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Back pain and mattress

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Almost around eighty percent of the population experiences chronic pain in their backs at some or the other time in their lives. From a constant dull ache to incapacitating chronic pain, the problems can be many.

Most of the times, it is our lifestyle to blame.

Since we spend almost around 7-8 hours of our day asleep, the mattress that we choose is important. The type of mattress that we use can determine whether our pain becomes more or less.

It has been medically observed that a task as simple as changing our mattresses to a better version can help us recover from the pain, lessen back distress and help us sleep better. The kind of mattress you select to sleep on also plays a significant part in helping you live a back-pain-free life.

Now, there are basically two major characteristics that you should look for when you choose a mattress—firmness or the back support provided and the physical workings.

  • Although hard beds have been recommended to patients with back pain in the lower back area, a new type of “medium-firm” mattress reduces the woes of people.
  • Mattresses with innerspring have hard coils spread all over the frame which doesn’t allow even weight distribution. To balance this out, foam mattresses are the best option. The recent foam mattresses have an advantage over Conventional innerspring mattresses as they reduce cycles of uneven sleep.

Here we have five different kinds of mattresses that help you reduce back pain, shoulder and hip pain and help you sleep a little better.

Top 5 Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2017

Product Firmness ScaleWarranty&trialRatingsReview Coupon
Editor choice
Is Bear mattress the best mattress for athletes?
10 years
100 nights
Best mattress for athlete, use special Celliant technology to make it one of the coolest mattress, easily relax and longer deep sleep time, fast recovery.

$800 $850

Best seller
2 Amerisleep mattress review
More than one firmness
10 years
100 nights
Ameris sleep is a very comfortable memory foam mattress. Different from most competetors, he provided 5 models to pick up, each with different sleeping positions. Each with differnt price so you can choose based on your budget.
Editor choice
3 Helix mattress review
10 years
100 nights
Different from her competetors, Helix's firmness scale is not fixed, you can customize it before buying based on your height,weight,sleping postion, and so on.. And the latex top layer makes it sleep cool and bouncy.

$850 $900

Best seller
4 Ghostbed mattress review
20 years
101 nights
The structure is very similar to Casper mattress, but is thicker and more comfortable, warranty and free trial is above industry standard, very friendly for sex as well.

$745 $795

5 Eve mattress review
10 years
100 nights
Awesome simple but beautiful memory foam mattress made of UK. They use special polyurethane foam to delivery cooling sleeping experience and just the correct bouncy.

$809 $849


Bear mattress

Bear mattress

Priced below $1000, the Bear mattress has Graphite-Gel Infused Foam that offers the cooling, pressure-relieving and conforming sleep you need.

It is widely used by athletes and by people who live an active, busy lifestyle. It is a product made from memory foam especially for different athletes. The exceptional element of this mattress is a celliant machinery that assists athletes in recovering while they rest.

Click here to see how Bear mattress perform when compare with other memory foam mattresses.

Features You Would Love

  1. Each carefully made mattress comprises of a proper blend of scientifically superior memory foam and carefully tested Celliant receptive material technology.
  1. The great combination of graphite gel infused foam, balance of the sinkage and tested Celliant has a healing effect on the body.
  1. The Top layer is 1″ of graphite gel infused with memory foam. It grants great ease, cooling and helps in making the mattress cool.
  1. The Middle layer is the responsive support layer which is 2.5” which provides support to the movements while we sleep.
  1. The foundational layer is 6.5” and gives the mattress the deep and compression support.


  1. Specialists from around the world have designed this to be unanimously comfortable, develops sleep feature and enhances energy. One of the best mattress under $1,000.
  1. The wonderfully advanced foam understands that sleep is essential for performing well in your life.
  1. This amalgamation of the finest textiles give the athletes an even and comfortable nights’ sleep.
  1. As compared to any other memory foam mattress, these are almost seven-eight times cooler. It diminishes the recovery time of muscles of athletes which in turn enhances performance.
    1. This mattress handles heat-retention and keeps the surface cold and relaxing.
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Ghostbed mattress

ghostbed mattress

The Ghost Bed mattress is a somewhat unusual addition to the family of foam mattresses. By adding together half inch to their consoling foams, this mattress offers support and better deep compression to sleepers. Adding 3.5″ foam of comfort, this mattress is a definite buy if you looking for a very nice feel. This is also my best lover, I’ve never seen another mattress as awesome as ghostbed at the same price level. You can reference how amazing when ghostbed compare to other mattresses.

Features You Would Love

  1. Their memory and latex foam mattress has a quick recovery time and is breathable.
  1. The mixture of cool gel foam right under the aerated latex keeps you cool and gives a bounce to the mattress.
  1. It has a top latex layer with a less dense lower foam layer which gives a good memory foam effect.
  1. The GhostBed is 11 inches high which makes the feel of it more extensive and it doesn’t give in to the bottom.
  1. With The base layer of 7.5 inches, and then a 2 inch gel memory foam layer that facilitates cooling and finally we have the 1.5 latex foam top.


  1. It is the ultimate balance of sleep and comfort as they are engineered and designed to improve REM.
  1. The bed has a residual bounce more than any other of its type which makes it more comfortable to sleep and relax.
  1. It sets a benchmark for the other different mattresses that you bring into your house and leaves you happy.
  1. It takes the shape of your body which is one of the classic advantages of memory foam.
  1. The different layers of this mattress prevent any kind of heat retention.
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Helix mattress

helix mattress

The Helix mattress is a hybrid mattress built with the help of 4 layers of  latex , polyfoam and micro coils. The needs of the sleeper have been kept in view while making all of these hand-crafted mattresses. The arrangement of the layers, alongside its density and firmness, differ depending upon the needs of the sleeper and the mattress.

I think it’s one of the best mattress under $1,000, especially if you prefer the bouncy feeling of latex and hug feeling provided from memory foam. And the micro coils make sure you can get different support on different body areas.

Features you would love

  1. Helix mattress is a fully customizable mattress , which means you can order based on your sleep hobbies, your weight, your height, your prefer feelings… you don’t have to order a “medium feeling” mattress which “can be used by everyone”.
  1. The exclusive concoction of bounce and air flow makes it very comfortable and latex which is one of the prime fabrics used to make mattresses is used to give you an experience of your lifetime.
  1. Number of small coils has been infused in the frame to enhance perfect weight distribution and relief in the pressure points.
  1. A wide variety of high density foam permits the base layers to be firm and comfortable. The layers of the mattress allow durability.


  1. Every single one of our mattress is assembled personally and are custom made by the team of experts which include erudite from around the world.
  1. It is specially designed to align or line up the spine which helps improve the sleep quality, relieves all kinds of pain in the neck and back and increases sleep efficiency.
  1. This mattress values science and uses it to make the best thing for your back.
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Amerisleep Revere Bed


The mattress is medium-firm and is slightly thicker as compared to other options., it is one of the best option for stomach sleepers and theBio-Pur™ and Bio-Core™ layers of foam provide relaxed and stable sleep.

Features you would love

  1. The support providing mechanism relieves all kinds of body pains substantially.
  1. For the best sleeping experience of your life, pair this revere mattress with one good quality adjustable bed that gives more support.
  1. It gives you a sag-free support layer that helps you fall asleep faster and enhances your sleep cycle.
  1. It has an excellent motion transfer which will make you sleep faster and ensure that you don’t wake up feeling groggy and sleepy.
  1. Its Variable Pressure Foaming process allows air to circulate without any hindrance.


  1. Amerisleep mattress is recommended to people with back pain and people who suffer from less even sleep cycles. They promote healing, deep sleep as they target at all the pressure points of the body.
  1. It provides support for your back, side and is useful for all kinds of sleepers.
  1. This most accommodating model provides unparallel support with relief to all the pressure points of your back and adjacent areas.
  1. It is super easy to clean and doesn’t tickle your olfactory senses in a bad way.
  1. It is a ecological mattress as less amount of petroleum is used to manufacture them.
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Eve mattress

eve mattress

This is the mattress to go for if you want a cool, relaxed nights’ sleep. It has a smooth cover which is washable and provides a soft surface. The medium feel of firmness is always a good option. It has an average side support which is facilitated by Its many layers. The almost sturdy and strong is not very terrible.

Eve mattress is an UK brand and has got big success there, now it extends it’s business to NA, check here to see how eve work when compare with leesa and purple.

Features You Would Love

  1. The Top layer which is for cooling is 4 cm memory foam which offers huge pressure release and support.
  1. The Middle layer is for support and is 3 cm layer of polyurethane foam. This layer constitutes of a lower density foam which facilitates better breathing and proper air flow which impedes any heat retention problems.
  1. The foundational layer offers 18 cm of support foam, high in density. It provides good shape to the mattress.
  1. This mattress doesn’t get hot even if you lay on it for many hours and will remain cool all through the night.
  1. The foam section takes a lot of time to decompress and takes back its original shape only after a few hours, so you can rest all that you want, without a worry.


  1. It allows air to flow properly within the mattress which doesn’t put pressure in any one point of your back
  1. The Eve gives an evenhanded medium feel and moderate sinkage in a normal position. The top layer of the mattress which is the memory foam sort of hugs the sleeper without giving off the trapped feeling.
  1. The feeling of great support and appropriate pressure relief is the perfect blend and gives the user a good sleep.

Here are the full list of mine on best mattresses for back pain, hope can help you treat chronic back pain easily. Choose the best mattress for lower back pain that you need and bid adieu to pain. feel free to leave comment and discuss.

Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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