.  The best seller of innerspring mattress is Sealy.

    Hybrid, in this case, they would use innerspring, latex and memory foam, one consideration is to save cost, another is to combine the advantage of each material together.  The most popular combination is latex as top layer+ memory foam as comfort layer. Such as Dromma bed  or Ghostbed mattress.

    Which mattress type has the highest satisfaction

    mattress type and user satisfaction

    Per review from sleep like the dead, memory foam and latex mattress has the highest user satisfaction. Tradition inner spring mattress has the lowest user satisfaction. This is coincident with my personal experience.

    Get best mattress rated Leesa mattress as 9.6/10,this is an awesome memory foam mattress,this is an awesome memory foam mattress, it get very high ratings by real customers as well as other mattress review site.

    We ranked Dromma bed as 9.5/10, this is a latex hybrid mattress, with natural latex on top and gel memory foam as the comfort layer, There two mattress are the best lover of

    While as the same time, we don’t recommend pure memory foam mattress,they sleep hot, especially for big guy or heavy people, and don’t have enough bouncy.Even Leesa they use their special design avena foam with air flow design to fix these two problems,that’s why it’s more expensive than cheaper memory foam mattress on amazon.


    Mattress firmness and comfort level

    mattress comfort level

    Firm, there is not a lot of “give” when it comes to a firm mattress, meaning it has a harder feel to it than other types of mattresses. While some people prefer the overall feel and comfort level of a firm mattress, others invest in one because of the health benefits it can offer. A person’s weight will be equally distributed on a firm mattress, which is ideal for someone with back pain in need of a high level of support. A firm mattress is also known to keep its shape over a long period of time, which is important to someone in need of a consistent support structure to help keep body aches and pains to a minimum.

    Medium,  actually, most of these online mattress companies just provide 1 firmness scale to save cost, that’s medium, if 10 is hardest, the firmness scale would be 5-7/10.  This comfort level would adapt to almost everyone, no matter you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper. If you don’t know which comfort level to choose or you and your husband/wife have different sleeping behaviors, you can choose this firmness scale. 

    Soft,  if a mattress is too soft, it may lack of support we lead and cause back or lower back pain when you wake up next day, but on the other hand, soft mattress is more comfortable than firm mattress. So some one especially pure side sleepers would prefer softer mattress. I don’t recommend you sleep on too soft mattress because you may feel hot and sink too much into it, especially for heavy people.

    What you need is a supportive bed but not a too hard bed or too soft bed.That’s why most online mattress companies only has one firmness scale to pick up, medium. Although they will lose some customers who prefer very soft feeling or very firm feeling.Research data doesn’t tell lies,you’d better correct your sleeping behavior and pick up a medium feeling mattress,for your healthy, that’s a long-term solution.

    Too Firm:
    • Pressure points such as shoulders, hips, or knees are pushed up above the rest of the body
    • Numb or tingling shoulders or hips
    • Sensation of sleeping on top of the mattress, or away from it

    Too Short:
    • Pressure points such as the shoulders, hips, or knees are sinking below the rest of the body
    • Difficulty getting in and out of the bed
    • Sensation of “bottoming out” on the upper layer(s) of the mattress

    Mattress firmness Low weight Average weight Over weight Side sleepers Back sleepers Stomach sleepers

    How to choose mattress size

    mattress size for single
    Twin and Twin XL are mostly for children, when they are very small, a twin mattress would be enough, as they grow up into 10 years or more, you need  switch to Twin XL.

    Queen size is most family’s choice, and suit for the couple who wish to sleep closer.

    Some family would prefer King or CA king, one is wider, another is longer, they would give you more space to toss and turn.

    Useful mattress compare resources

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    Top 3 mattress you should think over before buying

    Product Warranty,trial&heightTypeRatings scoreReview Coupon
    Editor choice
    Casper Mattress Review
    10 years
    100 nights
    10 "
    Latex+Memory foam
    The structure is very similar with Ghostbed, but 1" thin, friendly for sex, but customer feedback is not good on comfort and durability. Free trial and warranty is jusyt industry standard, not deserve the money you pay, the company paid too much on advertisement but not on product quality and customer value.

    $775 $850

    2 Saatva Mattress Review
    15 years
    75 nights
    11.5 "
    Memory foam+Pocket coil
    A lot of positive review, also lots of negative review for the metrial they used, some customer complain it sleeps hot, only 75 nights free trial and shipping need extra charge even within US

    $899 $899

    3 Purple Mattress Review
    10 years
    100 nights
    9.5 "
    You need to pay $999 for a queen size, 9.5 inches,3 layers mattress, the hihlight is the hyper-elastic polymer™ Smart-Comfort Grid, it sleeps cool and provided bouncy we need, not lack of contouring and don't sleep very comfortable,think over before buying.

    $999 $999

    • Casper stared their business long years ago, and I guess it’s one of the best well know online mattress companies in the world, personaly I don’t like it because it’s too firm, especially for thin person or side sleepers, but maybe good to go with heavy people.  And you can get Ghostbed at a cheaper price, then why we waste the money?
    • Saatva is another very famous online mattress, they started their business 2010 and got very huge sales,  but this is still a coil mattress(they use coil on coil structure),  and some customers(if not too much) complain about sagging and lack of motion isolation, and some of them reported that “ECO friendly material” they claimed is not good as expected. I guess they realized these problems so publish Loom&Leaf and Zenhaven to extend their business.
    • Purple mattress only 9.5″ high, but sells at $999 for queen size, and compared with most memory foam, it’s lack of contouring and did poor on motion isolation. Compared with latex mattress, it’s lack of bouncy. The only advantage is it did a good job on cool sleeping. But consider it’s price, I guess you have better choice.