6 Best Bolster Pillows 2020

A Bolster pillow is not a new concept and has been used around the world for a long time. They are cylindrical and are filled with cotton or polyester. Sometimes, these pillows are also filled with foam for additional support.

Bolster pillows are also known as hugging pillows because of their shape; however they are primarily used for extra lumbar support. In some cases they are termed good for leg and arm supports as well.

For maximum comfort level and better sleep, there are many best bolster pillows available in the market. Users may find it difficult to choose the right one.

For this purpose, we have discussed the essential points of buying along with a few of the best bolster pillows in the market with their comparison.

Top 6 Best Bolster Pillow

Have a quick look at the comparison of best Bolster Pillows.

Product Name Material Best for Weight Dimensions
Microbead Bolster Tube Pillow Nylon + Spandex Support while remaining soft 9.6 ounces 13 x 6 x 6 inches
Massage Pro Full Round Bolster Vinyl Vertebra support 11.2 ounces 26 x 6 x 6 inches
 EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow: Polyurethane Ankles and knees 1.2 pounds 6 x 26 x 6 inches
Pillowflex Bolsters Pillow Polyester Decorative 5 pounds 36 x 9 x 9 inches
 Newpoint Neck roll Pillow Pairs 100% cotton Raisers 1.4 pounds 16 x 6 x 4 inches
EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow Fluffy Polyurethane Massage, yoga, joints 2.5 pounds 26 x 8 x 8 inches

With a variety of different types of bolster pillows, customers tend to get confused about which one they need. The following are a few questions that come up when buying the best bolster pillow. They are discussed here briefly for a better idea.

The following are some different bolsters and their comparison so that you may get a better idea of what the market has to offer its customers and which one is suitable for you.

1. Microbead Bolster Tube Pillow

The microbeads bolster pillow comes in some different colors that satisfy the visual attraction of the product. The material that is used is termed very comfortable. The pillow might be a little softer than people would go for, but it still provides maximum support and does the required job. It is essential and comes at a reasonable price which is always a cherry on top.


The microbeads bolster pillow is imported in the most exceptional quality and is loaded with features. It is made of 85% nylon and 15% spandex which not only ensures the comfort level; it also makes it hypoallergenic.

The material is also resistant to dirt residue and dust mites that cause it unhygienic. The microbeads make the pillow squishy and very soft in addition to providing the desired support for any part of the body. You can quickly remove the cover to wash it and slip it on immediately.

For increased customer satisfaction, the company provides a 100% refund guarantee of one year in case you are not satisfied with the pillow. The main features of this pillow include the ability to be easy to handle and the rate of durability.


  • This pillow does not only provide you comfort by being soft, but its microbeads also offer support on your neck, leg, back, head, or anywhere you like
  • The material and the microbeads are designed to be neutral to everyone which means that nobody is allergic to it
  • The cover can quickly slip on and off for wash
  • The pillow is very light and can be handled easily without a hassle


  • The nylon and spandex material absorb pungent smells because of the lack of ventilation; hence the pillow might start to smell after a while of use.
  • The Pillow can stretch out pretty quickly once too much weight is exerted on it

2. Massage Pro Full Round Bolster

The Massage pro full round bolster pillow is a solid cylindrical structured bolster pillow used for some different purposes. The vinyl material allows users to enjoy cleaning the pillow with ease.

In case of contact with water, the water is not soaked and the stuffing does not ruin the whole pillow. Users find it easy to carry with the carrying handle and find it most comfortable for their back. It comes in two colors for users to choose their favorite.


The massage pro full rounder bolsters pillow a definite shape that allows users to enjoy the support it gives. With its defined form, users can use it for yoga and a good massage. The stuffing is high-density foam so that it does not remain squished fast and the durability of the product increases.

The foam also allows the pillow to take the shape of the natural posture of the body so that the support is most accurate. The covering is made from vinyl so that the product does not stand a chance against bad odors and dirty looks.

You can clean the cover with a wet cloth without having to worry about ruining the foam inside. The style is highly suited for people with spine and vertebras’ problems.


  • It is a definite shape that can be used for massage and yoga
  • The foam takes the form of the person using it to provide maximum support
  • Your lumbar can get a comfortable support
  • The cover is vinyl that can easily be cleaned
  • The product has a handle for increased mobility


  • The vinyl cover is suitable for areas where it is too hot since it gets sticky
  • The cover is sewed in and cannot be taken off when desired

3. EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow

The Earthlite bolster pillow is one of the most favorites for customers. Beginning with the variety of colors it offers, it is one of the most versatile bolsters pillows. The material that is used is CBC free and is friendly to the environment.

It can be used at home or in a professional massage center. Earthlite is an ancient and trustworthy company that always seems to provide the best for its customers.


One of the main factors of the Earthlite bolster pillow is that it’s versatile for home and professional massage centers. The size offered is the full size that can be used to support your joint along with using while massing.

The carry strap allows you to buy your own and take it to the spa the next time you want to go. The variety of colors is highly impeccable. The material used is CBC free foam to protect the environment along with your comfort.

The outer cover is made from polyurethane which makes it easy to clean with only soap and water. The pillow has some shapes that are chosen according to the area where you need to place it on. It works best under knees and for ankles.


  • The foam is made from CBC free material which allows users to enjoy eco-friendly pillows
  • The article is made from polyurethane which is easy to clean with just soap and water
  • The carryon strap will enable you to take your pillow anywhere easily you like
  • The number of colors allows users to select their favorite color


  • The pillow does not make the shape of the body and is stiffer
  • It is not versatile which means you have to choose a different one for each body area that you are using it on

4. Pillowflex Bolsters Pillow

The Pillowflex bolster pillow is one of a kind. It offers the customers a full diameter of 9 inches along with some different lengths that you can choose from for the area you need it for, or for the purpose that you want to use it.

These pillows are great for decoration since they are very soft and provide an excellent cushioning to lean on. They are made in America and can be used indoors and outdoors.


The Pillowflex bolsters are made from polyester along with a polyester cover. They are a great addition to the cushions in your living area since they are mostly for decorative purposes or for leaning into something soft.

One of their primary qualities is in their diameter. They are 9 inches in diameter and vary in length so that you can choose it according to your preference. The smooth polyester used allows the cushion to be used indoors and outdoors, along with reducing the lumping, becoming hypoallergenic and being lent and dust free.

They can be hand washed without having to lose its shape. You will also be able to find their covers easily and change their covers according to your choice.


  • The cushions can be used indoors and outdoors since they are lent and dust free
  • You can hand wash them without having to worry about ruining their shape
  • They are 9 inches in diameter which help provide comfort while sitting casually and they look good while being used for decorations
  • They are stuffed with polyester and are made from the same material


  • They are not suitable to fix the body posture
  • They are not used for yoga, massages, or any other significant factor

5. Newpoint Neckroll Pillow Pairs

The Newpoint neck roll pillows come in pairs for you to enjoy two in a very reasonable price. These pillows are white and provide comfort to users by being machine wash friendly.

They are light and easy to handle and can be used to sink oneself into comfort. The pillows are made of cotton and are very soft comfortable. They are mostly used for decorative purposes.


The Newpoint neck roll pillow comes in pairs at a very reasonable price. They are white; however, you can slip on a cover of your choice which needs to be bought separately. The pillows are essential and have a thread count of 237.

They are 100% cotton and are suitable for sensitive people since the polyester fiber fill makes it hypoallergenic. These pillows are also very easy to handle. They are lightweight which makes them easy to carry anywhere you like and can be washed and dried in the washing machine at home.

Furthermore, they are suitable for raising your legs, arms, or neck since they provide maximum comfort to the user.


  • These best bolster pillows have a thread count of 237 which makes them very soft and comfortable
  • Easy to wash in the machine
  • They are filled with polyester fabric which means that sensitive people can use it without having to worry about allergies
  • They are high to be used as raisers for any body part and are very soft


  • They are a little too soft and are not suitable for support
  • They tend to start losing their shape after one wash only

6. EARTHLITE Bolster Pillow Fluffy

Earthlite is a company that is providing customer satisfaction for a very long time. This time, they have a fluffy bolster pillow for its customers. This pillow comes in some different colors and a way to quickly carry it anywhere you like through a strap.

Along with the one year warranty from the company, this pillow will help you in professional massage sessions or stay comfortable at home all the time.


This bolster pillow is designed to be friendly to the environment by using environmentally friendly foam. The cover is made from a polyurethane material that holds the pillow together and provides you the comfort of putting it under your joints for support.

You can also use this product while yoga and professional massages. The fluffy factor allows users to have pillow contour without being damaged. The additional one year warranty is a satisfaction guarantee to all customers.


  • The pillow can contour according to your natural curves enabling more support to you
  • You can efficiently use it under your joints to provide maximum comfort
  • These pillows are highly suited for professional massages and yoga sessions
  • The pillow can easily be cleaned with soap and water without any nuisance.


  • The pillow has different sizes that work for each body area which does not make it versatile
  • The pillow is sensitive to any other chemicals including alcohol, so they are very fragile

More You Might Like:

What are the Bolster Pillows Used For?

Bolster pillows are a relatively new concept in the western world than in the eastern. These pillows are great for different purposes.

  • Support: One of the most important things is to ensure that the body stays under a constant posture that will help it be relaxed. These pillows provide you support your neck and joints
  • Massage: During massages, you need to keep your body in certain angles to rest, these pillows come in handy during professional massages as well.
  • Yoga: Yoga uses techniques with bolsters to help in increasing the circulation of the blood in the body

What Materials of Fillings Are Suitable for Bolster Pillows?

Bolster pillows come in a variety of different materials each for their purpose. Take a look at the following to have a better idea

  • Polyester: Polyester filling is a very common filling and is suited for people that are sensitive to cotton and have chances of allergic reactions with cotton
  • Microbeads: These fillers are not very common. They are soft and squishy, yet they do not stop in contouring your body structure and provide perfect support
  • Cotton: Cotton is more elastic and more likely to damage the shape in a short time, this is why cotton is used mostly for decorative purposes
  • Foam: Foam is very versatile since it can be soft and firm as well. In any case, foam is suitable for bolster pillows that are used to raise legs or any other parts of the body

How Can We Take Care of Bolsters?

Bolster pillows are more likely to be bought for a particular purpose. To ensure that this objective stays intact bolsters need to be handled in different ways. The following qualities in these pillows can help them with longer life.

Easy to clean

Getting bolsters that lose their shape with water can be full of a nuisance. Aim for the ones that are waterproof and are easy to clean.

They can be machine wash or hand wash, the one that suits you best. To clean, it is recommended that you go for the ones that have a cover that can be easily slipped on and off.

Easy to carry
You may want to take your pillow anywhere you like to go. Some of these pillows come with straps that make them highly portable.

You should also go for the ones that are lightly weighted since those do not require a lot of effort in lifting and putting away


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