Bed in a box mattress reviews

Bed in a box is an manufacture who produces mattresses, foundations and other accessories. Found in 2006, had been in this industry for over 10 years, their goal is to produce luxury but affordable mattress, and help every family has a better sleeping experience.

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Most of their mattresses are based on (gel) memory foam,but different from other online mattress companies, they have more than 1 model to choose. Each with different comfort level(firmness scale and cooling), so you can choose based on your requirement and budget. And they also produce natural latex mattresses as well, it’s pretty expensive, but wouldn’t be a problem for the one for love natural latex.

Bed in a box mattress review

NameStyleQueen SizeComfort levelHeightSummaryReview
Pacbed OriginalGel memory foam$749 or $849 Medium9" or 11"Best value
Natural Silk ElegranceGel memory foam$1,499Soft13"Best all around comfort
Natural silk comfort adjustGel memory foam$2,099Adjust from soft to firm(2 options)14"Adjustable comfort
Tranquility gel natural tencelGel memory foam$1,299Medium to firm11"Naturally cool elegrance
Serenity gel coolrest adaptive Gel memory foam$1,899Soft to medium13"Coolest mattress
Purity 100% nantutal latexNatural latex$2,149Adjust from soft to firm(3 options)9"Most natural mattress

We can see from the list, Bed in a box has 5 different kinds of gel memory foam mattress,no matter you prefer soft, medium or firm feeling, you can find the model you need. But I guess for most people, Pacbed Original, which has a medium overall feeling and limited budget would be the first choice.

No matter which mattress you pick up, you can enjoy a free trial up to 120 days, if you are not satisfy with it, you can call them to return it for free, you don’t need to pay penny, even the shipping fee. And 120 days is the longest free trial period in this industry.

Another advantage is their warranty, every mattress has a warranty for 20 years, and the first 10 years is Full Replacement Warranty, you know most online mattress only has 10 years warranty, even Tempur-pedic. Who is the most luxury memory foam mattress brand in the USA.

Pacbed Original Memory Foam Mattress Review

PacBed Original™ GEL Memory Foam Mattress

This is a two layers structure mattress, the top layer is 3″ CoolRest® Gel Infused Memory Foam, and the second layer is 6″ Sure Align™ Support Foam, and you have option to add extra 2″ of HR Support Foam for another $100, if you desire a higher profile mattress.

This is a medium feeling mattress, so it accommodates any sleep position- back, side, & stomach. And it’s designed to support and correctly align your spine so you can relax at night and wake up pain free, this is a really good news to the one with back pain or shoulder pain.

One common problem of memory foam is giving out heat, PacBed Original use gel memory foam to give you cooling experience when lay on, and it uses open cell structure to increases air flow, making it breathable and cooler to sleep on.

The PacBed Original™ features a soft knit cover. It is stretchable, breathable, and protects your mattress from fire. It uses Alessandra yarn, an inherently fire resistant material that requires no chemical treatment to meet the federal 1633 burn law. It is completely harmless to humans.

The only concern is for heavy people, we would suggest heavy guys to pick up 11″ model, 9″ model may lack of thickness for you guys.

FAQs  on Pacbed Original

What is the density per square foot on this specific mattress?

The PluraCel Vx memory foam is a 3 lb density that was specifically developed to be a perfectly supportive foam, relief pressure, sleep cooler, and be extremely durable.

what’s the difference between a split cal-king and a regular Cal-king? 

A Split Cal-King is 1/2 of a standard Cal-King mattress (36″x84″) they are usually used on split adjustable beds so couples can be in different positions. It takes 2 Split Cal-Kings together to be a complete size Cal-King (72″x84″).

What is the measurement of the RV Queen mattress

The RV Queen mattresses measure 60″ x 75″, and the thickness varies by model.

Do you have monthly payments or do we have to pay the whole purchase price right away?

We do have some financing available through a PayPal company called Their terms vary depending on credit approval. All you have to do is proceed through check out and select paypal as the payment option and you’ll be able to apply for Bill me later financing.

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Natural Silk Elegrance Memory Foam Mattress Review

Natural Silk Elegance GEL Memory Foam Mattress

This is a three layers structure mattress, the top layer is 2″ Natural Silk Cover
, the second layer is 3″ CoolRest® Gel Infused Memory Foam and the third layer is 8″ Sure Align™ Support Foam.

This is a soft feeling mattress, the top layer use natural silk, which is the  strongest (and one of the softest) natural fibers.It has a high rate of absorbency and will draw moisture away from the body, allowing you to sleep cooler, I never seen other mattress use natural silk cover at such price level, this is surely the best mattress you can get at this price.

The second layer is the same as Pacbed Original, 3 ” gel memory foam to provide comfort and cooling sleeping experience.  The base layer is 2″ thicker than Pacbed Original, which can provide better support and durability.

The Silk Elegance is the ultimate in luxury look and feel. Its quilted comfort layer provides a traditional look and plush feel, but still allows the support layer underneath to help put your body in the correct sleeping position so you can wind down and fully relax. This cover features a high-end tailored look and is made right here in the USA, a great addition to your sleep experience.

I would recommend it to the one who prefer side sleeping, even through it works well for back sleepers and front sleepers, but if you are a totally side sleepers, you can get the best sleeping experience with Natural Silk Elegrance.

FAQs on Natural Silk Elegrance

Does this mattress compare to one of the tempur-pedics? We are considering the Rhapsody.

This mattress will be similar in feel to the Rhapsody, also the Silk Elegance Adjustable will be close and can be adjusted after you get it home to fine tune your comfort level

We have been looking at the Tempurpedic Cloud luxe or Allura for use on an adjustable bed. However, they require that you buy their adjustable base or the warranty is not valid. We don’t need a new base, just a new mattress. Which of your mattesses are compatable with adjustable beds and would be similar to the Tempurpedic models?

All of our mattresses will work great with adjustable bases and they all feel similar to Cloud series as well. The 13″ Silk Elegance is going to feel just a touch softer than the PacBamboo (both models compare pretty close to the feel of the Luxe).

I am a side sleeper with pressure point issues on my hips and knees and lower back aches. I have a 3″ memory topper that I used on a Stearns and Foster traditional bed before I gave it to my daughter. I want to get a memory foam mattress and use my topper with it but don’t want it to be so soft that my lower back hurts. Also, would a wood slat box foundation or a platform be the better choice? Any suggestions for a finicky sleeper?

Memory foam is great for reducing pressure points. We would probably suggest either the Silk Elegance or the PacBamboo if you plan on using your topper. Either one of these mattresses will give you a good balance of support and softness, but shouldn’t be too soft with the topper on them. The wood slat foundation or platform bed will both work great as long as they are sturdy and the spacing in the slats isn’t more than 3-5 inches.

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Natural silk comfort adjust Memory Foam Mattress Review

Natural Silk Elegance Comfort Adjust GEL Memory Foam Mattress

This is a 4 layers structure memory foam mattress. The top layer is 2″ Natural Silk Cover, which is the same as our second model, the second layer is 3″ Adjustable Personal Comfort Zone, this is the secret why the firmness is adjustable, you can choose 3″ Reversible Memory Foam Topper to better suit your body’s needs, or you can choose the 3″ Memory Foam Topper for an ultra-plush feel. The third layer is 3″ CoolRest® Gel Infused Memory Foam and the fourth layer is 6″ Sure Align™ Support Foam, this is the same as other models we reviewed before.

If you choose the 3″ Memory Foam Topper for your adjustable comfort zone, the mattress would be very very soft, if 10 is the hardest, it would be only 1, so it would be very comfortable when you lay on. If you are the absolutely side sleepers, we could recommend it to you.

If you choose 3″ Reversible Memory Foam Topper, the firmness level would be 6-7/10, neither too firm nor too soft, if you don’t have fixed sleeping positions or your family have different behaviors, it’s the gift for you, to bring you luxury sleeping experience.

FAQs on Natural Silk Elegance Comfort Adjust GEL Memory Foam Mattress

does the warranty void unless we buy your foundation or is there any restrictions on what foundations can be used?

No, using another foundation with the mattress does not void the warranty, however, in the event you do have a warranty issue, you will have to provide proof that the foundation provides the right support for the mattress

Thank you for the quick response! What are the differences between the Natural Silk Elegance Comfort Adjust Memory Foam Mattress and the TENCEL GEL Tranquility and the PacBed Original? Also, which sleeps the coolest?

There are several differences between the mattresses.
The PacBed Original has the classic memory foam mattress feel. It’s designed to immediately conform to your body and relieve pressure. It also features a breathable, soft knit cover, to help you immediately notice the feel of the memory foam. Overall it is a medium firmness level mattress.

The TENCEL GEL Tranquility has our Gel infused memory foam already in the mattress for cooler sleep. Similar to the feel of the PacBed Original, the TENCEL is a medium firmness level. The TENCEL fabric, which is a performance fabric made from eco-friendly eucalyptus trees which also has unique moisture management properties. This is our coolest sleeping mattress.

The Natural Silk Comfort Adjust is unique because it allows you to change the feel of the mattress by changing the orientation of the foam layers in the mattress. This means you can choose up to 4 different levels of comfort from 1 mattress, so you can decide which feels right for you. It also has a 2 inch plush pillow top on the mattress for a soft, luxurious feel. This is also the tallest mattress of the 3 approximately 15 inches.

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Tranquility gel natural tencel Memory Foam Mattress Review

Tranquility GEL w/ Natural TENCEL® Memory Foam Mattress

This is a 2 layers memory foam mattress, The first layer is 3″ CoolRest® Gel Infused Memory Foam, the second layer is 8″ Sure Align™ Support Foam. With a Natural TENCEL® Cover. Totally 11″.

Just for the structure, I don’t see too much differences with Natural Silk Elegrance. The only difference is Natural Silk Elegrance use natural silk cover, but this model use Natural TENCEL® Cover. Which is also an environmentally friendly/sustainable product.

TENCEL® fabric is made from Eucalyptus trees utilizing a environmentally sustainable process. Since these trees grow quickly, they are rapidly replaced when cut. They also yield more fiber per square meter than conventional cotton, which makes this cover environmentally friendly.

This mattress has a medium/firm feel, but allows the memory foam to quickly conform to your body for pressure relief and support without sinking into the mattress too far.

This mattress is the firmest in this list(exclude the firmness adjustable model), so if you are back/front sleeper and prefer a firm feeling, I would recommend it to you. If you are a light guy or side sleepers, this model maybe too firm for you.

FAQs on Tranquility gel natural tencel

does the mattress come with a boxspring or something compatable? or don;t we need one? What should it set on?

The mattress does not come with a foundation (which is a sturdy replacement for box spring), but they are available. You can see pricing with a foundation in the blue chart up the page. Memory foam works best on a solid platform, so any solid surface without any “give” will work.

is the memory foam cool.

The memory foam is designed to be cooler sleeping that older heavier types of memory foam. We also have a gel infused memory foam that helps you sleep even cooler

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Serenity gel coolrest adaptive memory foam mattress review

Serenity GEL w/ CoolRest® Adaptive Memory Foam Mattress

This is a 3 layers memory foam mattress as well, the top layer is 2″ CoolRest® Adaptive Cover, this is the secret why it’s the coolest mattress in this list.

The second layer is 3″ CoolRest® Gel Infused Memory Foam and the third layer is the 8″ Sure Align™ Support Foam, there two layers are the same with others in this list.

But you know, Tranquility  only cost $1,299 (queen size), but this model Serenity  cost nearly $600 more, the only difference is the cover. Why this cover is so expensive?


CoolRest® Adaptive CoverThe CoolRest® Adaptive Technology was originally designed for astronaut space suits to help regulate their body temperatures in the extremes of space. The cover is made with a phase changing material that actively responds to changes in body temperature, absorbing heat from the sleeper and releasing it back when they cool off. This keeps the sleeper in an ideal temperature range and helps them sleep more comfortably. This amazing leap in comfort is based on microscopic capsules.

The CoolRest® Adaptive cover zips over the memory foam core and is closed on the bottom. It should not be removed from the mattress to protect it as part of the 1633 Federal open-flame mattress standard. If the cover does need to be cleaned, we recommend using a mild household fabric or upholstery cleaner. Spot test any cleaner on a small area of the cover first.

The overall firmness scale of this mattress is medium, if 10 is the hardest, it would be 5-6.  So we would recommend it to the one who prefer a very cooling mattress, and don’t have fixed sleeping positions, and for it’s a little expensive, budget would be a concern also.

FAQs on Serenity gel coolrest

We are used to sleeping on a water bed. Which mattress would you suggest for us? We will miss the heated water bed during the winter months. Can a mattress pad heater be used with your mattresses?

Yes, you can use any heated mattress pad you like with our mattresses. As far as which mattress we would recommend, it really depends on your comfort preference. If you prefer a softer mattress, where you sink in a little more, or a firmer one, which doesn’t let you sink as far into it

Can you please tell me about the safety of the Outlast Technology used in the Serenity Gel mattress. Is the Outlast component non-toxic as well? I can’t seem to find any pertinent information on it.

Yes, the Outlast material used in the Serenity is safe. Since it was designed originally for space suits, it had to be. In fact, the material as been on the market for 20 years with no negative safety issues and it carries an independent lab certification from Oeko-Tech to back it up.

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Purity 100% nantutal latex foam mattress review

Purity 100% Natural Latex Mattress with Cashmere & Cotton Cover

This is the only latex mattress Bed in a box produce,also one of the best latex mattress around the world. This is a 2 layers structure mattress, the top layer is 3″ CoolRest® 100% Natural Comfort Latex, the second layer is 6″ 100% Natural Support Latex.

So, just a 9″ mattress, why so expensive? over $2,000 already.

First they use 100% pure natural rubber with no fillers to produce mattress, they are very high quality and can provide support and relax you need every night.

Second the cover, it’s made with a blend of Cashmere, organic cotton, combed cotton, and 100% New Zealand wool.Which was certified 100% organic cotton by the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Third you can choose between 3 firmness scales, and this is the only mattress who has 3 firmness options in this list. If you prefer soft mattress, you can choose soft model, the firmness scale is 2/10(10 is the hardest), if you prefer medium feeling, you can choose medium model, the firmness scale is 6/10, else you can choose the firm model to enjoy very firm sleeping experience, the firmness scale is 9/10.

FAQs for Purity 100% nantutal latex foam mattress

I am interested in the Latex mattress, because I am not a fan of memory foam materials! Can you tell me if the Latex mattress will have an odor? Also, What the foundation made from?

It will have the scent of latex rubber. The smell is not very strong, but you can smell it when you put your face to it. It is completely natural and unharmful, all latex will smell like latex. Our 8″ American Hardwood Foundation uses poplar. By using poplar, we are able to make a foundation with smooth, splinter free finished wood that is kiln dried to 8%, ensuring it doesn’t warp or split over time.

Is this talalay latex or dunlop layex?

This latex is made using the continous process, which is technically a dunlop process but results in more consistent product, like the Talalay, but is much more energy efficient.

Does your mattress have reinforced edge support?

We have designed our mattresses to be supportive and have a consistent feel over the whole mattress surface as opposed to having any kind of reinforced edges. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please let us know.

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Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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