Best Mattresses of 2019 – In Depth Reviews & Coupons

Considering the great range of mattresses available in the market, it is no wonder you find it difficult to choose which the best mattress is for you. You shouldn’t worry though, we took the time and effort to research, test and evaluated what would be the top choices for you.

Our reviews take into consideration factors such as comfort,  support, motion transfer, firmness scale, cooling effect, materials, durability, customer service, warranty, trial, and overall value of the money.

You will notice each of these elements are evaluated and rated individually and as a group to make complete, accurate and unbiased mattress reviews. Let the search for the top rated mattresses!

10 Best Mattress 2019(Reviews and compare)

Mattress Brand Warranty&Trial Height Type Queen Price(After Coupon)
#1 Nectar(Best overall)
  • Lifetime
  • 365 nights
  • 11 inches Gel Memory Foam
    #2 Layla (Best for side sleepers)
  • Lifetime
  • 120 nights
  • 10 inches Copper Memory Foam
    #3 Dreamcloud(Best Luxury hybrid choice)
  • Lifetime
  • 365 nights
  • 15 inches Hybrid
    #4 Idle Hybrid (Affordable luxury choice)
  • Lifetime
  • 120 nights
  • 14 inches Hybrid
    #5 Tomorrow(Best value of Simmons)
  • 10 years
  • 100 nights
  • 10 inches Hybrid
    #6 Nolah (Best for Back Pain)
  • 15 years
  • 120 nights
  • 10 inches High-Resilience Foam
    #7 Level Sleep(Best for joint pain)
  • Lifetime
  • 365 nights
  • 10 inches 3 Zone Foam
    #8 Bear(Best for athletes)
  • 10 years
  • 100 nights
  • 10 inches Memory foam
    #9 Eight(Best with sleeping tracking system)
  • 10 years
  • 100 nights
  • 10 inches Memory foam
    #10 Sealy Cocoon (Best value of sealy)
  • 10 years
  • 100 nights
  • 10 inches Memory foam

    Nectar Mattress Review(Best overall rating)
    nectar mattress is the best mattress for heavy people

    Nectar bed sums the best of what you need from a mattress nowadays. Offering a totally integrated 11″ gel memory foam mattress, it consists of 4 layers rather than the usual 3 layers structure offered by most companies.

    Nectar is considered as “the better mattress for a better price”, an affordable choice which does well above average in terms of support and comfort, definitely a top choice. The ultra-dense foam structure and the exceptional cooling system of the gel top layer and the semi-open lush foam, provide extreme air flow and help sleep cool at night.

    The third layer of Hi Core memory foam provides contouring and support while combating sinkage.

    The Tencel infused quilted cover alongside all other layers create a medium firm feeling, which can adapt to any kinds of sleepers (including heavy people) and any kinds of sleeping positions.

    Best value Nectar Mattress Review

    Nectar Mattress Review

    Nectar Mattress Introduction and Short Review The world needs people to be at the top of their game, alert, energized ...

    $699 $824 $125 OFF
    Read full review
    • Amazing 365 nights free trial
    • World’s 1st forever warranty mattress
    • Features 11″ high construction, an inch more than industry standard
    • Sleeps very cool due to double gel layers design
    • Company promises to renew cover for free
    • Bounce not as good as latex bed
    • Newly established company

    Layla Mattress (best for side sleeper)

    layla matress

    Layla does an exceptional work in developing the first-ever dual sided copper infused memory foam mattress.  Its 4 inches of high-density premium foam infused with copper cell technology is exceptional and revolutionary. Copper is a great material when it comes to promoting blood circulation and a cool and restful sleep(Another company is Tuck). Mixed with memory foam and 6 inches of the high-density convoluted base layer does well to retain heat while also supports the body.

    Additionally, Layla offers another innovative feature, by designing dual firmness scales, a soft and a firm. The soft side is three inches thick while the firm side is just one inch thick. This means you can choose which firmness suits you better and accommodate your needs.

    A highlight is also the use of THERMOgel technology for the cover which further helps to keep you cool at night.

    Editor choice Layla Mattress Review

    Layla Mattress Review

    Layla sleep mattress has earned multiple awards since it was introduced a few years ago including recognition from ...

    $899 $999 $100 OFF
    Read full review
    • Cooling effect
    • Facilitates blood circulation
    • Exceptional comfort and pain relief system
    • A unique combination of copper and memory foam
    • Flexible option of either Soft and Firm in the same model(double sided)
    • Some initial smell which dissipates
    • Young company
    • Perhaps flipping it over is a trouble

    DreamCloud mattress(Best luxury hybrid choice)

    Dream cloud mattress review
    Say goodbye to sleepless nights and uncomfortable mattresses. Say goodbye to dark circles and turning over around your bed. For now, we bring you the most exquisite and extravagant mattress line. Say hello to the Dream Cloud Mattress. Manufactured with the best quality fabric, intertwined by the most exotic machinery. This mattress will surely provide the most comforting sleeping experience.

    • Features

    You’d think that design wouldn’t be that big of a deciding factor when it comes to choosing the best mattress. But we’d like to differ. The Dream Cloud Mattresses have a most exquisite and exceptional design that sports its own unique features. The dimensions will fit all sizes of beds, from twins to kings. And the softly rounded edges will provide a tenfold change to your sleeping routine. These mattresses are ideal for bedrooms, and will certainly not let you down.

    The Dream Cloud Mattress has been specifically manufactured with the most intriguing materials. It has a top layer made of the finest Cashmere, and the interior is filled with high-quality 9.2-grade foam. These mattresses proudly sport a medical grade memory foam that adds its own uniqueness to the whole mattress.

    The Dream Cloud Mattresses provide extra comfort and an enhanced user experience for all types of users.

    Editor choice DreamCloud Mattress Review

    DreamCloud Mattress Review

    The Dream Cloud incorporates all the innovative technologies in the mattress world to deliver a unique product to the ...

    $1,199 $1,399 $200 OFF
    Read full review
    • Unique design that adds comfort and stability, along with a sleek and professional look to your otherwise boring bedspreads.
    • Softly rounded edges provide eccentric beauty and grace and comfort.
    • High-quality memory foam and 9.2-grade foam. The top layer is of fine Cashmere, extending the life of the mattress.
    • 8 Layers hybrid design, totally 15″ high
    • 365 nights free trial and forever warranty
    • Luxury sleeping experience
    • Although designed to fit a large variety of beds, the mattresses may not snugly fit due to manufacturing faults in the bed frame or due to the bed being an unconventional size or shape.
    • Price is high
    • Young company
    • Not the best choice for the pure side sleepers

    Tomorrow Sleep mattress (Best value of Simmons)

    tomorrow sleep mattressFrom the manufactures hybrid mattresses, Tomorrow sleep, we have all new comforting variety of mattresses. Sleeping on tomorrow sleep mattress is a great experience because:

    Its hybrid technology consists of coils + springs. So, this mattress adjusts itself according to your body and avoiding bad positions for your stomach, shoulders or back. Its coils provide you an inch-by-inch support.

    It integrates gel memory foam layer keeping your foam cool in the heat. It provides circulation of air and better ventilation system by having perforated outer-edge rails. Because of its thermic phase change cooling material, it allows plenty of air flow.

    Sharing a bed with someone and constantly getting disturbed by their movements is quite a problem for many people. But, with the tomorrow sleep hybrid mattress, its individually wrapped coils minimizes motion disturbances. So, the very little movement is transferred, and you can sleep peacefully.

    With 4.8lb high dense foam, it provides stability to you without sinking into it. Also, it has dense edges so is better than most for sitting on the edges. It has incorporated higher quality foam which prevents bottoming out for a long time.

    Exclusively made in the American factories, tomorrow sleep hybrid foam has a 10-year warranty and comes in two types i.e. medium firm and medium soft with an offer of free trial for 100 days.

    There comes a set of products with this foam which includes pillow, sheets, a sleep tracker, drapes and a protector making it one of the best mattresses for its reasonable price.

    The outer most cover is breathable and draws heat away from your body.

    Editor choice Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review

    Tomorrow Sleep Mattress Review

    Overview: Tomorrow Sleep mattress is not just another bed in a box. It is a complete sleep solution with its premium ...

    $890 $990.00 $100 OFF
    Read full review
    • Made by huge brand Simmons
    • 2 firmness scale to choose from
    • Thicker than most other brands at the same price level
    • Cooler than memory foam bed
    • Designed for the one who loves innerspring
    • Good edge support
    • Motion isolation is not as good as pure memory foam
    • Warranty and trial is just industry standard

    Nolah mattress (Best for back pain)

    Nolah is best mattress for back pain

    Nolah is a bed in a box option, distinct from the rest in the market with its unique airflow technology attributed to the Pressure relief Nolah Air Foam™ (2.5 lb/sqft) and the support layer of 1″ Latex-Like Avena® Foam (4 lb/sqft). This combination alongside the 7″ High-Density Polyurethane Foam, offer a soft yet comfortable with just enough bounce feeling, while also sleeps cool and contours to the body curves to relief sensitive points and take pressure off to enable for a restful sleep.

    Nolah is highly recommended for back and side sleepers. It is a little softer than average, yet extremely comfortable and durable. This is why it also sets a great option for heavy people.

    Editor choice Nolah Mattress Review

    Nolah Mattress Review

    Nolah Mattresses are way better than the memory foams and latex and you can enjoy cooler sleep with improved pressure ...

    $824.00 $949.00 $125 OFF
    Read full review
    • Sleeps cooler than most online brands
    • Its unique construction make it more durable than Latex
    • Does well with heat retention
    • Great warranty/trial
    • Environmentally sensitive – Wild animals adoption scheme
    • Might be a little soft for some one

    Amore Bed (best innerspring hybrid choice)
    Amore mattress review

    A very affordable solution that doesn’t look as fancy as others yet perform exceptionally in all areas that matter like sleeping cool and promises to last long. The Amore bed is ideal if you are uncertain about which kind of firmness you need since you have to option to choose among Soft, Medium, and Firm, whereas it also features a Dual Firmness split design when asked.

    This eco-friendly hybrid mattress is specially designed using a natural organic cotton cover, New Zealand organic wool, and graphite infused memory foam. It is therefore hypoallergenic, while it can accommodate for any sleeper and offer exceptional support and proper spine alignment with its 4” pocketed coils.

    Overall, a great choice all around for an amazing price!

    Editor choice Amore Mattress Review

    Amore Mattress Review

    Summary: The Amore mattress 12’’ hybrid mattress is one affordable option for a plush mattress which can last the test ...

    $725 $875 $150 OFF
    Read full review
    • Flexibility to choose between 3 firmness options
    • Hypoallergenic structure
    • Cool organic cotton cover
    • Sleeps cool
    • Eco-friendly solution with its organic cotton cover and New Zealand organic wool
    • It is 12” thick, which is 2 inches more than industry standards so it is durable
    • Perfect for any sleeping position
    • Can accommodate both lighter and heavier sleepers
    • Great 20 years warranty
    • Great value for money
    • Relatively young company
    • There are better choices for the price
    • Perhaps not the firmest option

    Eight Jupiter Plus Mattress (Best with sleep tracking system)

    Eight Jupiter comes as a great addition in the industry, offering the very best sleep by combining different kinds of materials in its 10 inches construction, including a unique reactive foam, a memory foam layer, and a transitional supportive layer in between the top layer and the bottom high-density support foam. These layers work together to create an overall balanced feel of sinkage and hug.

    Eight Jupiter is also very responsive and so it makes a great solution if you intend to use your Jupiter Plus for intimate activities, whereas it’s ideal if you fancy technology, as the sleep tracker which works with it (bought) will enable you to improve your sleep patterns among other cool. All things considered, this is a really great choice at a reasonable price, under $1000.

    Eight Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) Review

    Overview: The Smart Mattress(Jupiter Plus) by Eight Sleep is a new release by the brand, which brings mattresses to the ...

    $899 $999 $100 OFF
    Read full review
    • Offers a very supportive and comforting surface to relieve pain
    • Better than average contouring and hugging effect
    • Comes with sleep tracker technology option which is compatible with any models they have
    • Features a unique dual-zoned warming cover
    • Great bounce and responsive time
    • Tiny, golf-sized box for easy transportation
    • It is likely that you will sense the sensor strip from inside the cover
    • The Sleep Tracker sometimes delays showing data
    • You must have a smartphone in order to use the Smart Alarm functionality
    • The Sleep Tracker technology only comes with a limited 1-year warranty
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    Tuck Mattress (Best choice if want get customized)
    tuck mattress review

    Tuck is 11 inches thick and offers the best of different worlds, as it can be custom made to meet your sleep preferences. Just fill in their online Sleep Test and get the mattress of your dreams, including a rayon and polyester blend in its cover, with a cooling agent in it and a blend with Repreve™, a material made entirely of recycled plastic bottles.

    The structure of tuck is such and attention to detail has been paid to offer exceptionally cool sleep, be suitable for any sleeping position and be personalized to handle the weight of heavier sleepers with ease. A remarkable mattress has given its customization attributes and performance, especially considering it costs under $1000.

    Editor choice Tuck Mattress Review

    Tuck Mattress Review

    Tuck Mattress is a hybrid mattress which can be fully customized to your sleep preferences and created with attention ...

    • Sleeps extremely cool with its cooling premium materials used throughout
    • Provides optimum support and comfort, in particular, the contouring effect is great
    • Minimal to none motion transfer
    • Can accommodate any sleeper
    • Will easily cater for heavier sleepers
    • Fully customizable and includes a split dual firmness option
    • Not what a true memory foam feels
    • Perhaps the copper gel-infused technology will not last as long as expected
    • You will not sense any smell

    Bear Mattress (Best for athlete)
    Bear mattress is the best beds for athletes

    The company runs the business for several generations and now and have designed a bed formulated specifically for active people and athletes, although it can attend to the needs of anyone looking for a restful sleep. Bear mattress uses a Super Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam, which is 7x cooler than regular memory foam in combination with their special Celliant Technology. Celliant technology is exceptional regarding heat retention, air flow, and pressure relief.

    It also provides with medium firmness and almost minimal motion transfer. While it works good for both back sleepers and side sleepers, it’s also treated as one of the best mattresses for back pain and also heavy people.

    Editor choice Bear mattress review

    Bear mattress review

    Different from other online mattresses who are designed for home/family use. Bear mattress is designed for athletes, ...

    $800 $850 $50 OFF
    Read full review
    • Sleeps extremely cool
    • Offers plenty of pressure relief and facilitates recovery and revitalizing
    • Appropriately balanced bounce
    • Distinct Celliant technology used
    • Great customer service
    • Cover cannot be removed
    • The level of bounce is not as good as in a latex choices

    Sealy Cocoon (Best value of Sealy)
    sealy cocoon mattress

    The Cocoon™ Sealy has managed to win over our hearts and those of consumers in a relatively short time.

    This does not come as a surprise, as the manufacturer brand behind it has over 130 years of experience in the industry.

    If you decide to buy the Cocoon™ Sealy, you will take advantage of its premium comfort and support layers. Sealy cocoon is made of three layers: 2’’ memory foam, 2’’ poly foam, and 6’’ support foam. These come in either soft or firm option. The soft option is appropriate for all type of sleepers, while the firm one is best if you do not like any given.

    The designers of Cocoon™ Sealy, have made an exceptional job keeping it cool. Especially when it comes to the newer addition, the Cocoon™ Chill, which incorporates the phase changing the fabric, this succeeds to regulate temperature and sustain a cool sleeping surface all night long.

    Another highlight of this bed is the fact that it has zero motion transfer. You will hardly sense any movement if you sleep with a partner, making it a top choice for couples.

    Overall, the Cocoon™ Sealy has all that it takes to dominate the mattress industry as far as affordable options offering a great sleeping experience all around.

    Best price Sealy Cocoon Mattress Review

    Sealy Cocoon Mattress Review

    Overview: Sealy is a reputable brand and one of the giants in the industry.  Cocoon™ is a model by the mattress ...

    $874 $949 $75 OFF
    Read full review
    • The Cocoon™ Classic Soft is suitable for all sleepers
    • The Cocoon™ Chill Sleeps extremely cool – still, the Classic version also deals greatly with heat retention
    • Exceptional pressure point relief
    • None motion transfer
    • Great price tag
    • Customization options available for firmness and cover
    • A little smell which takes a while to dissipate
    • Cocoon™ firm model is a step too hard
    • Minimal bounce which means it may not be ideal for intimate activities

    Ghostbed Mattress (Best value for the money)
    ghostbed mattress

    Ghostbed is a durable hybrid mattress. which can cater to the needs of any sleeper, regardless of his/her sleeping position. It is designed with a top latex aerated foam layer and a second gel memory foam layer which do a perfect job to provide with enough air flow and blood circulation to offer a cooling and comforting sleeping experience.

    Ghostbed can feel a little firmer than average, although you must remember that the Gel Memory foam used is a temperature sensitive material, so very warm or humid weather may make the it feel extra soft, while very cold weather will probably feel somewhat firmer.

    Best seller Ghostbed mattress review

    Ghostbed mattress review

    Similar to Loom&Leaf mattress, who was created by Saatva, one famous luxury innerspring mattress manufacturer. ...

    • Sleeps cool all night
    • Enhanced sleeping experience due to the combination of latex and gel memory foam
    • Lasts longer than usual, the durability is evident with a warranty of 20 years
    • Cover can be removed and is machine washable
    • A little firmer than average for side sleepers

    Best Mattresses For Specific Medical Conditions

    Certain medical conditions need various bedding materials and firmness levels. Some of them are discussed as follows,

    Back pain

    If you or any of your loved one suffers from back pain, then night time is an excellent time for you. Your backache can also be caused by some underlying condition such as kyphosis, arthritis or scoliosis. When talking about sleep, the most critical element is back supported.

    Firmer beds don’t often offer better support neither makes softer beds mean less back support. Comfort level is a crucial factor as you need the pressure points to take a rest during the night and for this appropriate spine, alignment is mandatory.

    Read more: Best Mattress For Back Pain  (Guide, choice, and review)


    Scoliosis is diagnosed in teenagers and is an abnormal spine curvature, and it can cause pain in the long term if not treated at all. Pain usually develops in the lumbar region, and it can intensify with improper bedding surface. For this condition, hybrids or medium-firm innerspring are standard, but memory foams are better for treating scoliosis.


    In this medical condition, the person can experience joint stiffness, swelling and pain and most of the problem occur when the person tries to sleep. In this case, you should prefer high end or coiled mattresses with low firmness for side sleepers and medium firmness for back or stomach sleepers.

    Neck and hip pain

    In addition to pillows, saggy and old mattresses can cause neck pain, and for this, you sleep surface must provide support to your back and spine. You need to have enough support and without the support, sleeping on any firm surface will worsen the condition.

    If you sleep on your side on a firm surface, then it will cause hip pain, and for this, you need proper material that offers adequate contouring. Memory foams and hybrid beds are better to treat these conditions.


    Let’s be honest, one of the most significant selling points for any mattress is whether it is good for sex or not. But what do we mean by that? The characteristics that you should look into are as follows,

    • Excellent bounce
    • Edge support
    • Responsiveness
    • Low noise
    • Comfort level
    Read more: Best Mattress For Sex  (Guide, choice, and review)

    Conventionally, memory foam mattresses weren’t not considered ideal for this purpose because they have a prolonged response rate and offer no bounce at all. With the introduction of custom and advanced foams, this issue was resolved. Nevertheless, coil beds and latex are far better in this scenario.


    There are therapeutic mattresses that are also available on the market. These mattresses are for the people who have spinal issues. They can provide proper spine alignment and eliminate any kind of back or body aches.

    They also provide manual controls for different types of adjustments. People or even children who are confined to their beds can develop bed sores which are also known as pressure ulcers due to minimal mobility. People who are rehabilitating at their homes or must stay in the hospital for long-term care an use such beds to reduce the risk of sores. These mattresses come with extra padding too.

    Most of them are memory foams with polyurethane materials and have thicker layers as compared to the conventional beds. These materials are more resilient and are able to accommodate the body curves and enable to the spine to keep its natural position while you sleep in the mattress.


    For most of the people, the primary reason for purchasing new foam is because they want to sleep cooler. However, about a decade ago it wasn’t even a user consideration at all. Today, it is one of the fundamental features of a good quality mattress.

    Various materials offer different heat retention characteristics, and some of the types will sleep colder than others. For this reason, gel, latex, and coils have become so much popular among the masses. Traditional foams are much hotter than latex or coils, and most of the hybrids are made to fulfill this objective.

    The inventions of the gel layers, even foams offer better heat retention now. If you sleep hot, then don’t opt for low-quality choice, instead buy gel or hybrid.


    If you have different preferences then sleeping in the bed with your partner can become a challenge. If one partner is a restless sleeper, then a bed with low motion will mean that the other partner will continue to suffer all the time and keep waking up.

    Coils offer high motion transfer and low isolation which means there will be more tossing up. If you prefer firm feel but your partner enjoys the soft feel, then you should opt for a medium firm mattress. Some of them also come with split firmness in a king size frame.

    You can also opt for the mattresses that offer different firmness scales too. You have the option of going for customization. In a customized model, one side of it will be firm while another side will offer medium or soft firmness. This way both you and your partner can enjoy a good night sleep without any interruptions due to movement.

    Read more: Best Mattress For Couple  (Guide, choice, and review)


    As new and lighter materials are introduced in the market, adjustable beds have become less expensive, more comfortable and durable. The primary feature is that you can adjust it the way you like it. The feature is handy in individual cases such as snoring or a backache.

    In the past, such mattresses were used by the older adults, but now anyone can use it. You can use it for your afternoon nap or your relaxing time.

    The zero gravity body position improves the natural spine position of your body for improved pain relief. It is not your typical bed, and it can’t replace your regular mattress. The only drawback of it is that it is not very durable and it will also damage the outlook of your room.

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    How to pick up memory foam mattresses

    They have become far from novelty as their popularity has grown across the globe. However, these foams are not readily available everywhere as compared to the standard spring beds yet; many of the online sellers and showrooms have displayed the memory foam brands. These brands vary in prices from cheap to luxury.

    The innerspring mattresses are primary competitors because consumers are more familiar with them and they are widely available too. Nevertheless, customers who have used both these types often prefer memory foam over innerspring.

    There are a few aspects that you need to consider before buying, including the types, densities and layer constructions. Let’s have a look at each of these aspects.


    The type refers to the techniques that the manufacturer has used in the making and its different characteristics. Following are the kinds that you need to consider when you are shopping.


    It is the standard type that is temperature sensitive. It is made of polyurethane and various other materials that are synthetic. It is the most readily available and affordable type. But it is more prone to heat retention and odors. If the traditional memory foam is compressed, it reacts slowly.


    It is similar to traditional but also contains gel liquid or beads mixed. The gel choices are less prone to heat retention and odors as compared to the conventional type but cost more too. Gel foams have the slow-to-medium reaction time to compression and movements, and according to consumer reports, they have no noticeable difference in reaction times.


    They have a portion of naturally derived ingredients replacing the synthetics and are also known as green mattresses. Usually, these foams have a minimum to no complaints associated with odor and heat. People who are annoyed with slow reaction times of traditional foams will prefer the quick and temperature neutral elements of this type.

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    Density deals with the weight of one cubic foot of a mattress. The foams that have more density also have lesser air. It is not closely related to the firmness though dense foams do feel stiff. Medium density has better average customer satisfaction, but individual preferences may vary too.

    Low density

    Mattresses that are less than 3.5lbs fall in the category of low-density foams. These are more affordable and lower complaints of heat and off-gassing as compared to others. These type may not offer the proper pressure and support point of relief for heavyweight individuals and tend to wear out fast.

    Medium density

    Mattresses that are between 3.5lbs and 5lbs are considered to have medium density. These types have average “heat and odor” complaints, and they offer better pressure point relief and support for most of the sleepers as compared to the low-density ones. They have average-to-good durability level too.

    High density

    Beds that are more than 5lbs are known as high-density foams. They have the highest odor and heat retention complaints because they have more concentration of ingredients and polymer as compared to other densities. And they are most expensive too. These foams offer the best pressure point relief and support. Due to high density,  therefore, mostly used with other layers and not as a central comfort layer.

    Check this post to know more details:  Understanding Foam Mattress Densities From Low To High (And what is best for you)

    How to pick up latex mattress

    They are also gaining popularity especially among the people who seek greener or healthier options. Customers who prefer more resilient or bouncier memory foams will also like latex. When it comes to reviews latex performs similar to memory foams, and it even outperforms innerspring beds. Though latex beds are not widely available as any other type of mattress still, many of the sellers have a wide range of organic latex mattresses all across the country.

    These beds are slightly expensive as compared to other types because all-natural latex is made of costly materials, and the manufacturers also use different types of certifications to exhibit the quality of their products.

    They have different types and are composed of natural latex that is derived from the rubber trees. They can also be made of synthetic styrene butadiene rubber that involves various chemical components. The most common type of latex available is a blend of artificial and natural materials.

    All of them are made of Talalay or Dunlop process where the latter is more established and popular. Talalay has a few extra steps to improve uniformity, and for this reason, the process is costlier. On the other hand, consumers rate both these operations similarly.

    All natural latex

    All natural latex rates batter regarding durability, odor, and comfort. It is also greener and eco-friendlier as compared to other types.

    Blended latex

    Blended or synthetic latex is cheaper as compared to the all-natural latex. However, there are more complaints of odors and off-gassing. Another issue is that they are less durable too.

    Layer Construction

    Latex foam must only be constructed with latex including both base and the comfort layers, unlike visco foams that require the core support with polyurethane. The latex mattresses with polyurethane foam core have lower ratings from the users.

    The buyers that are more concerned about chemicals involved in the manufacturing process or people who prefer green materials must also consider fire barrier and different other cover materials to make sure that they buy the all-natural product.

    In this scenario, the cotton covers and wool fire barriers are more common. Based on the research, natural latex rates 15% to 20% higher as compared to the synthetic or blended.

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    Common Mistakes People Should Avoid Before Buying Mattresses

    The most common reason to buy is either your old mattress has seen the end of its life or you regularly wake up with body aches or for any other reason. Whatever your reason is, purchasing mattresses is not something that you do daily. Therefore, most of the people make mistakes when buying.

    • Most of the people do not know what their sleeping position is. Your sleeping position determines which type of firmness level you should choose. If you sleep on your side then you should opt for a softer mattress so that the bedding can contour your body. If you prefer to sleep on your back or your stomach then you should choose a medium firm model.
    • Do not just rely on try-before-you-buy. When you go to a store and have a trial, you will just spend a few moments in it. You cannot assess a mattress until you sleep in it. After all, you are buying your mattress because you are not going to just lay on it; you will eventually sleep in it. Therefore, you need to include the returning fees into your budget too. Sleep in it for a few nights and then make an assessment.
    • Make sure that you do not fall for those big hefty discounts that the stores display for attracting consumers. Most of the time stores display a price at $5000 and cut it down for the customers with 50% discounts. Such mattresses even at $2500 are very expensive. Do not blindly trust the stores and the prices that they display.
    • Most people do not have a look at the return policy of the store from which they are buying. Stores do not want you to return your bed to them and for this reason, they do not emphasize on this area at all. Return fees are the restocking fees that allow the stores to sanitize the mattress with chemicals and resell it. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the return policies of the store from which you are buying.
    • You do not need to visit your local store and go for the recommendation made by the commission-based salesperson. Now you can also look at a few options online. Exploring all the features and going through the functionality before buying it is an excellent approach.
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