Top 5 Best Mattresses For Couples

In the modern era, everything is researched thoroughly before bringing something to the market that benefits the user. Mattresses are not left behind in this quest for perfection. If you are in a relationship or married, then you will need a one that is made for couples.

We have compiled top 5 best mattresses for couples to help you in understanding the best products in the market. The buying guide will help you in understanding focal points in the products and having a better idea of the purchase.

Comparison Table 

Brands Material Stand out Features Warranty
Tuck  (Editor Choice) Rayon and Polyester Customized+ Copper foam 11 years
Helix  Dynamic Foam Custom made 10 years
Amore  Gel-infused copper ions cover Two different technologies combined 20 years
Nectar (Editor Choice) Tencel covering Double Gel Foam+ Affordable Price Forever
Amanda Smart  Smart layer Monitoring sleep health data 25 years

Short Buying Guide 

Take a look at the focal points of the couple mattresses to ensure that you buy the perfect one for better sleep.

  • What is the difference between regular and couple’s mattresses?

Of course, the primary difference is the size of the two foams. The significant difference is that couple’s mattresses are usually customized in half and a half to fit each person’s own needs. These are also made with unique features that ensure that your significant other’s sleep is not disturbed and neither is yours.

  • What is the nontransferable movement technology and do I need it?

If you are going to share your bed then you will need a nontransferable movement for a better and more comfortable sleep. This technology allows the elimination of the whole bed to move if one person does ensure that nobody has disturbed sleep because of the other person. This technology is usually complemented by coil mattresses which use micro coils.

  • Are half and halves a good option?

You and your partner will prefer their comfort differently. Couples mattresses are usually designed to have two different technologies on each side so that each individual may sleep according to their own comfort.

Readymade foams with two different sides are available but an excellent option is to get it personalized so that you can keep in mind all your comfort zones.

  • Do I need sleep trial and warranty?

Companies provide sleep trials and warranties to their customers to increase the trust level. Sleep trail is important so that you can see in some time if the foam is delivering the same comfort what it is promised. This may not seem a big deal for many people; however, we do not realize how beds and sleeping postures help in reducing many different health problems.

Warranties are always good so that you have some kind of product security while buying it. Make sure to check the warranty terms and conditions.

  • What is CertiPUR and does a foam need to have it?

CertiPUR is a department that approves the quality, content, and the performance of a mattress. It is official which makes the customer more satisfied with the product while buying it. It also ensures that the product is environment-friendly and safe to use with organic material that can be recycled. It is always nice to have this kind of security in foams for a safer purchase.

Product Reviews

  • Tuck Mattress

tuck mattress review

The tuck is first in the top 5 best mattresses for couples since it helps the users tuck into bed at night very comfortably. There are a different twin and double bed sizes for you to choose from. The company has spent over three years in researching the best components in a foam for a healthy and comfortable sleep.


The foam has many layers starting at the cover which is designed with rayon and polyester to provide a cooling effect to the foam. The next layer is the copper-infused gel memory foam which provides a density that increases comfort along with regulating the sleeper’s body temperature.

It uses coil support as its main support which allows you to rest your body on hundreds of coils explicitly designed to keep you supported from every muscle to every bone in your body and hence provide you a very comfortable option.

These coils are further surrounded by micro-coils that are there to ensure that the softness is not compromised and ensures that all your pressure points are thoroughly visited. According to the size available, the price varies. However, it seems worth the purchase.

  • It is made of a cover that allows you to keep it cool even in the hot weather
  • The product’s coil support helps in impacting your pressure points positively taking the help of micro coils
  • The copper-infused gel memory foam regulated the body temperature of the user
  • There are a 100 nights sleep trial and a 10-year warranty which ensures customer satisfaction
  • It is not suitable for couples since it tends to move a lot even with the slightest movement of one person
  • It can never be flipped
Editor choice Tuck Mattress Review

Tuck Mattress Review

Tuck Mattress is a hybrid mattress which can be fully customized to your sleep preferences and created with attention ...



Keeping in mind the price and the comfort of this product, it is a highly recommended product for couples. The warranty and trial period further seems to satisfy customers.

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  • Helix Mattress

helix mattress

Helix makes it into the list since they also keep in mind different double bed frames while they design their mattress with the latest technology and highest comfort.


These hybrid mattresses that can be customized as per as the customer’s choice. They use the special helix dynamic foam which contours the shape of the body and helps in keeping the mattress cool and well ventilated.

Small pocketed micro coils inside the mattress help in targeting pressure points, make it well ventilated, and help in reducing the movement in case one person moves around. High densities of poly-foam can be chosen in accordance with the comfort level of the user.

Users can also opt for customizing mattress that can be blended according to each person sleeping on the mattress which increases the pressure point target and body contour.

Each one is designed to be easily rolled and transported. These beds might seem a little expensive than the thought of, but they sure are worth the purchase.

  • Dynamic foam helps in acquiring the body structure
  • Pocketed micro coils help in reducing transfer of motion
  • Polyfoam of different densities can help in determining the comfort level
  • Can be customized into blended or different halves of the mattress
  • It does not have the capability to regulate body temperature which may increase because of two people sleeping
  • It is not to be flipped
Editor choice Helix mattress review

Helix mattress review

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It is worth the purchase because the pressure points targeting and comfort features make it worthy.

  • Amore Mattress

Amore mattress review

Out of many other products on the market, we find Amore mattresses to offer features to its customers that are so good that it finds itself a place in the list.


These beds combine two different technologies to make something great for the consumers. The coil technology helps in providing support all throughout your body internally and externally while the graphite infused gel memory foam helps in relieving pressure around the body.

Both of them mix together to make you feel on a cloud. With coil technology placed with stability, the movement around the whole mattress is reduced so that your partner is not disturbed. It also allows you to have the perfect amount of softness.

The gel memory foam takes the shape of your body keeping the spinal cord and other muscles of the body intact along with helping in keeping it as cool as possible.

CertiPUR has approved of this product which means that it is great for performance, content, and quality. You can get your mattress made according to your preference and your partner’s preference and make sure you both sleep together and comfortably.

  • Coil and graphite infused gel memory foam are both used in this product.
  • A cover which is infused with copper ions
  • Less transferred movement in the whole mattress
  • Approved by CertiPUR
  • The foam is not made to flip sides so once one size dies down you will need to change it
  • It does not have very breathable technology
Editor choice Amore Mattress Review

Amore Mattress Review

Summary: The Amore mattress 12’’ hybrid mattress is one affordable option for a plush mattress which can last the test ...

$725 $875 $150 OFF
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One of the biggest advantages of this product is that it is approved by CertiPUR making it safe for the environment along with getting thumbs up on the performance.

  • Nectar Mattresses

nectar mattress is the best mattress for heavy people

Nectar foams are made with unique and functioning technology which makes it a part of the top 5 list. The Tencel cooling cover provides better air circulation along with making the foam resistant to bed bugs and other allergens.


The Gel memory foam in the mattress makes the weight distribution easier and allows customer support to each spouse. It prevents excessive bouncing by providing a rebound factor with the new adaptive hi core memory foam.

Nectar focuses on the mattress to be perfect and not too soft which makes every aspect of the foam not on the higher or the lower end. Each bed is designed to fit in any frame as long as the size stays fit.

One of the best parts of the bed is that in every layer, extra care for the comfort and contour is taken which helps the sleeper in having a much better sleep than before.

One year home trial allows users to be more than confident of their purchase which is surprisingly at a very reasonable price.

  • There are five different layers and each layer helps in better contour
  • Cooling surface helps in air circulation better
  • Gel memory foam allows even weight distribution on each size and different weights of people
  • CertiPUR approved performance and quality
  • The foam does not have the features of non-movement for the disturbance of the other person
  • It seems to be extra bouncy
Best value Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Review

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$699 $824 $125 OFF
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Ignoring the cons, you may find this product to suit your couple differences very well. It is available at a very good price and it is worth every single penny.

  • Amanda Smart Mattress

Amanda Sleep Mattress Review

The last one in the list includes Amanda’s smart mattresses that are designed for couples to have better and more comfortable sleep at night.


You can choose the comfort level according to your preference which can be very soft or moderately firm.Your body seems to attract the type of posture while sleeping and allows a better quality of sleep. The quilted cover is perfect to keep it resistant to bed bugs, bed mites, dust mites, and other allergens.

Rubiflex technology not only keeps it cool, it also regulates the temperature of your body. The density foam is durable and very comfortable. Your sleep health information is sent to your smartphone to help you determine your bodily, functions and remain strong.

Amanda Smart are approved in sanitization by various hospitals. Using electronic technology this is one of the most expensive beds you will buy but you will fall in love with soon.

  • The mattress uses technology to help determine the body postures and sleep health data to help you improve it
  • This foam is prone to all allergens, irritants, bed bugs, dust mites, and other insects
  • It helps to regulate your body temperature
  • It is perfect in sanitization as approved by many hospitals
  • The foam is not approved by CertiPUR

Amanda Sleep Mattress Review

Amanda Sleep mattresses come in two different models. These two models are Rubiflex and Amanda Smart. Both these models ...



Out of all the normal products, this one stands out because of its properties as a smart mattress. It helps in keeping your bodily functions healthy and keeps you happy and comfortable.

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After reading the buying guide you may have had an idea of the different aspects that people like should focus on while buying the best mattress for couples. The product reviews will further help you understand the kinds of products of the same type in the market.

For us, we have picked Amanda Smart as our winner since it has qualities of a comfortable sleep along with the comfort of the person you are going to be sharing it with. It also brings the technology into play and tracks your sleep quality. It may be pricey, but the offered features are too good to deny which makes the product worth the purchase.

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