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Hey guys, we’ve already wrote an Eve mattress review in our last post. Overall, this is a medium feelings mattress,neither too soft nor too hard, the one with medium weight( 130-230 pounds) would get the best sleeping experience with Eve mattress, personally I like the yellow cover and well designed box of Eve mattress very much.

Positive review for Eve mattress

After 10 straight years of waking up every morning with shooting pain all the way down my spine after two failed back surgeries, I thought it was impossible to find a mattress that would relieve even a small percentage of my pain. The California King size of The Eve was too firm for me and I considered a return however Nick offered and subsequently shipped me a softer topper that fits directly on top of the mattress and ever since then I have been pain-free when I wake up in the morning. It’s almost like a dream and I have to remember that I used to wake up in the morning with pain that can bring me to my knees. This mattress is a godsend and anyone with a bad back should absolutely try this mattress. In addition to the product, the team of people are the most kind and generous people I have ever encountered in a company in my life! Thank you Nick and “all my fellow looney tune” friends at The Eve!

Kindly sent to me for review the Eve Mattress makes bold claims that you’ll be so happy with it that they’ll give you a refund at any point during the first 100 nights you sleep on it!

This is a great pitch as I expect most people will think that mattress shopping should be done in store where you can actually have a try of them. The idea behind the Eve is to provide you a top notch mattress without the additional costs of stocking it in store.

The Eve is available in a range of sizes, it’s the king size being reviewed and that’s the size you’ll see in the review video.

Offering a range of sizes direct to your door presents an interesting challenge, just how do you get a large mattress to someone? This was answered on delivery day when a box arrived claiming to hold the king sized mattress. The box would likely fit in the back of an average car, but it’s better to get this delivered to your door as it’s rather heavy.

The weight was discovered when taking the box upstairs, you leave the mattress in the box until you’re in the correct room. The reason for this is that the mattress comes highly compressed and wrapped in layers of plastic. As you unpack it and remove the plastic you’ll hear a hissing sound and gradually the mattress takes on its correct size and shape, something much bigger than the box it arrived in.

Once it’s taken on its final form the Eve is like any other mattress. There was no problem making the bed up, all existing sheets fitted without any problem.

When you first sit on the Eve it can feel really firm, especially if you’ve got an old mattress. What you soon realise is the Eve is actually firm but with give. If you’re use to a memory foam mattress you’ll know the feeling of sinking into the mattress. The same happens with the Eve, but to a lesser extent, and when you get out of bed you don’t leave behind an imprint. This means you’re well supported, but also benefit from the Eve shaping to your figure.

During the first week with the Eve a couple of nights were spent away from home, first in a hotel and then in a B&B. This came at a perfect time as it allowed for a great comparison to the Eve. The hotel mattress was terrible in comparison, an old spring mattress with some sort of topper to try and add some comfort. The second mattress was much better than the hotel, but still not as comfortable as the Eve. A 3rd mattress was tested at the Gadget Show Live, a iFit memory foam mattress and while comfortable there was that sinking feeling and slight awkwardness to getting off the bed you sometimes have with memory foam mattresses.

At the time of review the Eve has been used for just over a month and after the initial adjustment period there isn’t any thought to sending this back. Most people will really like the Eve once they’re use to it, for those who don’t like it at least there is the option of returning it at no cost, so there is really no issue in giving the Eve a go.

Complains for Eve mattress

The problem for me is the smell. I don’t normally suffer from allergies but the smell of chemicals is so bad even after a month that I have arranged for a replacement. Eve customer services are good and friendly and couldn’t explain the awful smell so I have agreed to try another one before claiming a refund. Apart from that, it does what it says on the box.


This is a snapshot of what I got from amazon customer review, you can read more here. BTW: Amazon is a good place, it sells almost everything. But please pay attention that if you buy mattress on amazon, you can only enjoy 30 days free trial provided from Amazon but not from manufacture(Most manufacture provide loner free trial period if you buy directly from their official site. the industry standard is 100 nights.).

Eve is an UK company, they extend their business to US recently, the overall ratings of Eve on Amazon is as high as 4.7/5. The biggest advantage of Eve mattress when compared to other memory foam mattress like Eve mattress is its beautiful color and well design box,  if just talk about mattress itself, I don’t see too much difference, both of them are comfortable, sleeping cool and with awesome customer service.

The only concern from customer is its smell when first open, this is the common problem of memory foam mattress, but in my impression it will gone completely in 1-3 days, anyway if you are still very sensitive about this, I would suggest you try Hybrid mattress with latex on top, memory form in middle, like Dromma bed(read Dromma bed review here) or Ghostbed mattress.

Some customer report it was too soft, I’ve no idea why they mentioned about this, in my impression Eve is neither too soft nor too firm, and strictly speaking, a little firm, so this might be personal feelings I guess.  Anyway, just give it a try, if not satisfy, can return for free within 100 days.

Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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