Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Review
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  • Combine the advantage of latex and memory foam
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Medical facts say quality sleep is essential for the quality of your health. But only a few people realize that where you sleep matters in the quality of sleep you get. To help you get the optimum sleep you require for quality health is the reason we take the time to review mattresses because quality bed brings about quality sleep.

We are going to look at Casper mattress in this review where we will take a closer look at what is beyond the eyes to look closer into the structure, the quality that can help you sleep soundly without waking up with body aches or a bad night rest. Of course, we will look at the price and what other factors you need to know about Casper bed that stands it apart from other beds you know.

Casper Mattress History

Caper mattress started out in 2014 selling its product online. Almost seven years down the line, the company still has a single mattress brand to its name. But there is a reason, a good reason why the companies still stick with just one brand, in my guess, they believe it is better to produce one great product than having so many without meeting customers quality need. Sleep is a general thing, but quality sleep is not and to sleep well, you need to make it happen and where you lie is an important factor to get good sleep.

Therefore, Casper mattress is 9.5 inches, four-layered hybrid foam, medium-firm bed sold directly to buyers to cut out middlemen so they can sell at affordable prices to customers.

Quick Casper Review

  •  Combines 4 layers of foams: polyfoam, memory foam, high-density variant, and Dunlop latex foam
  • More sex friendly (also read: our top choices for sex bed)
  • Motion transfer is fairly little
  • Amazing for back and front sleepers
  • Highly durable
  • Perfect contouring, great support, and minimal vibration transmission
  • 100-night trial
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Casper Mattress Constructions Layers

The uniqueness of bed is seen in its structure. Casper bed brings together four layers of foam hybrid mattress for maximum comfort. In total, Casper mattress is a 9.5 inches bed with hybrid foams used to meet the design for each layer of the structure to achieve the defined goal of comfort and durability.

Casper review sleep bed mattress and structure

Top layer: Latex

It uses open cell, hypoallergenic 1.5 inches and a density of 3.3 Pound of Synthetic Dunlop latex foam in the top layer to help keep the mattress breathable, cool and bouncy and for optimum support.

Second layer: Memory foam

It uses 1.5 inches responsive memory foam and a density of 4 pounds to provide pressure relief and weight balance to the upper load for perfect balance.

Third layer: Transition foam

It uses 1.5” inches, 4-pound adaptive transition foam for consistent weight distribution and stability of the mattress. It prevents undue sinkage of the mattress when you sit on it.

Bottom layer: Support foam

It uses 5”, 1.8 pounds support foam for strength, to support the above comfort layers and durability.

Each layer of the structure has carefully defined the purpose and, altogether, they support one another to make a great bed sleepers can enjoy a great night rest.

Mattress cover

Wrapping the layers together is a woven, breathable, flexible and resilient premium quality textiles; it gives the mattress its unique, aesthetic design of a great sight to behold in the bedroom.

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Firmness Scale For Casper Bed Mattress

Imagine a mattress that promises the best of both worlds in mattress engineering, that is Casper bed. It uses Dunlop latex foam in the first layer of the structure, designed for cooling and comfort. It uses memory foam for its pressure relief, and support gives Casper mattress the room for firmness and helps to maintain support and body contouring because of the combination of the materials used. Expect to get middle-level firmness feel from Casper mattress and it promises to give you the comfort needed for the recommended weight of not more than 250 lb per person and could take two people conveniently.

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Casper Mattress Review Summary

Casper, from official information, is designed in compliance with the Goldilocks standard of “just right”, which interprets as not too firm or too hard; it’s “just right!”

However, to the average consumer, “just right” is an abstract phrase that needs to come down to specific customer needs and understanding. For the purpose of this review, we explain further how Casper mattress feels

  • Casper bed is excellent on back and stomach support tests.
  • The mattress is superb for durability tests, with minor changes in performance.
  • The surface contours excellently giving sleeper great shape support, stability and minimal motion transfer.
  • Changing position is fairly easy with little vibration.
  • It is excellent on back and front sleeping especially for the sleeper who is within the recommended weight.
  • A great advantage is the 100 nights of free trial to help you make a decision if this is good for you.
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Casper’s Warranty, Free Trial, And Price

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, ships in 2-4 business days
  • Warranty –  10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Coupon$50 auto apply when checking out
  • Made in the USA
Size Queen Price(Before coupon)
Twin $550
Twin XL $600
Full $800
Queen $950
King $1150
California King $1150
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When Casper Compare With Other Mattresses

Personally, I think Casper is a good mattress, but not the best, especially when we take price into consideration.

Ghostbed is an 11″ hybrid mattress. Latex on the top layer and gel memory foam on the second layer, with 101 nights free trial and 20 years warranty. You can reference Casper vs Ghostbed to know more details.

Dromma Bed is a 12″ hybrid mattress. Latex on the top layer and gel memory foam on the second layer, with 200 nights free trial and 12 years warranty. You can read the full review for Dromma bed here.

The material and design they used are very similar to Casper, but with a better warranty, free trial and cheaper price. Why we pay the extra money?

The original price of Queen Casper is $850, now they increased the price to $950 recently. I think they paid too much for advertisement but failed to deliver value to customers.

And don’t forget to take a look at NECTAR mattress if you like pure (gel) memory foam mattress. It’s the best mattress under $1,000.  With 365 nights free trial and forever warranty.  Compared with latex(or hybrid mattress), memory foam mattress gave you a huge feeling and did a better job on motion isolation. But it’s not as bouncy as latex.

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Who May Like Casper Bed?

  • Individuals who love innovation and consider Casper hybrid feature a style
  • Individuals who understand the organic influence of latex foam
  • People who like the convenience of buying online
  • If you are a back sleeper or stomach sleeper. Or if you like medium to firm feelings.
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Who May Not Like Casper Bed?

  • Individuals who do not like latex foams
  • If you are a side sleeper, trust me, don’t buy Casper is you are a side sleeper, we recommend you take a look at Layla mattress.
  • People with higher weight than is recommended
  • People who cannot afford the price
8.2 Total Score
Casper mattress

Sleep cool
Warranty and trial
Price and value
Motion transfer
Side sleep
Back sleep
  • Start business early
  • Combine the advantage of latex and memory foam
  • Friendly for sex
  • Can ship CA
  • Some customer report it's a little firm
  • Thinner than industry standard
  • They increase their price recently
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