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Latex is a foam made from liquid latex using a process chemical called vulcanization. There are several differing variations of vulcanization processes, each being used to produce a form of latex foam. All these processes can be utilized to create natural latex, synthetic latex or a blending of the two types. This is something to keep in mind, when you are shopping for a latex mattress, because the differences are important to understand. Many companies claim to produce the best latex mattresses, but not all are the same by far.

Here are somethings you should know about natural and synthetic latex mattresses in the buyer process.

Highlights of Latex Mattress

Latex foam is known for having a springy feel to it. It is supportive of the body laying on it and is extremely durable. It will last longer than most other types of mattress materials. Anyone who is used to other types of mattresses, they will immediately notice it has a bounce to it. Latex is generally more comfortable, stays cooler in temperature and is considered more healthy because it comes from actual rubber, or similar natural materials. Latex foam meets nearly all furniture emissions or stringent textile standards, meaning latex in all forms is a green friendly product. These highlights are some of the reasons why latex mattresses have become the choice of buyers worldwide.

There are a few differences in choice of latex types. These differences are primarily distinguished between natural, synthetic and blended latex mattresses are minor, but still should be readily understood for the buyer to be fully informed. Overall the differences are minor, except when it comes to the comfort of the individual sleeper. So it is best to go in person and try out the different styles of latex mattresses for yourself, before buying anything. Remember, a mattress is a choice you will have to live with for many years, so get the best latex mattress to suit your needs.

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Top 5 Best Latex Mattresses 2017

Next it is time to introduce the top 5 recommended latex mattresses. Each is a high quality product, but are considered the best latex mattress individually. All are available to purchase with detailed information to read online at their official websites.

Product MattresssFirmness Height Warranty and TrialRatingsSummary Coupon
Best seller
Ghostbed mattress review
Ghostbed mattress review
11 Inches
20 years
101 nights
The structure is very similar to Casper mattress, but is thicker and more comfortable, warranty and free trial is above industry standard, very friendly for sex as well.
$745 $795 $50 OFF
Editor choice
2 Helix mattress review
Helix mattress review
10 Inches
10 years
100 nights
Different from her competetors, Helix's firmness scale is not fixed, you can customize it before buying based on your height,weight,sleping postion, and so on.. And the latex top layer makes it sleep cool and bouncy.
$850 $900 $50 OFF
Best value
3 Dromma bed review
Dromma bed review
12 Inches
12 years
200 nights
Dromma bed is a 12 inches hybrid mattress, use natural latex as top layer, this makes is more bouncy and cool than most of her competetor, both warranty and free trial are excellent, top 3 mattress surely.
$749 $849 $100 OFF
4 Brooklyn Bed Mattress Review
Brooklyn Bed Mattress Review
More than one firmness
10 Inches
10 years
120 nights
Pure latex mattress, 3 firmness scale and 9 sizes to pick up, sleep cool and comfortable, very friendly for sex, and price is extremly low as well.
$712.50 $750 5% OFF
5 Spindle Mattress Review
Spindle Mattress Review
More than one firmness
10 Inches
10 years
0 nights

Ghostbed Mattress review

ghostbed mattress

Ghostbed is no startup company, as stated on their official webpage. They are proud to have decades of experience and expertise in the latex bed industry. They have sold millions of mattress products to their customers, so their knowledge about creating precision comfort is par none. All Ghostbed can be ordered online and are ready to be shipped in 24 hours. Their latex mattresses come with an unusual 20 year warranty and users can take advantage of their 101 Night Risk Free Sleep Trial, to which anyone is forced to say wow! Also their shipping is free within the continental United States.

Their products are part of a design process, such that they have an online following of nearly 800,000 members as a community. As pioneers in the latex mattress industry, their company has assembled a team of professionals in developing their line of products. All Ghostbed are guaranteed to have a superior design and construction, coming from years of trials developing the perfect mattresses for their customers. Ghostbed products are also unique in the availability of their all wood matching foundation. So every set is a complete set designed for aesthetically pleasing results.

They are made by a company that strives for design perfection and the company has many good reviews to its name. They are a business out of Plantation, Florida and have some of the best customer service policies that you can find in an online latex mattress company. If nothing else, they are sure to make good on their promises to the customer and their reputation appears to be rock solid.

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Dromma Bed Mattress review

the dromma bed mattress

When comparing and contrasting the various latex mattresses available today, the Dromma Bed is in a league by itself. Their products are made with PreserveVG Bio-Based Visco Gel Foam. This is a latex foam or memory foam (see the difference between them )first introduced in 2005. It is the world’s first bio-based foam product. It is the first foam to combine memory foam with cooling gels into a single formula. PreserveVG is both natural and synthetic, but one of the best combinations of the two on the market globally.

In addition Dromma Bed have a number of other perks for their online customers. All products have free shipping and a 12 year warranty. Dromma Bed products are all made and manufactured in the United States. All their beds have a 12 inch mattress design and they come with a 200 Day/Night Trial Guarantee, plus are made with mostly natural materials. This is the happy medium between the other latex mattress types discussed before now in the list. Overall their products do seem to live up to their claims and are much superior in design than many others in the online marketplace.

These mattresses are only available online and their company address is not made available on their main website, which is a little odd. So their customer service maybe a bit delayed for user friendly standards and this means the same is probably true for customer support. Even so, they do have some of the best latex mattress options for a company anywhere and their reputation seems to be top notch. When shopping for a new natural latex bed, this is certainly among the best, and the top rated recommendation on this top 5 list.

Helix Sleep Mattress review

helix mattress

Helix Sleep is a company that take pride in personalization and customer service(Another is Tuck mattress), so that their products end up being tailor made to the individual. What they call the Helix Difference is that all mattresses can be made to order with their new approach to mattress shopping. Helix has potential buyers take a brief online personalization questionnaire, one that can be answered by couples or singles alike. No measurements are required in this questionnaire, but it is a starting point of innovative technologies being used to design the most comfortable bed possible.

What makes a Helix mattress unique is the customization, which can be aligned for the single sleeper or a mattress for couples. Since no two individuals sleep alike, Helix Sleep mattresses can be designed with a shared mattress, including Helix Blended and Dual Comfort options. Their website claims that a Helix Sleep mattress offers unprecedented comfort and this is something they state with much confidence.

These are the most personal and customizable mattresses on the market anywhere, and sure to make an impression on online  buyers. They are a company housed out of Portland, Oregon and have their major showrooms located there as well. The Helix Sleep customer support is very effective with a 1800 line available daily, 24 hour email support and 24 hour twitter updates. Their presence in the online mattress world is growing and available to get information about their line of custom latex products.

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Brooklyn Bedding review

brooklyn bed mattress

This is the company that claims their mattress is build for every body, meaning every physique. Brooklyn Bedding has a great mattress built with comfort control options, so every type of sleeper can find comfort. The bedding materials at designed for sleeping cool, optimum bounce back and minimal motion transfer. These mattresses are topped with a quilted cotton cover that provides luxurious feeling against the body, also all their products are made from high quality fabric and manufactured entirely in the United States.

All Brooklyn Bedding beds are made with a three layer latex system of design. The first 2 inches are cool and responsive Talalay latex, providing an improved comfort top layer for sleepers. The next 2 inches are all Dunlop latex, acting as a transitional core layer to stop mattress bottoming out feelings. The last 6 inches are made of high density poly foam, an extremely durable foam core that is build to last under any amount of weight. The combination of these three  layers, makes Brooklyn Bedding mattresses a unique stand alone product in the global marketplace.

These beds perform equally well for slat beds, platforms and box spring sets. They are a company out of Phoenix, Arizona and have a reputation for excellence in the modern bed design industry. Their products come in all major sizes including twin, full, queen, king and California King. Size and weight of mattresses may vary and full expansion may continue up to 1 week after purchasing. In any case, a Brooklyn Bedding mattress is a superior product and made for durability in the home or bedroom.

Spindle Mattress review

natural latex mattress spindle mattress

A Spindle mattress is a thing of beauty. The Spindle company builds all natural latex mattresses that can be shipped free anywhere in the United States and at amazingly low market prices. All Spindle mattresses come with a true blue 10 year warranty, and claim to be at least $1,000 less in price than the all their other latex bed competitors. With this in mind, they are easily the most affordable luxury latex bed on the market today. Although the real difference about Spindle products is that you can modify them and choose between foam types.

Modifying comfort is an option with a Spindle mattress. They are uniquely designed with the ability to be modified to meet individual comfort needs. This is done by choosing either all natural latex, memory foam or a medium natural latex mattress. Memory foam is a specialized polyurethane foam that has been in use safely since the 1960s. This unique chemistry is utilized in the creation of all Spindle products and shows a versatility in mattress craftsmanship.

These mattresses are designed to be competitive and comfortable for anyone buying a latex bed. They are a company located in Acton, Massachusetts and take pride in their all natural latex products for the public. Spindle products are designed for ease of assembly, multiple bed types and perfectly fitted bed firmness. There is a ton of information available on their official website, all of which is useful when trying to compare and contrast what are the best latex mattress characteristics online.

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So there you have it. These are the top recommended and best latex mattress designs on the market today. Each has their unique advantages and differences, but all are high quality mattresses and perfect for getting proper sleep in your home. Good luck finding the best latex mattress for your needs, have fun and sweet dreams.

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