The Best Mattresses Of 2017 – Unbiased Reviews

Considering the great range of mattresses available in the market, it is no wonder you find it difficult to choose which the best mattress is for you. You shouldn’t worry though, we took the time and effort to research, test and evaluate what would be the best choice for you.

Our mattress reviews take into consideration factors such as comfort, support, motion transfer, cooling effect, eco-friendly materials used, durability, customer service, warranty, trial, and overall value for the money.

You will notice each of these elements are evaluated and rated individually and as a group to make for complete, accurate and unbiased mattress reviews. Let the search for the best mattresses begin!

Top 10 Best Rated Mattress Reviews (Update May.2017)

Official Site Mattress Key MaterialWarranty And TrialRatings Coupons
Best value
Nectar mattress review
Memory foam
Lifetime years
365 nights
$670 $795 $125 OFF
Editor choice
2 Layla mattress Review
Memory foam
Lifetime years
120 nights
$799 $899 $100 OFF
Editor choice
3 Amore Mattress Review
Memory foam+Pocket coil
20 years
100 nights
$790 $850 $60 OFF
Editor choice
4 Nolah Mattress Review
Memory foam
15 years
120 nights
$774 $849 $75 OFF
Editor choice
5 Bear mattress review
Memory foam
10 years
100 nights
$800 $850 $50 OFF
Best price
6 Qomfort Mattress Review
Memory foam
Lifetime years
100 nights
$549 $649 $100 OFF
Editor choice
7 Avocado Mattress Review
natural latex+coil
10 years
100 nights
$1,699 $1,699 Buy It Now
Best seller
8 Ghostbed mattress review
Latex+Memory foam
20 years
101 nights
$745 $795 $50 OFF
Best seller
9 Leesa Mattress Review
Memory foam
10 years
100 nights
$815 $900 $75 OFF
Editor choice
10 Aviya mattress review
Memory foam+Pocket coil
10 years
100 nights
$824 $899 $75 OFF

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Nectar bed is best of the best

nectar mattress is the best mattress for heavy people

Nectar mattress sums the best of what you need from a mattress nowadays. Offering a totally integrated 11″ gel memory foam mattress, it consists of 4 layers rather than the usual 3 layers structure offered by most companies.

Nectar is considered as “the better mattress for a better price”, an affordable mattress which does well above average in terms of support and comfort, definitely a top choice. The ultra-dense foam structure and the exceptional cooling system of the gel memory foam top layer and the semi open lush foam, provide extreme air flow and help sleep cool at night.

The third layer of Hi Core memory foam, provides contouring and support while combating sinkage.

The Tencel infused quilted cover alongside all other foam layers create a medium firm feeling, which can adapt to any kinds of sleepers (including heavy people) and any kinds of sleeping positions.

Best value Nectar mattress review

Nectar mattress review

Nectar Mattress Introduction and Short Review The world needs people to be at the top of their game, alert, energized ...

$670 $795 $125 OFF
Read full review


  • Amazing 365 nights free trial
  • World’s 1st forever warranty mattress
  • Features 11″ high construction, an inch more than industry standard
  • Sleeps very cool due to double gel layers design
  • Company promises to renew cover for free
  • Best mattress under $1,000


  • Bounce not as good as latex
  • Newly established company

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Layla is the best mattress for side sleeper

Layla mattress best mattress for side sleepers

Layla does an exceptional work in developing the first ever dual sided copper infused memory foam mattress.  Its 4 inches of high-density premium memory foam infused with copper cell technology is exceptional and revolutionary. Copper is a great material when it comes to promoting blood circulation and a cool and restful sleep. Mixed with memory foam and 6 inches of high density convoluted base foam does well to retain heat while also supports the body.

Additionally, the Layla mattress offers another innovative feature, by designing dual firmness scales, a soft and a firm. The soft side is three inches thick while the firm side is just one inch thick. This means you can choose which firmness suits you better and accommodate for your needs.

A highlight is also the use of THERMOgel technology for the mattress cover which further helps to keep you cool at night.

Editor choice Layla mattress Review

Layla mattress Review

After reviewing a couple of beds, I come to agree with the idiom that says “as you make your bed, so you must lie on ...

$799 $899 $100 OFF
Read full review


  • Cooling effect
  • Facilitates blood circulation
  • Exceptional comfort and pain relief system
  • A unique combination of copper and memory foam
  • Flexible option of either Soft and Firm in the same mattress (double sided)


  • Some initial smell which dissipates
  • Young company
  • Perhaps flipping the mattress over is a trouble

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Nolah is the best mattress for back pain

Nolah is best mattress for back pain


Nolah is a bed in a box option, distinct from the rest in the market with its unique air flow technology attributed to the Pressure relief Nolah Air Foam™ (2.5 lb/sqft) and the support layer of 1″ Latex-Like Avena® Foam (4 lb/sqft). This combination alongside the 7″ High-Density Polyurethane Foam, offer a soft yet comfortable with just enough bounce feeling, while also sleeps cool and contours to the body curves to relief sensitive points and take pressure off to enable for a restful sleep.

Nolah mattress is highly recommended for back and side sleepers. It is a little softer than average, yet extremely comfortable and durable. This is why it also sets a great option for heavy people.

Editor choice Nolah Mattress Review

Nolah Mattress Review

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Choosing the best mattress to purchase is a tough decision to make. Sleep is ...

$774 $849 $75 OFF
Read full review


  • Sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses
  • Its unique construction make it more durable than Latex
  • Does well with heat retention
  • Great warranty/trial
  • Environmentally sensitive – Wild animals adoption scheme


  • Relatively young company
  • There are better mattresses for the price
  • Perhaps not the firmest option

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Bear is the best mattress for athletes

Bear mattress is the best beds for athletes

The company runs the business for several generations and now and have designed a mattress formulated specifically for active people and athletes, although it can attend to the needs of anyone looking for a restful sleep. Bear mattress uses a Super Cool Graphite-Gel Memory Foam, which is 7x cooler than regular memory foam in combination with their special Celliant Technology. Celliant technology is exceptional in terms of heat retention, air flow and pressure relief.

Bear mattress provides with medium firmness and almost minimal motion transfer. While it works good for both back sleepers and side sleepers, it’s also treated as one of the best mattresses for back pain and also heavy people.

Editor choice Bear mattress review

Bear mattress review

Different from other online mattresses who are designed for home/family use. Bear mattress is designed for athletes, ...

$800 $850 $50 OFF
Read full review


  • Sleeps extremely cool
  • Offers plenty of pressure relief and facilitates recovery and revitalizing
  • Appropriate balanced bounce for a mattress
  • Distinct Celliant technology used
  • Great customer service


  • Cover cannot be removed
  • The level of bounce is not as good as in a latex mattress

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Dromma bed is the best hybrid latex foam mattress

the dromma bed mattress is the best hybrid latex foam

An eco-friendly mattress using natural soy based latex memory foam instead of the traditional synthetic latex and the Visco Elastic Gel memory foam.

Dromma Bed is a great option overall for heavy people, as well as both side sleepers and back sleepers. It provides a flexible choice of two firmness scales to pick from, which helps for catering individual preferences.

Dromma Bed sleeps really cool and comfy due to the environmentally friendly materials used, and the addition of the 2 inches on top.

The luxury comfort and support offered at a more reasonable price tag in comparison to its competitors, make the Dromma Bed among the best memory foam mattresses.

Best value Dromma bed review

Dromma bed review

The Dromma Bed mattress is a top choice for people who enjoy the comforts of a memory foam mattress, but demand high ...

$749 $849 $100 OFF
Read full review


  • Extra 2 inches of thickness in comparison to industry standards
  • Great 200 nights free trial
  • The combination of latex and gel memory foam provides a cool sleeping experience
  • Two firmness levels to choose from, at the same price
  • Better bounce than with pure memory foam mattresses


  • Some initial odor which dissipates within hours after unpacking

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Qomfort is the best cheap mattress

Qomfort mattress is the best online mattress under $500

Qomfort mattress is great for memory foam lovers who will enjoy the 2 inches Gel-Infused Memory Foam, with open cell ventilation technology structured to retain body heat and allow air circulation, assuring cool comfort throughout the night. In addition, the middle layer, the transition layer in other words is made of 2 inches gel memory foam purposely designed for pressure relief take off the body stress after a long day.

Qomfort sleep is a medium feeling mattress, therefore it is great regardless if you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper, or even if you don’t have a fixed sleeping position.

The company offers very quick delivery service as you will get Qomfort mattress delivered at your doorstep within 1-5 business days instead of the typical 5-10 offered by other brands.

Best price Qomfort Mattress Review

Qomfort Mattress Review

Not all foams are alike! That is a fact anyone looking to buy a great mattress should have in mind when shopping for ...

$549 $649 $100 OFF
Read full review


  • Sleeps cool
  • A quite affordable option for a memory foam mattress
  • The combination of gel and open cell technology makes it sleep cool all night
  • Suitable firmness for all
  • Extremely fast delivery


  • Newly founded company
  • Only 4 sizes available to choose from

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Choose Aviya if you prefer innerspring feel

Structure of Aviya mattress

Aviya is an affordable hybrid mattress which you can get directly from the manufacturer and consists of 3 layers of high-density foam. It provides with sufficient airflow for a refreshing sleep, while the supportive innerspring is engineered for maximum responsiveness. Additionally, this mattress offers strong edge support and reinforced lumbar support.

Interestingly, the Aviya is flexible when it comes to firmness scale, offering three options to choose from (Firm- Luxury Firm – Plush/Soft) which is great to have in one mattress!

There is no distinct smell in Aviya; it is made of ECO-Friendly polyurethane foams blended with soy to reduce the amount of petro-chemicals used in the production process.

Editor choice Aviya mattress review

Aviya mattress review

If you are searching for a bed that promises comfort, convenience, and luxury, you are on to something great with Aviya ...

$824 $899 $75 OFF
Read full review


  • Offers an additional 2 inches beyond the industry standards (12 inches in total)
  • Great use of foams and wrapped coil in one mattress
  • Features a special 5 layers design
  • Unusually flexible in terms of 3 firmness scales to choose from
  • Provides excellent edge support system
  • Eco-friendly


  • Both warranty and free trial is according to industry standard
  • Delivery is a bit slower than expected

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Choose Avocado is you like organic latex
Avocado Gwen is the best organic latex foam mattress

The Avocado Gwen is among the companies that cared to design an ECO-friendly natural product due to the materials used in its production, such as the 100% organic Dunlop latex and the 100% pure Joma New Zealand Wool.

It features a GOTS certified organic cotton layer sheet, handmade with button tufted and no use of adhesive chemical.

The distinct construction consists of a Top layer of 2” latex Euro-Style pillow which will ensure balance, softness and firm feel. In addition it guarantees optimum stability and no sinking. The second layer is made of softer latex and the third layer is a firmer latex for maximum comfort and support while sleeping. The base layer, is the last foundational layer packed with 8” spring coil wrapped with same quality organic latex to protect is and make it noiseless.

The Avocado Gwen mattress provides a medium firm feeling and has earned it the seal of approval from the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations® for back and spinal health.

Gwen mattress comes with heavy-duty handles which make it easy to carry.

Editor choice Avocado Mattress Review

Avocado Mattress Review

The green bed is trending and if you don’t know what people see that’s making them go after eco-friendly mattress, read ...



  • Eco-friendly 100% organic Dunlop latex
  • 100% pure Joma New Zealand Wool
  • Offers great Euro Pillow Top design
  • Handcrafted mattress and components of high quality standards
  • Provides support to remove your old mattress for free


  • Provides less than average motion isolation in comparison to other memory foam mattresses
  • It costs relatively more than other memory foam or hybrid online mattress brands

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No Risk if you choose Leesa bed

Leesa review sleep bed mattress

Leesa features an iconic four stripes elegant and sporty top cover which you will love. It is designed with the special Avena Foam®, which serves to balance the shortcoming of memory foam sleeping hot. Instead, Leesa offers a cooling and restful sleep while the memory foam used as a third layer, contours to the body curves and offers pain relief and primary support.

Leesa absorbs motion easily causing little to no disruption by your partners tossing and turning, whilst there is a distinct “new mattress” smell, which however typically disappears in a short span of time. The Leesa is eco-friendly and Certi-PUR certified as well.

Best seller Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Review

Leesa mattress is one of the best lover of Compared with traditional mattress manufacture, it ...

$815 $900 $75 OFF
Read full review


  • Distinct materials such as the special Avena Foam®
  • Has profoundly good customer ratings
  • Can accommodate all kinds of sleeping positions
  • Great bounce and comfort
  • The company is young but has established itself in the marketplace as reputable


  • A single model and firmness scale

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Prefer Latex+Memory foam? Choose Ghostbed

ghostbed mattress

Ghostbed is a durable hybrid mattress which can cater for the needs of any sleeper, regardless of his/her sleeping position. It is designed with a top latex aerated foam layer and a second gel memory foam layer which do a perfect job to provide with enough air flow and blood circulation to offer a cooling and comforting sleeping experience.

Ghostbed can feel a little firmer than average, although you must remember that the Gel Memory foam used is a temperature sensitive material, so very warm or humid weather may make the mattress feel extra soft, while very cold weather will probably make the mattress feel somewhat firmer.

Best seller Ghostbed mattress review

Ghostbed mattress review

Similar to Loom&Leaf mattress, who was created by Saatva, one famous luxury innerspring mattress manufacture. ...



  • Sleeps cool all night
  • Enhanced sleeping experience due to the combination of latex and gel memory foam
  • Lasts longer than usual, the durability is evident with a warranty of 20 years
  • Cover can be removed and is machine washable


  • A little firmer than average for side sleepers

Can’t find what you are looking for? Nothing to worry about, we have all the answers!

Getting a mattress is not what it used to be. You should really take your time searching for what’s right for you in order not to regret your decision.

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12 Things you need to know before buying

Who should choose a memory foam mattress, and which is the best?

Despite the history of Memory Foam goes back in the 1970’s, when NASA produced a foam for use in their space program, still it was not until the 1990’s that it began its commercial use. Nowadays, memory foam mattress is probably the most popular choice in the mattress industry.

A memory foam mattress consists mainly of two core components: a polyurethane memory foam layer and a polyurethane foam core layer. Although the top of the poly foam may vary across mattresses, one element remains the same: viscoelasticity, which means that the more pressure is applied to the foam, the deeper compression and hug you feel.

There are traditional, open cell and gel-infused memory foam options to choose from. Getting into technical specifications, would reveal that a memory foam mattress consists of three levels: the top “comfort layer” made of special materials which mould to the body shape when it comes in contact with body heat, relieving from any pressure.

The second layer, often referred to as the “support layer”, is more rigid to maintain the mattress shape the same. In addition, it also supports the softer and thinner comfort layer.

The final “base layer” supports the other two layers and most commonly is the thickest and most rigid of all layers.

Pick the one for you. Top best memory foam mattresses 2017.

Choosing a memory foam mattress is a wise choice if you suffer from back pain, or other physical sensitivities. Over the years, its many benefits have been acknowledged, such as how it reacts well to temperature and also works well under pressure so can offer relief from aches. As more physicians began to become more aware of the benefits, they started to recommend memory foam to their patients. Its soft texture and ability to mould to the contours of your body, provides exceptional support for the whole body. It also provides a warm sensation, helping to creating that cosy feeling, which is critical for a good night’s sleep.

Memory foam mattresses are therefore overall recommended for anyone interested in pain relief, body contour, deep compression, yet are perhaps not ideal if you sleep hot.

When buying a memory foam mattress remember to take into consideration your personal preferences in relation to things like overall thickness, layer height, IFD rating, plant based or gel formulation, and density/firmness level.

Who should pick a latex mattress, and which is the best?

Latex is a foam made from liquid latex using a process chemical called vulcanization and is preferred by bed manufacturers since it allows the mattress to completely match to the contours of your body. Latex mattresses are great for conforming support and even weight distribution to keep your spine naturally aligned in a fully relaxed position. Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, they will do a decent job with providing a restful sleep.

There are two kinds of latex, natural and synthetic; natural latex is healthier and a great choice if you have allergies and other breathing sensitivities, but it is more expensive, and it’s not as durable as synthetic latex. Due to budget restraints, most people choose synthetic latex mattress. Of course, either is safe to the body.

Latex mattresses gained popularity among the younger population, due to the fact that they can provide extra bounce back feeling, making the mattress friendly for sex.

Choose the Best Latex Mattresses now.

So why choose Latex? A quality latex beds can definitely be as comfortable as a memory foam beds. Perhaps it is a little cooler than Memory Foam and comes with the advantage of being Hypo Allergenic, especially if natural. In this sense, if you suffer from an allergy or asthma, we would recommend choosing a Latex bed since it restrains the growth of bacteria, fungi & dust mites.

When buying a latex mattress be careful of the following factors:

  • Choose all-natural latex or natural/synthetic blended 100% latex mattress (not combined with other materials)
  • Check for sufficient pinholes for ventilation
  • International Certifications
  • At least 10 years warranty

Who should go for a hybrid foam mattress, and which the best?

hybrid mattress, is an attempt to combine the best of many worlds in the industry. The main intention in the design of a hybrid mattress was to minimize the disadvantages and maximize the advantages of each material such as innerspring, memory foam, latex or other filler material like wool, sponge, silk, and horsetail hair (found in luxury mattress only).

An increasingly favourable option, a hybrid memory foam mattress refers to the use of memory foam in the comfort layer.

The combination of latex and memory foam is a very common choice for a hybrid mattress nowadays due to their unique benefits. Memory foam offers substantial pressure relief.  Latex on the other hand can give off elasticity and cool feeling.

Hybrids tend to provide an effective combination of comfort / pressure-point relief and support so they are great for. Many firmness options are available in a hybrid foam mattress. Another advantage is how motion isolation tends to be better than average making it appropriate for sex, and thus probably it is preferred for younger people.

Overall, the best latex + memory foam mattress we reviewed so far is Dromma bed.

Who should pick a hybrid innerspring mattress, and which is the best?

A hybrid is a mattress made using two or more different kinds of unique materials in an attempt to capitalize on the best of each material.

Other hybrid mattresses combine memory foam with thin layers of springs, called microcoils, or other exotic materials. Such a hybrid innerspring mattress is preferred as it succeeds for instance to use innerspring as a base layer to provide support and durability.

In this sense, a hybrid innerspring mattress is great for heavy people and back sleepers if they have at least 400 to 800 14-gauge coils.

As far as the best memory foam + inner spring mattress we reviewed, this would be Amore mattress.

When do you need a firm mattress, and which is the best?

Usually, a firm feeling mattress would rate between 7-9 in the firmness scale, with 10 being the most firm (extra firm). It is best suited for stomach sleepers as it will provide minimal give to relieve pressure on the knees, while there is no sinking down of the pelvis to cause stress on the back and fewer gaps between your body and the bed.

A firm mattress is also suited for heavier people as it will provide with enough support without sinking and motion transfer, and it is also appropriate for back sleepers in some cases.

A really good firm mattress should provide with great edge support. This is especially important for heavy people. In addition, a really great firm one will not allow excessive sagging.

Also, it will ensure both core support and excellent air flow to keep you cool at night.

Best firm mattresses would be GhostBed, Aviya (Firm option), and Helix.

Who should choose medium feeling mattress, and which the best?

Normally, a medium firm feeling mattress would rate between 5-7 in the firmness scale. It is best suited for back sleepers and side sleepers, or if you don’t have a fixed sleeping position.

Back sleepers need a medium firm mattress, also referred to as the “luxury firm”, which is neither too soft nor too firm, to avoid pain in the lower back and keep the spine in an optimal position.

Side sleepers also need a mattress that is about average firm since the one that is too firm will be uncomfortable for sleeping on their side, while the one that is too soft on the contrary will not offer the support needed to keep the spine in a natural alignment.

A medium firm mattress is also perhaps a good option for couples with different sleeping preferences.

Best medium firm mattresses include Nectar, Bear, Qomfort, Leesa and Avocado Gwen.

When is a soft feeling mattress the best option, and which is the best?

Typically, a soft feeling mattress would rate anywhere between 3-5 in the firmness scale, with 5 being soft but with a balanced feel. A mattress in the 3-3.5 range is best for side sleepers and also someone who is relatively slim and weighs less (150 pounds or less). Most other sleeping styles will find them uncomfortable. On the contrary, a soft bed is not the best option for back sleepers or stomach sleepers, while it is definitely not the option you want if you have a few extra pounds or more.

Look for a soft mattress topped with Latex of Memory Foam to get the best of this firmness scale.

For instance, I would recommend Nolah and Layla (soft option).

What are mattress sizes, and what size mattress is best for me?

There are different mattress sizes available in the market to accommodate for any need. Whilst there are the traditional options of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King Size and California King, more recently, other variations were added to cater for different sleeping preferences, routine schedules and all. Although the generally accepted dimensions for each mattress size are specific, there might be a +/- 1″ tolerance, due to manufacturing.

Before deciding on the best mattress size for you, consider your sleep footprint. If you need a mattress for one person, unless you are thinking of buying a bed for your child, consider a Twin XL or Full size.

The space available and other furniture in the room also determine which size to choose.

Generally speaking, for a couple, a Queen, King or California King bed will give both sleepers ample space, ensuring you receive a good night’s sleep.

Have a look at our mattress size guide.

What is the best type of mattress for heavy people?

If you have a few extra pounds, then you will need added deep compression support to nurture for your body curves. In simple terms, this means you need a mattress that is a little thicker than usual and is of above average quality. Low quality and thinner ones don’t have enough material to support someone heavy sleepers. Typically, you should choose a mattress that is around 12 inches, 2 inches more than the industry standard to stay satisfied. Our pick would be Dromma Bed and Amerisleep at 13 inches or more. However, there are other options at 10 or 11 inches which will do well with heavy people, for instance Nectar, Nolah and Bear.

In addition, it is best if you opt for a foam mattress, such as latex and memory foam, and innerspring mattresses with a thick coil gauge. Foam mattresses will provide exceptional pressure relief and their foam cores can ensure proper spinal alignment and back support. Plus, they tend to last longer the test of time that innerspring of the same cost.

However, you can still choose an innerspring with a tied coil system with thick coil gauges (below 15) which will ensure a solid, strong level of support. In case you sleep with a partner and have motion transfer concerns, prefer an individually pocketed coil system with a thick coil gauge.

What is the best type of mattress for a side sleeper?

If you prefer to sleep on your side (whether it is on the fetal position, log or yearner), you are most likely settled for one of the healthiest sleeping positions out there. Side sleeping is considered best because it helps keep your airways open. In addition, sleeping on the left side is great to relieve heartburn symptoms, while right side sleeping makes them worse. This is of particular importance for pregnant women who want to improve heart circulation and reduce acid reflux.

Nevertheless, it’s not all paradise with side sleepers. You still suffer from frequent neck and back pain, while also research suggests that side sleeping is the cause for more wrinkles and even sagging breasts.

There is no single best mattress brand or type for sleeping on your side. However, you should be careful to get a mattress based on both the firmness scale and support it provides for you. Prefer a soft or medium firm to maintain proper spinal alignment as the hip and shoulders sink in a bit. A comfort layer at 3-inches will work best. You should look for mattresses that have 300 to 400 14-gauge coils, to make sure it is soft and comfortable.

Ready to get the best mattress for side sleepers 2017? Get our advice.

It is greatly important that you consider getting a mattress which is made of environmentally-friendly materials or at least which emits the minimum off-gassing and odor. To ensure this is the case, you should look for a mattress that is CertiPUR-US® certified.

In addition a CertiPUR-US® certified mattress is one with Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million).

So, sleep carefree if your mattress is CertiPUR-US® certified!

If you are looking for pure organic mattress, then the epitome of this should be Avocado Gwen, Aviya and Dromma Bed. You can also consider other options like Nectar and Leesa who are CertiPUR-US® certified.

What mattress is best for someone with back pain?

If you are experiencing chronic back pain, a medium firm mattress is probably the best option for you. Your body is in need of substantial support, so the bed should be firm enough to support your lower back if you are a back-sleeper, and concurrently being soft enough to allow for body contouring. In this sense, you should prefer a mattress in the 5-7 out of 10 range (10 being the most firm), which is ideal.

If you suffer from back pain, it is recommended to avoid mattresses with innerspring as hard coils spread all over the frame will not allow even weight distribution. To balance this out, foam mattresses are the best option.

Therefore, our advice would be to go for a medium firm foam mattress as it cradles the body’s curves while being firm enough to support the back’s muscular and bony structures.

Is back pain an issue? Find the perfect mattress to relieve you.

Do I need a mattress topper and if so, which one should I buy?

If you have young children, dogs, cats or other pets, or even enjoy eating/drinking in bed, then a topper is a perfect option for you. You also need a mattress topper if you have an old mattress and can’t afford to change it with a new one, or just want that extra touch of comfort and luxury.

A topper is therefore the perfect and cheaper alternative which will guaranty your mattress lasts longer as it will act as its protector, while it will offer you a refreshing feeling and eliminate the aches and sore feeling of a worn mattress.

Whilst there are different types of mattress toppers available, personally I would recommend getting a memory foam topper which can provide the best comfort and motion isolation, together with above average lifespan and support.

Need a memory foam mattress topper 2017? Check our top options.

Still have a question we didn’t cover? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line via our contact form and we will do our very best to get back to you in no time.

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