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Best Memory Foam Mattress 2017

If you’ve already decide to pick up best memory foam mattress, congratulations, you choose the most popular and most comfortable material. Actually, more and more traditional mattress manufactures who produce inner spring mattress now extend their business line,Like Sealy, who released Cocoon  mattress(Read Cocoon mattress review here) recently, because they realized this is a great market and more and more people will treat memory foam mattress as their first choice.

Top 10 best memory foam mattress

Mattress Warranty&TrialHeight RatingsReview Coupons
Best value
Nectar mattress review
Lifetime years
365 nights
11 "
Nactar mattress is the world's only two lifetime warranty mattress(another is Layla), world's only 365 nights free trial mattress, with special 4 layers structure, best mattress under $1,000, best lover of

$695 $795

Best value
2 The dromma bed is the best mattress within $1,000
12 years
200 nights
12 "
Dromma bed is a 12 inches hybrid mattress, use natural latex as top layer, this makes is more bouncy and cool than most of her competetor, both warranty and free trial are excellent, top 3 mattress surely.

$749 $849

Editor choice
3 Luxi mattress review
10 years
1000 nights
10 "
The only mattress in this list that can customize firmness scale any time, even after buying, 4 layer structure design with unbelievalue 1,000 nights free trial, if price can be lower if would be perfect, now limited time $200 off due to holiday.

$899.00 $1,099.00

Best seller
4 Ghostbed mattress review
20 years
101 nights
11 "
The structure is very similar to Casper mattress, but is thicker and more comfortable, warranty and free trial is above industry standard, very friendly for sex as well.

$745 $795

Best seller
5 Leesa Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
10 "
Famous online mattress brand, get very high ratings by dozens of amazon real customers and many mattress review site, use special avena foam to delivery comfort,cooling and bouncy

$815 $900

6 Nolah Mattress Review
15 years
120 nights
10 "
Very beautiful mattress, warranty and free trial is above average, combine the comfort of memory foam and the bounce of latex, one of the best mattress for young people and wild animal lover.

$750 $850

Editor choice
7 Zotto Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
10 "
Zotto is a very smart mattress, due to their special ThermaPhase comfort layer, will react to heat and actively cool the sleeping surface. OR If sleeping conditions become too cold, the Thermaphase molecules will redistribute absorbed heat to help keep you warm.

$825 $875

Editor choice
8 Is Bear mattress the best mattress for athletes?
10 years
100 nights
10 "
Best mattress for athlete, use special Celliant technology to make it one of the coolest mattress, easily relax and longer deep sleep time, fast recovery.

$800 $850

9 Eve mattress review
10 years
100 nights
10 "
Awesome simple but beautiful memory foam mattress made of UK. They use special polyurethane foam to delivery cooling sleeping experience and just the correct bouncy.

$809 $849

10 Loom & Leaf Mattress Review
15 years
75 nights
12 "
This is a 12 inches gel memory foam mattress, they use high density foam and it sleeps very soft and comfortable, but it's not very friendly for heavy guys, and only 75 nights free trial.

$999 $999

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NECTAR mattress


We add Nectar mattress into this list and rank it to #1 on Dec.2016. It’s also the #1 best mattress under 1,000.

Nectar has a short history if compared with Leesa, actually it just get released recently, so I guess most of you guys never heard of it before, but if you would like to keep on trying(just like me), I’m sure NECTAR won’t let you down.

This is a 11” high, 4 layers structure gel memory foam mattress.

The industry standard is 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trial, but NECTAR mattress provided forever warranty and 365 nights free trial, excuse me, are you kidding me? But this is true.

The top layer is  1″ quilted gel foam, this kind of material is very expensive and hard to produce, so only fewer of mattress manufacture used it,  it delivery ultimate comfort and cooling for your mattress.

The second layer is  1″ semi open lush foam, this material are mostly for medical uses, NECTAR used it to increase air flow for gel memory foam and make sure you felt cool all nights night long, but not just the first few hours.

The third layer is 3″ adaptive Hi Core memory foam, this layer will provide your contouring, so you can get longer deep sleep time and quick recovery. And it also provided enough support so that you won’t sink into it like cheap memory foam.

The fourth layer is 6″ breathable super premium foam, this layer used high density  2.2 ILD weight foam, this worked as other mattress, provided support and durability.

  • World’s only forever warranty mattress, risk free choice.
  • World’s only 365 nights free trial mattress
  • Totally 11″ high, 1 inch thicker than industry standard
  • Use 2 layers very expensive gel memory foam, almost the coolest memory foam mattress we reviewed
  • Provide contouring and just right support, you sleeps very comfortable and won’t sinkinto it.
  • Customer service is amazing, they can take off your old mattress for free, and exchange for mattress cover lifetime for free if you need to clean your mattress.
  • Can ship international, ship within US is free.
  • Price is very attractive with our $100 OFF coupon(Code: GBM100)

  • Bouncy is not as good as latex mattress

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The Dromma Bed

the dromma bed mattress

The Dromma Bed is one of the newest and most advanced Memory Foam beds on the market. The reason I put it at the first place is that you may can’t find a better mattress at this price.It’s definitely one of the best mattress under $1,000.

This is a 3 layers memory foam mattress,totally 12 inches high.

The top layer is 1.5″of Ventilated, Eco-Friendly Natural Latex Foam.Which provides support & bounce, with micro ventilation holes for increased air circulation.

The second layer is 2.5″ Preserve VG Visco Elastic Cooling Gel Memory Foam. Which helps to keep your bed from overheating, and provides additional contouring for neck, back and hip comfort.

The bottom layer is 8” Poly Memory Foam Core. which provide two options, Medium Soft or Medium Firm, you can choose based on your sleep preference and style.
The top latex layer and the second gel memory foam layer worked together, to fix the issue of giving out hot from memory foam, so I think it’s also the coolest mattress in this list.

  • 12 inches high, 2 inches higher than industry standard, and the thick mattress can provide more comfortable sleeping experience.
  • Totally 200 nights free trial period, also longest in industry, also in this list. the industry standard is 100 nights.
  • Warranty is as long as 12 years, 2 years longer than industry standard.
  • Latex and gel memory foam worked together to provide coolest sleeping experience.
  • Two firmness scale to pick up, friendly for all sleeping positions, include side sleepers.

  • A little odo, but will disappear shortly.

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Luxi mattress

luxi mattress customize firmness scale

Luxi mattress is the only mattress which can customize its firmness scale even after buying. Some mattress like The Helix mattress you can customize as well, you can customize based on your weight, heiht, sleeping position and so on… but that’s just before buying, after buying, you can’t do it any more, so this is why Luxi mattress is so special.

This is a 10″ hybrid mattress, totally 4 layers structure. with support balance technoloy and memory foam mattress on top, and latex on medium layer to worked as trasition layer and provide bouncy we need, then based foam layer worked as support layer and provide durability.

When I first seen it, I can’t believe my eyes, it provided 1000 nights free trial, I thouht it was 100 nihts so I can called back to confirm and got yes. So toally risk free choice if you hasn’t made your decisions yet.

As we talked before, Luxi can customize its firmness scale any time, no matter you prefer soft feeling, medium feeling or har feeling, so it’s the best mattress for guest room I believe, if you don’t mind the price. It’s a little hiher than others in this top 10 best memory foam mattress list, and that’s why I suggest you buy Nectar mattress(our #1 choice) if budet is one of your concern.

  • Designed with 4 layer structure, the industry standard is 3 layers.
  • The only mattress who can customize firmness scale any time, even after buying.
  • This is a hybrid mattress, you can enjoy the bouncy of latex and contouring of memory foam together
  • Highest-quality materials for premium decadence, feel, and sleep experience.
  • Awesome 1000 nights free trial and 10 years warranty.

  • Price is hiher than others.

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GhostBed mattress

ghostbed mattress

Ghostbed was created by Nature’s Sleep, who has been in mattress industry for over 15 years. This is a 3 layers structure mattress. Totally 11 inches high. 1 inch thick than industry standard.

The top layer is 1.5 inch latex layer, to provide support, comfort and more important bounce back.

The second layer is 2 inches gel memory foam, as we mentioned this kind of foam can provide you cooling feeling when layer on mattress, it make full use of the benefit of memory foam and overcome it’s shortcomings.Different from other cheap mattress, this gel layer use high density memory foam(4 lbs).

The third layer is 7.5 inches high density foam to provide support and make sure it’s durability.

Different from most other mattress whose cover is un-removable,the GhostBed features a removable cover made with a blend of quality fabrics, including viscose and polyester, for a plush feel.

The package and shipment follow the industry standard, compressed into a small package and free shipping,  but the warranty is another highlight, it’s as long as 20 years,while most others only has 10 years’ warranty.

They have 8 warehouse around US, so they promise to shipping their mattress within 24 hours around the US.

The price is medium, compared with same level inner spring mattress, without doubt, they can save you at least one half money. But compared with same level online mattress companies, there are not too much price gap, some are more expensive than Ghostbed,while others are cheaper, but not too much gap.

  • Compared with common memory foam mattress, it’s more bouncy, more friendly for sex. This thanks to its special latex+memory foam design.
  • 1 inch thicker than industry standard, that’s why it promise 20 years warranty.
  • Neither too firm nor too soft, almost suitable for every kind of sleepers. Good choice for couples with different sleeping behaviors.
  • The cover is removable and washable. Most other mattress’s cover is washable.
  • Price is cheap compared with Casper, but it’s more comfortable than Casper.

  • Some pure side sleepers complain it’s too firm.
  • They increase sales price recently($50 most size)

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 Leesa Mattress


Leesa is another 3 layers structure memory foam mattress,  different from Ghostbed we reviewed before, they don’t use latex as the top layer to increase bouncy, the use their special design foam called avena foam, which is the combination of memory foam and latex. It provide both comfort and bouncy. The total height of Leesa mattress is 10 inches.

The first later is 2 inches avena foam, this is special foam designed by Leesa, just a name, don’t pay too much attention to it, it’s design to overcome the disadvantage of pure memory foam as well. To add air flow, bounce back and prevent sink. And this is the biggest highlight of Leesa mattress.

The second layer is 2 inches memory foam, this layer is to provide comfort and contouring feelings. Because they already have the avena foam already to keep cool, so they don’t use gel memory foam in this layer.

The third layer is 6 inches support foam, this is the common standard of industry.

This mattress is also neither too firm nor too soft, suitable for almost everyone. Compared with Ghostbed, it’s a little softer, but not too much, if you have interest on his own avena foam, good chance to have a try.

  • Their own special designed avena foam, to provide you with cooling, bounce back and support.
  • For the one who prefer memory foam but not latex.
  • Very friendly for the medium guy(130-230 pounds), Very friendly to back sleepers and stomach sleepers.
  • Some customer report their back pain no happen anymore after sleeping on Leesa mattress.

  • The cover is un-removable.
  • Only 10 years warranty and 100 nights free trial.

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Nolah Mattress

If you love wild animals , I guess you will love Nolah,for every mattress sold, they’ll adopt an animal on your behalf (for FREE) through their partnership with Defenders of Wildlife, an American Charity Navigator accredited wildlife charity.
You’ll receive an official adoption certificate for your chosen animal, sent to you by their partner, Defenders of Wildlife. It will arrive separately from the mattress that we’ll ship to you directly from their U.S. factories.

Back to Nolah mattress, this is a 10″ , 3 layer structure memory foam mattress, same as Leesa mattress we mentioned before, Nolah use Avena foam as well(but only 1″ ), it will make your mattress more bouncy and provide durability as well.

Different from cheap memory foam mattress companies, they use 2 inches of cool Nolah air foam on top, this cool foam mattress is not temperature sensitive like Memory Foam is, so it sleeps cooler and contours better to your body’s shapes and curves.

Their warranty and free trial is awesome as well, provided 15 year warranty and 120 nights free trial. So this make it very competive among online mattress companies.

  • Use special Nolah air foam and avena foam, one of the coolest memory foam mattress as tested
  • Warranty and free trial period both exceed industry standard
  • Can provide wild animals at the same time after buying
  • Full of bouncy, friendly for sex

  • Avena foam layer is thinner than Leesa
  • Price not competive

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Bear mattress

Bear mattress

Bear Mattress is engineered to provide optimal cooling and muscle recovery for athletes, and those living an active lifestyle.

Each mattress includes a proprietary blend of technologically advanced memory foam and clinically-proven Celliant™ responsive textile technology.

The combination of premium materials offers athletes a universally comfortable sleep, they claim it is seven times cooler than conventional memory foam,
and is designed to reduce muscle recovery time and improve athletic performance.

So if you are a athlete and want deep sleep and fast recovery, Bear mattress is the tight choice for you.

Bear mattress is a 3 layers, 10 inches high memory foam mattress.

The top layer is 1″ layer of Graphite-Gel Infused Memory Foam. As we reviewed before, this layer worked together with cover which used Celliant technology to bring you cooling sleeping experience all the time.

The middle layer is 2.5″ layer of Quick Response Memory Foam, As we reviewed before, this layer is the key component, it provides superior pressure relief with just a bit of bounce, it worked together with the first layer to give you deep sleep.

The bottom layer is 6.5″ core of breathable support foam, it provide support and durability. Also the foam are breathable, make sure the heat from your body can release timely. That’s why you’ll never feel hot when sleeping on Bear mattress.

The top is Clinically-Proven Celliant™ Responsive Textile Cove, we also mentioned this before, only Bear mattress uses this technology by now.

  • Designed for athlete, easy to get relax and get fast recovery.
  • Pure memory foam mattress, don’t use latex.
  • World’s only clinically-proven Celliant™ responsive textile technology. Provide cool sleeping experience and awesome support.
  • More bouncy than common memory foam. Support better, yon won’t sink too much into it.

  • Warranty and free trial is just industry standard.

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Zotto mattress


Another awesome mattress is Zotto. This is a 10 inches memory foam mattress, they don’t use any latex, so if you want a pure memory foam mattress you should give it a try.

Differnt from others in this list, Zotto is constructed by 4 layers.The additional transition layer delivery a more comfort and bouncy feelings during your sleeping.

Zotto only has 1 firmness scale to pick up, medium. But during my testing, it’s softer than most “medium” product. Some mattress like Tuft&Needle still claims their product is medium, but I would rank them medium firm if compared with Zotto, so if you prefer sleeping with your side, you can’t miss zotto, just feels sleeping on the cloud, but you won’t sink into it at the same time.
The top layer(2″) is constructed of high quality memory foam that is copper gel infused. This offers medicinal relief for aches and pains. It also serves as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent to promote a higher resistance to illness.

The support layer(2”) is slightly firmer than the comfort layer. It is specifically designed to assist in maximum air flow to dissipate mattress heat while providing support for healthy posture and spine alignment.

This layer(2″) is softer wit the feeling of latex, but a little more bounce. Unique construction gives you the movement mobility needed without spreading across the mattress to your sleeping partner. You can freely get in and out of bed without disturbing others. And the Energex™ transition foam can also prevent you sinking in the middle.

The bottom layer(4″) is made of high density foam that gives the mattress strength and solid integrity for increased longevity.

  • One of the coolest mattress with gel memory foam+ cool flow memory foam design
  • Very comfortable to sleep on, just like on the cloud.
  • Special 4 layers design with attractive price.
  • Softer than most medium feeling mattress, suit for side sleeper

  • Not suitable for the one who prefer firm feelings

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Eve mattress

eve mattress

Evе is a UK mattress company and quickly extends their business to US recently, this is a medium feeling mattress,  very friendly for back sleeper or the customer with back pain, but not so friendly for side sleeper as Zotto.  And it’s the only mattress with brightly yellow color, very welcomed by young people and children.


  1. Tор lауеr (соmfоrt / сооlіng) – A 4 сm (аbоut 1.6″) mеmоrу fоаm lауеr. Mеmоrу fоаm іѕ dеѕіgnеd tо provide great рrеѕѕurе rеlіеf аnd ѕuрроrt.
  2. Mіddlе lауеr (ѕuрроrt / рrеѕѕurе rеlіеf) – A 3 сm (аbоut 1.3″) lауеr оf роlуurеthаnе fоаm. Thіѕ lауеr hаѕ a lоwеr dеnѕіtу іѕ аblе tо brеаthе bеttеr, іnсrеаѕіng аіr flow аnd hеlріng tо рrеvеnt heat rеtеntіоn іѕѕuеѕ.
  3. Bоttоm lауеr (fоundаtіоnаl) – An 18 сm (аbоut 7″) high dеnѕіtу ѕuрроrt fоаm bаѕе lауеr. Thіѕ foam lауеr ѕіmрlу асtѕ аѕ a fоundаtіоnаl bаѕе fоr thе mаttrеѕѕ, рrоvіdіng gооd ѕhаре аnd a ѕtrоng hіgh-dеnѕіtу fоundаtіоn.

Thе mаttrеѕѕ іѕ соvеrеd wіth a wаѕhаblе соvеr, which іn itself іѕ tорреd bу a thіn, knіttеd fаbrіс lауеr, рrоvіng a ѕоft surface tо sleep оn, thе еvе mаttrеѕѕ соntаіn роlуurеthаnе lауеr whісh dіѕреrѕе hеаt аnd аllоwіng аіr tо circulate wіthіn thе mаttrеѕѕ.

  • Crafted by a team of mattress experts and leading British designers
  • The best of luxury memory foam and high resilience foam, giving you comfort, coolness and bounce
  • Eve is a proved brand, got big success in UK already
  • Welcomed by young people.

  • Cover is unremovable.
  • The price is not competive

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Loom&Leaf mattress

loom leaf mattress

Saatva is a mattress company who produce luxury innerspring mattress. There mattress follow the standard of another luxury mattress company Tempur-Pedic, who is almost the best of best memory foam mattress in the world. But the price is only 1/2 of it.

Different from Saatva, Loom&Lead(we’ll call it L&L next) is designed based on memory foam structure, but not traditional innerspring.

In my opinion, L&L is the best in this list, also, price is is the highest.

They use a gel on gel +memory foam structure. Different from cheaper price’s mattress, they use high density(5 lb) memory form in their mattress.

The top layer is gel memory foam, this is set up to give you cooling sleeping experience.

The medium layer is 2.5 inches 5 lb visco-elastic memory foam.

The third layer is another gel memory foam, different from first gel layer, this layer’s main goal is to provide greater air flow and circulation, totally 2 inches high.

The base layer is 5.5 inches high density foam, although it’s not as thick as Brentwood , who is 7.5 inches. But the density is higher than Brentwood. We can see from the total weight of these two mattress.

Different from most memory foam mattress in this list, L&L has two firmness scale to choose, the relaxed firm model and the firm model, to cover the requirement of different people.

The relaxed firm model is medium to soft feeling, even softer than Leesa.

The firm model is for the one who prefer sleeping on firm but good support mattress.

Their cover is better also, they use breathable, organic cotton covering and natural thistle flame retardant keep you comfortable, cool and safe.

  • Very high density memory foam(5 lb)
  • Special gel on gel design, provide a cool , breathable sleeping experience.
  • Price is attractive compared with Tempur-Pedic, even it’s higher than most competitors
  • Two firmness scale for customer, more freedom when choosing

  • Not free shipping
  • Cover is un-removable
  • The material they used is not as good as they claimed in official site

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Why memory foam mattress?

Innerspring mattress has a long history, It provide good support, but still too firm for most people, and the biggest disadvantage is it’s lack of motion isolation, one good example is if you don’t sleep well and toss and turn during sleeping, your partner will be disturbed, he/she can feel every tiny movement from your side. This is one of the Pros of memory foam, your partner can hardly feel any movement from your side.

To fix this problem, the manufacture decide to upgrade their production process of inner spring mattress, they use coil to instead of single full inner spring, so now you and your partner sleep on different zone, this problem get fixed, but you know, more inner spring means more money, customers need to pay for this.

Done? of course not, some people found they have back pain after sleeping on the inner spring mattress overnight,  and not just the back, but also the shoulder and hip, this is so bad. And the back pain became more and more serious, especially for the heavy guys. Why? How can I get my deep sleep back?

This is because you don’t have a good mattress.  You didn’t get your body fully relaxed during sleeping. As we know, every part of our body has their own curve, so the support every part need is different, if the mattress is not well designed, when you lay on, it provides the same support and bounce back on every part of your body, this is not correct, the best mattress should adaptive to your body, make sure every part of your body get adaptive support and bounce up.

To fix this problem, the inner spring mattress manufacture decide to upgrade the mattress into 5 zones, 7 zones. Some even extend to 9 zones. Each with different kind of coil, this can fix the problem mentioned before, but also, increased the cost again. You need do extra job to integrate them together, and the durability of mattress decreased we well.

This is the reason why a good tradition inner spring mattress is so expensive. And we don’t include the advertising fee, marketing fee, retail store rent fee of the famous brand like Sealy, Serta, Simmons.

that’s why the memory foam mattress industry got rapid grow up recently, they can do better than traditional innersping mattress, but cost less.

To gain the same sleeping experience, actually, you don’t have to use inner spring always, memory foam is the perfect alternatives, it can adaptive to your body based on your body’s curve. so if lay on the memory foam mattress, you hip will sink into it, but your back won’t, if sleep by your side,your full body will sink into it, especially your shoulder, that’s why lot of people report memory form mattress ease their back and shoulder pain.

Tip: Memory foam was developed in 1966 under a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center to improve the safety of aircraft cushions.Then was subsequently used in medical settings

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Final verdict for best memory foam mattress

All of the mattresses mentioned in our best memory foam mattress are high quality, healthy, make in USA(or CA) mattress.

We recommend them because their price are the most reasonable at the same quality level.

The Dromma bed  is  the best lover of They are the best balance of money and quality, get very high ratings from customer feedback.

Update on Dec.2016, as we mentioned before, We highly recommend NECTAR mattress, which provided forever warranty and 365 nights free trial.   Know more details from our review post and enjoy your $100 coupon we got from manufacture.

Leesa is another very welcomed and high rating memory foam mattress, they don’t use latex but with special Avena foam, if you want a more pure memory foam mattress but not a hybrid mattress or latex mattress, give Leesa a try.

If you want to customize the firmness scale any time, even after buying, Luxi mattress is your ultimate answer,  we reviewed dozens of mattress, only Luxi mattress can delivery this feature.

Bear mattress is different, it’s not designed for family use but for athlete,it uses the world’s only Celliant™ responsive textile technology, make sure you get relaxed and first recovery.

And finally, as we mentioned on homepage, we don’t suggest buying Casper, Purple or Saatva if you are not a big fan of them.

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Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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