Best mattress for back pain

Are you tired of waking up to a back pain? Nearly 80% of the population experiences some sort of chronic pain in their back at some point of their lives. From a constant dull ache to incapacitating chronic pain, the problems can be many.

Most of the times, it is our lifestyle to blame.

One important factor to this end which affects whether we will experience back pain or not, is the type of mattress we use. This will determine the extent to which our pain worsens or improves.

If you suffer from back pain problems then, it seems that a reasonable investment would be to get a new improved mattress.

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What to look for then in a mattress for back pain

Now, there are basically two major characteristics that you should look for when you choose a mattress suitable for both back support and sleep comfort.

Firmness or the back support:

Despite hard beds have been recommended to patients with back pain in the lower back area, more recently “medium-firm” mattresses are thought to be more appropriate for people dealing with this type of health issues.

Although it is mostly a matter of personal preferences, as general guidelines, you should remember that the mattress should be firm enough to support your lower back if you are a back-sleeper, and at the same time being soft enough to contour for your body.

You don’t want either too stiff or too soft mattress. Thus a medium firm mattress is ideal.

However, if you are a side sleeper, you might want to prefer a mattress with slight softness to cushion the shoulders and hips.

Stomach sleepers on the other hand need a firmer mattress to keep them afloat.

Physical workings:

Usually, it is best to avoid mattresses with innerspring since they have hard coils spread all over the frame which doesn’t allow even weight distribution. To balance this out, foam mattresses are the best option.

The recent foam mattresses have an advantage over Conventional innerspring mattresses as they reduce cycles of uneven sleep. They are ergonomic mattresses which can come in a range of density.

The best advice is to opt for a medium firm foam mattress as it cradles the body’s curves while being firm enough to support the back’s muscular and bony structures.

Overall you are looking for a mattress which can support the natural curves and alignment of the spine. This will reduce muscle soreness in the morning. In this sense, memory foam mattresses are considered the best option.

When it comes to the best mattress for any back pain), the mattresses select below have an excellent reputation.

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Top 6 Best Mattresses for Back Pain 2017

ProductFirmness ScaleWarranty&trialRatingsReviewCoupon
Editor choice
Layla mattress Review
More than one firmness
Lifetime years
120 nights
  • The first mattress use copper memory foam
  • The first mattress use thermogel technology
  • I guess one of the coolest mattress I've reviewed
  • Lifetime warranty and 120 nights free trial
  • Two firmness scale in one mattress
$799 $899 $100 OFF
Editor choice
2 Bear mattress review
10 years
100 nights
  • Very cool to sleep on
  • Excellent for pressure relief and recover
  • Just right bounce for mattress
  • Special Celliant technology they use
  • Good customer service
$800 $850 $50 OFF
Best seller
3 Amerisleep mattress review
More than one firmness
10 years
100 nights
  • 5 collections and lots of firmness scale to pick up
  • Celliant®-infused cover clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • Proudly made in the USA using patented VPF technology
  • Thicker than most online mattress
  • Special bio-core form, which act like latex+memory foam
$200 OFF
Editor choice
4 Helix mattress review
10 years
100 nights
  • Can personalize your mattress based on your prefer
  • Bouncy is very good, friendly for sex
  • More affordable and better than Saatva
  • Special 4 layers structure design
$850 $900 $50 OFF
Best seller
5 Ghostbed mattress review
20 years
101 nights
  • Delivery a cooling sleeping experience
  • Latex+gel memory foam provided cool sleeping
  • Very durable, warranty is 20 years
  • Cover is removable and machine washable
  • Grow up fast
$745 $795 $50 OFF
6 Eve mattress review
10 years
100 nights
  • Crafted by a team of mattress experts and leading British designers
  • The best of luxury memory foam and high resilience foam, giving you comfort, coolness and bounce
  • Free delivery, 100 day trial, hassle free pick up returns
  • Very beautiful cover, good emotion every day
  • Eve is a proved brand, got big success in UK already
$609 $649 $40 OFF

Layla mattress

Layla mattress

Definitely a top choice and a great addition in its category, Layla mattress is particularly designed to deal with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is the first ever dual sided copper infused memory foam mattress.

The copper is excellent for improved blood circulation, reducing joint inflammation and ease joint pain and stiffness in general.

This mattress, also due to the combination of copper and Thermogel technology offers a cool and relaxing sleep.

Among its highlights, is how Layla mattress has two sides; if one is too soft, you can take the cover off, flip the mattress over and there you have it, a more firm side to sleep on.

In addition, it has almost zero motion transfer making it ideal for couples especially if one of the two partners tosses around all night.

  • Cooling effect
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Offers comfort and pain relief
  • Great mixture of copper and memory foam
  • Soft and Firm in the same mattress (double sided)

  • Difficult flipping the mattress over
  • A bit of initial, first-day smell
  • Relatively new company

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Bear mattress

Bear mattress

Priced below $1000, the Bear mattress consists of a top layer which is 1″ of graphite gel infused with memory foam. It grants great ease, cooling and helps in making the mattress cool.

The Middle layer is the responsive support layer which is 2.5” which provides support to the movements while we sleep.

The foundational layer is 6.5” and gives the mattress a deep and compression support.

The exceptional element of this mattress is a Celliant receptive material technology that assists athletes in recovering while they rest and this is why it is preferred by people with an active, busy lifestyle.

  • Offers pain relief and diminishes the recovery time of muscles of athletes which in turn enhances performance.
  • This mattress handles heat-retention and keeps the surface cold and relaxing.
  • Great combination of graphite gel infused with memory foam and tested Celliant
  • Great price –below $1000

  • Relatively new company
  • Other mattresses rank higher in satisfaction rates

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Ghostbed mattress

ghostbed mattress

The GhostBed mattress is a somewhat unusual addition to the family of foam mattresses. By adding together half inch to their consoling foams (2 inches gel memory foam layer and 1.5 inches latex foam top), this mattress offers support and better deep compression to sleepers. Plus, it doesn’t give in to the bottom.

The mixture of cool gel foam under the aerated latex facilitates cooling and gives a bounce to the mattress.

It is also a great combination for a quick recovery and is quite breathable.

All in all, you will love the feel of it! This is also one favourite of mine, since I’ve never seen another mattress as awesome as Ghostbed at the same price level.

  • Offers quick recovery and residual bounce more than any of its type
  • Takes the shape of your body
  • This mattress handles heat-retention and keeps the surface cold and relaxing.
  • Great combination of gel memory foam and latex foam
  • Great value for money –below $800
  • Reputable company with over 15 years of experience

  • Only one firmness option
  • Synthetic cover

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Helix mattress

helix mattress

The Helix mattress is a hybrid mattress built in with 4 layers of latex, polyfoam and micro coils. The needs of different types of sleepers have been kept in mind while making all of these hand-crafted mattresses.

It is a fully customizable mattress, which means the arrangement of the layers, alongside its density and firmness, differ depending upon the needs of the sleepers and the mattress such as hobbies, weight, height, preferred feeling.

The exclusive mixture of bounce and air flow make it extremely comfortable while the latex offers you a great overall sleeping experience.

I think it’s one of the best mattresses under $1,000, especially if you prefer the bouncy feeling of latex and hug feeling provided from memory foam. And the micro coils make sure you can get different support on different body areas, perfect weight distribution and relief in the pressure points.

  • Fully customizable for ultimate comfort
  • Extremely bouncy and relaxing
  • The micro coils infused distribute weight evenly and offer pressure relief
  • Great price –below $1000

  • Relatively new company
  • Warranty period is a bit short

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Amerisleep Revere Bed


The mattress is medium-firm and is slightly thicker as compared to other options. It is one of the best options for stomach sleepers and theBio-Pur™ and Bio-Core™ layers of foam provide relaxed and stable sleep.

In fact this support providing mechanism relieves all kinds of body pains and therefore is suitable for people with back pain and less than even sleep cycles.

One of the highlights is how this mattress has an excellent motion transfer which means you sleep faster don’t wake up abruptly.

Its Variable Pressure Foaming process allows air to circulate without any hindrance while it has less amount of petroleum and thus is an ecological choice.

  • Support mechanism for pain relief and extra comfort
  • Excellent quality materials and motion transfer
  • Facilitates air flow and sleeps cool
  • It is an established firm with great reviews
  • A ecological option

  • Only one firmness level

Want to know all about Amerisleep mattress? Get info here.

Eve mattress

eve mattress

This is the mattress to go for if you want a cool, relaxed nights’ sleep. It has a smooth cover which is washable and provides a soft surface. The medium feel of firmness is always a good option.

It has an average side support which is facilitated by its many layers. The top layer consists of 1.6 inches memory foam for huge pressure release and support.

The middle layer is made of 1.3 inches of polyurethane foam with a lower density for better breathing and proper air flow to avoid heat retention. The foundational layer offers 7 inches support foam in high density for maintaining a good shape of the mattress.

Eve mattress is a very successful UK brand which recently extended its business to USA.

  • Fantastic structure for an amazing and lasting cooling effect
  • Facilitates proper air flow to avoid heat retention
  • It is an established firm with great reviews
  • Offers pressure release and support
  • High quality at a great price – below $900

  • Only one firmness scale
  • No in-room delivery

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Our verdict

Although all six mattresses could be perfect for people suffering from back pain, with a number of positive reviews from real users, there are particular difference between them. The following table summarizes our assessment. Feel free to comment and share this post.

TechnologyDual side copper infused Memory FoamCelliant fabric, Gel Memory FoamPlant-Based Memory Foam, Celliant fabricNatural Latex, Microcoils, Memory FoamLatex,Memory FoamMemory Foam, polyurethane  foam
FirmnessSoft or FirmMediumMedium-FirmMediumMediumMedium
WarrantyLifetime10 Years10 Years10 Years20 Years10 Years
Home Trial*120 Days100 Days100 Days100 Days101 Days100 Days
NotesEndorsed for rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritisEndorsed by athletesEstablished reputationFully customizableEndorsed by chiropractorsEstablished reputation
Our Rating9.
Review(Coupon)Layla reviewBear reviewAmerisleep reviewHelix reviewGhostbed Review Eve review

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