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Unlike the past, manufacturers have a designed a wide variety of different types of mattresses that people can make their selection from.From differernt materials like innerspring, memory foam and latex, and each suit to different kinds of sleepers, like back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper. We’ll discuss what’s the best mattress for side sleepers.

Today, the choices that everyone has available can be overwhelming even for the most savvy shoppers. Therefore, before an individual purchases their next mattress, they may want to take their time and do a little research first.

The research that people do can assist them with making a better and a more informed selection for themselves and others inside the home.

Fortunately, there is a lot of great information online that can help a buyer to understand the options that they have on the market so that can choose their mattress based on its features, comfort, price, needs, as well as any other factors that can affect their buying decision.

That said, here are a few things that the buyer will need to consider before buying the best mattress if you are side sleepers.

Top 5 best mattress for side sleepers

ProductFirmness ScaleWarranty&Trail&heightReviewReviewCoupon
Best value
Nectar mattress review
Lifetime years
365 nights
11 "
Nactar mattress is the world's only two lifetime warranty mattress(another is Layla), world's only 365 nights free trial mattress, with special 4 layers structure, best mattress under $1,000, best lover of getbestmattress.com

$695 $795

Best seller
2 Leesa Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
10 "
Famous online mattress brand, get very high ratings by dozens of amazon real customers and many mattress review site, use special avena foam to delivery comfort,cooling and bouncy

$815 $900

Best value
3 The dromma bed is the best mattress within $1,000
12 years
200 nights
12 "
Dromma bed is a 12 inches hybrid mattress, use natural latex as top layer, this makes is more bouncy and cool than most of her competetor, both warranty and free trial are excellent, top 3 mattress surely.

$749 $849

Best seller
4 Amerisleep mattress review
More than one firmness
10 years
100 nights
12 "
Ameris sleep is a very comfortable memory foam mattress. Different from most competetors, he provided 5 models to pick up, each with different sleeping positions. Each with differnt price so you can choose based on your budget.
5 Loom & Leaf Mattress Review
15 years
75 nights
12 "
This is a 12 inches gel memory foam mattress, they use high density foam and it sleeps very soft and comfortable, but it's not very friendly for heavy guys, and only 75 nights free trial.

$999 $999

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Leesa mattresses

Leesa mattress


When buyers review the features of Leesa mattresses, one of the first things that they will discover is that this group of mattress are made of two main components, and they are layered foams and the covering.

To make sure this mattress meets a wide variety of different requirements, the makers have included 3 layers of foam, the avena foam, the memory foam and the support foam. Each of which serves distinct purposes for the buyers who take them home.

For instance, the top layer is made of avena foam so it is designed to keep the top layer cool and comfortable. The second or middle layer is made of memory foam so it provides the user the added support for pressure relief and compression support.

So, people who need a mattress that helps to prevent shoulder pain or hip pain when sleeping, the middle layer can help to provide the relief and support that is needed. The third layer is foundational so it serves as the base for the mattress.

As a result, the 3 layer combination is ideal for many different sleepers including those who are side sleepers.

  • Designed with 4 layer structure, the industry standard is 3 layers.
  • The only mattress who can customize firmness scale any time, even after buying.
  • This is a hybrid mattress, you can enjoy the bouncy of latex and contouring of memory foam together
  • Highest-quality materials for premium decadence, feel, and sleep experience.
  • Awesome 1000 nights free trial and 10 years warranty.

  • Price is hiher than others.

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Amerisleep Liberty mattress


Liberty by Amerisleep is only one set of mattresses that this company manufactures.

Known for being the most eco-friendly foam in the world, the makers of this brand are designing mattresses with the consumers health in mind.

The process used by these manufacturers completely revolutionizes this industry.

One of the most notable features included in these mattresses involve the use of bio-foam memory foam.

These mattresses also come with a number of different promises, one in specific is related to the timing in which people fall asleep. Based on the research that this company has done on this product, the average time for falling asleep is 15 minutes faster than other brands. Therefore, everyone will get a good night sleep as well as remain more alert during waking hours.

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Loom and Leaf mattress

loom leaf mattress review

Loom and leaf mattresses are called the perfect foam mattress. The manufacturers of this product caters to those who like sleeping in luxury.

Similar to iComfort and Tempur-Pedic, it is known for luxury at a fraction of the price. Named as one of the top 100 companies to watch by Forbes, Loom & Leaf are helping to set the mark for others in the industry.

These mattresses are handcrafted in America and made with plant based materials. For those who are interested in the exact components used, these answer and others are provided by the manufacturers via their online official site as well as other mediums.

For instance, some people want to know what type of materials are used in loom & Leaf mattresses, in response to this question, the answer is, the company uses organic cotton and hypo allergic fibers in their designs. With these materials, it also eliminates the possibilities of sleeping while being hot.

Because some mattress manufacturers are focusing their efforts on constructing mattresses that meets a variety of different requirements and needs, they are opening opportunities for more comfortable and unique designs for consumers who want the best mattress possible.

Since mattresses are now made with comfort and health in mind, the features that each company includes may consists of using organic and other non-toxic materials. So, this same statement is true for the nest bedding alexander mattress.

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Myessentia mattress

essential energie opus mattress

When a homeowner chooses a mattress, there are some specific features that they may be looking for. Sometimes, however, they may be a bit overwhelmed because each manufacturer specializes in specific types that they prefer to sell to their customers.

As a result, the myessentia mattress can be reviewed to see what the manufacturer of this mattress offers to consumers. First of all, the essential brand is noted for making only the best natural memory foam.

Therefore, the buyer can expect to rest in absolute comfort. For instance, this brand makes several different types to fit specific types of sleepers. Starting with the side sleepers, the person may want to select the Energie Opus.

This is because it provides medium comfort. On the other hand, if the person is a back sleeper, they may want to choose the Classic 8 because it is a medium mattress.

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Nest bedding alexander mattress

nest bedding alexander


It is also important to note that these mattresses are made with 4 different levels that have been designed for specific needs.

From ground up, the 4th level or foundational level is the base for the mattress. It keeps the other levels from bottoming out as well as designed to improve support.

The third level is the transition level that is made of transition form. With this level, it helps to support the heaviest sleepers. The second level has been designed with visco foam, which provides additional bounce, cooling and responsiveness. The top level is made of gel memory foam so it helps to absorb heat by dispersing it through the sides of the mattress.

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Cheaper Mattresses vs Quality Made Mattress Options

If the person is on a low budget buying venture, they may be forced to consider the cheaper mattresses as their one and only choice.

But, before the buyer makes their investment, they should always known and understand the type of the mattresses that they will be getting. For instance, the cheaper mattresses are normally made with single looped wires so the support that the mattress provides is not really good.

Also, when more than one person sleeps on this type of mattress, it will move unrestricted along with the movement of each individual. Even though this does not sound like the most desirable option, the cheaper mattress will do very well in a pinch when, especially when people cannot afford mattresses that cost a little bit more.

On the other hand, if an individual is not limited by the amount of money that they can spend on their new mattress, they will find that their options are much broader and more expensive too.

Also, when making a selection from the best types of mattresses in the industry, their choices will include those that have much more extra support and added comfort.

Meaning the type that the buyer chooses is based on personal preferences, type of mattress, and the amount allocated for this purchase.

So, for those of you who are interested in making the best informed choice, here are top 5 best mattresses that you may want to consider, especially if you are looking to buy the best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain or the best mattress for side sleepers with hip pain.

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Final verdict for best mattress for side sleepers

Choosing the right type of mattress for a couple or an individual can be a little bit intimidating, especially because there are so many manufacturers and designs that need to be considered. From choosing a mattress that makes the buyer cool and comfortable to selecting a mattress that is made of organic materials, people should do their research well in advance.

Fortunately, there is a lot of great information online that helps people to make a good decision based off the mattress reviews and recommendations made by many experts in the industry.

Since people sleep in different positions, some people want to look for a mattress that will cater to their specific needs. For instance, if an individual is a side sleeper, they may be looking for the Energy Opus myessentia brand mattress since they have been designed to support this type of sleeper.

In some cases, people may be tempted to choose the cheapest mattress available to save on cost.

So, if they do not have a lot of money to pay for this kinds of expense, they may be forced to select the cheaper brand that is not made of virtually anything but coiled wire for support.

When this is person is limited in the amount that they can pay, this is normally good decision based on the person’s needs. For me I would pick up Leesa because it’s cheap price and high ratings among customers around the world. It now just extend its business to UK recently, which is against another manufacture eve mattress who is based in UK(Eve just extend its business to US recently).

On the other hand, if the individual is looking for one of the best manufacturer brands on the market, they may prefer the myessentia mattress. Which is also one of the most expensive organic latex mattress.

Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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