Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2020

The position you sleep in greatly affects your sleep quality. Unlike during the past, manufacturers now design a wide variety of different types of mattresses that people get to make their selection from to suit their personal sleeping preferences.

Different materials like innerspring, memory foam and latex are used. Each is suited to meet the needs of all kinds of sleepers, like the back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper.

Here we will review the best mattresses for side sleepers, which is the most common sleeping position. Depending on your unique needs, side and back sleeping are the best positions.

It’s not all rosy and happy for side sleepers though. They often suffer from frequent neck and back pain, while also it has been reported that side sleeping is the cause of more wrinkles and even sagging breasts.

There isn’t a best mattress brand or type of mattress for sleeping on your side. Of course, there are ample choices available to choose from which could overwhelm even the savviest shoppers. This makes taking some time and does a little research first before embarking on the next mattress purchase a wise choice.

So, for those of you who are interested in making the best-informed choice, we’ve jotted down the top 6 mattresses for side sleeping we selected from all those we’ve evaluated. We will describe the pros and cons you’ll want to consider for each, especially if you experience shoulder or hip pain.

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Side Sleepers Mattress Buying Guide


Firmness is probably the most important attribute to consider before buying. A soft to moderate firm feel is the best for side sleepers.  On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the firmest, a rating of 3-6 will be the most comfortable for a side sleeper. (see our ultimate firmness guide here).

This will help relieve pressure on your neck and back. A soft or medium firm mattress will also take the shape of your body curves naturally while it sinks a bit more to accommodate your shoulders and hips.


You should definitely seek a bed that offers great support to relieve pressure points and keeps your spine, neck, and back in alignment.

Supports means contours to your body’s shape. Foam mattresses are best in this respect and this is why they are a preferred choice among side sleepers.

While you may be categorized as a side sleeper, still the actual position can drastically range (the log, the sprinter, the fetal) and this is why you need a supportive mattress to accommodate for any sleeping position by properly contouring to your body.

It is also critical that the mattress you choose aligns the spine when you are laying on your side.

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7 best mattresses for side sleepers 2020

There are a number of mattresses that claim to be appropriate for side sleepers. Based on my research, I’ve jotted down my 6 favorites.

Although my top picks are not all necessarily #1 (apart from Nectar mattress) in my overall reviews, they do rate the highest when it comes to the best for side sleepers. Read on and pick the mattress that suits you best.

Product Firmness ScaleWarranty&Trail&heightReviewReview Coupon
Best value
Nectar Mattress Review
Lifetime years
365 nights
11 "
Nectar mattress was one of the first mattresses to offer a lifetime warranty and 365-night trial on their wildly popular mattress. It wins best mattress under $1,000 in several categories. You’ll get a solid return on your investment in Nectar and years of comfortable sleep on a mattress you can trust.
$699 $799 2 Free Pillows
2 PREMIUM Pillows
Forever years
365 nights
13 "
AWARA is a lovely hybrid with 100% organic natural latex, 100% organic cotton, and natural wool supported by 9
$200 OFF
Editor choice
3 Layla Mattress Review
More than one firmness
Lifetime years
120 nights
10 "
Layla was the first mattress to use copper-infused memory foam to provide a cooler sleep, pain relief, and improve blood circulation. With two comfortable and supportive firmness scales in one mattress (just flip to change the firmness level), Layla is one of the few mattresses confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty.
$899 $999 $100 OFF
Best seller
4 Leesa Mattress Review
10 years
100 nights
10 "
Leesa is a famous online mattress brand that gets very high ratings from hundreds of Amazon’s real customers and on many mattress review sites. The three-layer foam mattress uses special Avena foam to deliver comfort, bounce, and air flow to help you sleep cool.
$815 $900 $75 OFF
Editor choice
5 Nolah Mattress Review
15 years
120 nights
10 "
Nolah’s very beautiful mattress provides four times the pressure relief of a regular memory foam mattress and doesn’t absorb heat, so you sleep cool. They offer a 15-year warranty and a 120-night trial so you can see if Nolah is the mattress you need to sleep well every night
$894.00 $1,019 $125 OFF
Best seller
6 Amerisleep mattress review
More than one firmness
10 years
100 nights
12 "
Amerisleep is covered in high-performance Celliant® that helps keep you cool while you sleep on Bio-PurTM foam with an open cell structure that provides five times more breathability than regular memory foam. This mattress provides comfort of memory foam without the heat at a price comparable to natural latex
$200 OFF
7 Loom & Leaf Mattress Review
15 years
75 nights
12 "
Loom and Leaf memory foam mattresses are made with renewable plant-based oils. Non-toxic cooling gel is used in the spinal area of the mattress to help you sleep cool. A base of high-density foam supports the comfort layers. The trial is only 75 nights which is way better than a mattress store but short for online retailers.
$999 $999 Buy It Now

1. Layla mattress

Layla is a top choice if you are a side sleeper and often have to deal with back or neck pain. Essentially, the highlight of Layla is its dual-sided copper infused memory foam mattress.

The copper is a great material to use for pressure relief, reduce joint inflammation and stiffness overall.

Copper is also excellent to promote blood circulation and provide a cool and relaxing effect while you sleep. Mixing this with memory foam, that can retain heat better than most of its competitors.

Another innovation is how Layla comes with dual firmness scales, a soft and a firm.

  • Cooling effect
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Offers comfort and pain relief
  • Great mixture of copper and memory foam
  • Soft and Firm in the same mattress (double sided)
  • A bit of initial, first-day smell
  • Relatively new company
  • Difficult flipping of the over

2. Nectar mattress

Nectar mattress

The Nectar mattress is a wonderful top choice that combines multiple layers of high-quality foam.

It is specially handcrafted with premium materials making it a luxury bed which can even surpass many of higher priced similar mattresses.

Nectar has a good medium-firm feel and good support for all sleeping styles. Being a bit more towards a firmer feel makes it excellent in terms of motion transfer, sleeping cool, and having good edge support.

The Nectar is a great choice if you like the hug and contour of foam without that sinking feeling other foam mattresses tend to have.

Among its many highlights, Nectar provides an extended trial period (365 nights) and an unbeatable lifetime warranty.

Overall, this is one of our top two mattresses as you will notice in our 17 Best Mattress 2020 list; we highly recommend it.

  • Cooler than most memory foam mattress brands
  • Luxury materials, thicker than most online brands
  • Forever warranty
  • Zero motion transfer
  • 365-night sleep trial
  • Price is very attractive based on features it provided
  • Lack of bouncy compared with latex foam


AWARA mattress

AWARA is a hybrid latex mattress with a firmness level in the universal comfort range with a 6.5 firmness level on a 1 – 10 scale where 10 is as hard as a rock and 1 is as soft as a cloud.

The 4” latex top layer is supported by a zoned coil system of 9” individually wrapped coils that support your body differently in different areas. Your lumbar area needs more support than your shoulders and hips which need to sink into the mattress when you sleep on your side.

The mattress is built to last with a lifetime warranty. Latex is a healthy natural product. AWARA combines 100% organic latex with 100% organic cotton and natural wool in the cover to provide a safe bed for your whole family.

On a latex mattress, you won’t sink in the way you would on a memory foam mattress, and you won’t sleep hot either. The cotton and wool wick away moisture without making the mattress hot. The steel coils provide air flow. Latex is antimicrobial which keeps the mattress healthier over the years you sleep on it.

This mattress is excellent at containing motion transfer, which means your sleeping partner’s movements won’t wake you during the night. It’s 13” thick and comes with a 365-night sleep trial in your home.

Because of the steel coils, the edge support is pretty good. The latex will sink somewhat but the coils will hold you steady on the edge. This makes the entire mattress usable and means you won’t feel as if you’re falling out of bed if you end up on the edge.

Although AWARA is a new mattress, it is built by the people who build Nectar, a mattress with a great reputation. I expect AWARA will build the same sort of reputation.

  • Ideal for whom

AWARA’s 5-zone coil construction was developed to make AWARA great for combination sleepers which means it is good for those who sleep on their sides, back, and stomach. It is a great choice for eco-conscious and health-conscious consumers because it checks both boxes beautifully. The 100% organic Dunlop latex is the favored material for mattresses when someone is concerned about their health or the environment.

  • The health and eco-friendly construction
  • Lifetime warranty and comfort guarantee
  • 365-night in-home sleep trial with free shipping
  • Good for side, stomach, back, and combination sleepers
  • Sleeps cool
  • Good edge support
  • Contains motion transfer well
  • Price is higher than options that aren’t eco-friendly
  • It is heavy so you’ll need help moving it unless you’re very strong

4. Nolah mattress


Nolah mattress is designed to provide universal comfort, which means it has the firmness level preferred by most sleepers and it only offers one firmness level. Most of the customers review the firmness level between 6 and 7 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest.

For side sleepers, this mattress might feel slightly firmer. Side sleepers tend to press through the top comfort layers. Due to this reason, they feel most of the support layer in the middle of the mattresses.

Nevertheless, this feeling will only last for about a couple of weeks after sleeping on the Nolah. The bed will soften up a bit and you will feel more supportive and comfortable.

You might think that Nolah is deceiving due to their changing firmness and support. Initially, they will feel on the firm side and you might think that they are not as cushioned as you might prefer. Nonetheless, when you sleep on the mattress for an extended period, you will find that your body adapts to the bed’s surface without giving you the feeling you are stuck inside the mattress.

Nolah’s AirFoam together with Avena both work well to provide you with that memory foam feeling where you feel your body is being hugged by the mattress but you don’t feel trapped at all. Avena foam layers work just like latex and support your body with proper responsiveness whenever you or your partner changes positions while sleeping without causing excess motion transfer.

People that weigh more than 200lbs will experience more sinkage than people who weigh less. With the Nolah mattress, any movement caused by rolling or tossing will go unnoticed by your partner.

  • Ideal for whom

When we talk about support, Nolah will get the support job done for those who prefer to sleep in any position. However, due to the medium level firmness of the Nolah, it is best suited for the side sleepers because it provides proper support in that position.

  • Due to the strong base layer, you won’t experience much sinkage even if you are over 200 lbs.
  • Despite being a medium to a soft mattress, it offers excellent support and firmness
  • It can adjust to the shape and size of your body while contouring it.
  • Our top choice for hot sleepers.
  • The company is relatively new so it is difficult to assess the long-term
  • Price is higher than other choices in this list

5. Leesa mattress

Leesa mattress

When buyers review the features of Leesa mattress, one of the first things that they will discover is that this group of mattresses is made of two main components, and these are layered foams and the covering.

To make sure Leesa meets a wide variety of different requirements, the manufacturers have included 3 layers of foam, the Avena foam, memory foam, and support foam. Each serves distinct purposes for the buyers who takes them home.

For instance, the top layer made of Avena foam is specifically designed to keep the top layer cool and comfortable. The second or middle layer is made of memory foam so it provides added support for pressure relief and compression support.

Therefore, people who need a mattress that helps to prevent shoulder pain or hip pain when sleeping could use the benefits of the middle layer Leesa offers, as it can help to provide the relief and support that is needed. The third layer is foundational, so it serves as the base of the mattress.

As a result, the 3-layer combination Leesa is made of seems ideal for many different sleepers including those who are side sleepers.

  • Famous brand, they start their business very early in the online mattress revolution.
  • Almost suitable for all sleeping positions, and of course, friendly for side sleepers.
  • More bouncy (and cool) than most memory foam mattresses (special Avena foam)
  • Highest-quality materials for premium decadence, feel, and sleep experience.

6. Amerisleep As5


AS5 by Amerisleep is only one set of mattresses that this company manufactures.

Known for being the most eco-friendly foam in the world, the makers of this brand design mattresses with the consumer’s health in mind.

The process used by these manufacturers completely revolutionizes this industry.

One of the most notable features included in these mattresses involves the use of bio-foam memory foam.

These mattresses also come with a number of different promises, one is specifically related to the timing in which people fall asleep. Based on the research that this company has done on this product, the average time for falling asleep is 15 minutes faster than other brands. Therefore, everyone will get a good night sleep as well as remain more alert during waking hours.

  • Amerisleep has lots of collections; AS 5 is the best seller
  • More than one firmness scale to pick up from
  • It has good motion transfer control
  • There is no smell
  • Sleeps a little too warm

7. Loom and Leaf

loom leaf mattress review

Loom and leaf are called the perfect foam. The manufacturers of this product cater to those who like sleeping in luxury.

Similar to iComfort and Tempur-Pedic, it is known for luxury at a fraction of the price. Named as one of the top 100 companies to watch by Forbes, Loom & Leaf are helping to set the mark for others in the industry.

Loom & Leaf is handcrafted in America and made with plant-based materials. For those who are interested in the exact components used, these answers and others are provided in our full review.

For instance, some people want to know what type of materials are used in Loom & Leaf. In response to this question, the answer is the company uses organic cotton and hypoallergic fibers in their designs. These materials eliminate the possibility of sleeping hot.

Because some manufacturers are focusing their efforts on constructing mattresses that meet a variety of different requirements and needs, they are opportunities for more comfortable and unique designs for consumers who want the best mattress possible.

Since mattresses are now made with comfort and health in mind, the features that each company includes may consist of using organic and other non-toxic materials. So, this same statement is true for Nest Bedding Alexander.

  • It is a reputable well-established company
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Eco-friendly materials
  • Great price under $1000
  • No smell
  • Price is high
  • Not a good choice if you are overweight
  • New model with little yet impressive data
  • Edge support is not quite good
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Should I settle for the cheaper option?

Obviously, the mattress industry offers a lot of variety in terms of the cost of buying a mattress. Therefore, if you are constrained by a low budget, you shouldn’t panic; there are affordable mattresses for almost everyone.

However, before a buyer makes this sort of investment, it would be appropriate to have a clear understanding of the type of mattress you will be getting.

For instance, the cheaper ones are normally made with single looped innerspring wires so the support they provided is not very good.

Also, when more than one person sleeps on this type of bed, it will move unrestricted along with the movement of each individual. Even though this does not sound like the most desirable option, the cheaper one will do very well in general for people who cannot afford mattresses that cost a little bit more.

On the other hand, if an individual is not limited by a tight budget, they can afford options that are much broader.

This is not to say it is an easy direction to which you should go blindfolded. Making a selection from the best types of mattresses in the industry, will, of course, increase the possibilities that you will get a bed that has far more support and added comfort. However, a buyer’s choice should also take note of other features that suit their personal preferences as far as the type of mattress, firmness, materials, and budget.  This is the only way to make an informed decision.

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The final verdict of the best mattress for side sleepers

Choosing the right type of mattress for a side sleeper can be a little bit intimidating, especially because there are so many manufacturers and designs that need to be considered. From choosing a mattress that makes the buyer cool and comfortable to select a mattress that is made of organic materials, people should do their research well in advance.

Fortunately, there is lots of great information online that helps people to make a good decision based on different mattress reviews and recommendations by many experts in the industry.

Whatever your budget, if you are a side sleeper, you can choose from an array of choices that suits you best, depending on the preference, size, firmness, etc. One thing is for sure, a good night’s sleep does not come without a good mattress. So, choose wisely.

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