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Hello guys, for the structure, firmness, feeling, pros and cons you can reference Ghostbed mattress review.  This review post is what I get from Amazon customer review, include positive review and critical review. Hope can help you made your decision before buying.

Top Positive review on Ghostbed mattress

***** Latex layer provides excellent cushion, yet stays cool, although it could be thicker.
***** Memory Foam provides support to the areas that need it, and cushions those that don’t.
***** Firm Base provides all-around support & prevents mushiness
***** Quilted top adds comfort, and protection for those with mild latex allergy
***** Cover easily unzips and is washable

I have been wanting a memory foam mattress for quite some time, but especially after a serious bicycle accident 4 years ago resulted in 9 spine fractures in my neck and upper back that have thus far required 4 spine surgeries. At times, the pain was so bad that I would get on the floor and sleep on my service dog in training’s mammoth-sized deluxe memory foam mattress, desperate for relief. I tried toppers, but they were never adequate, and always had a tendency to slip off toward the side I get in and out of bed, forcing me to drag the heavy pad back into place.

Not anymore. I have now been sleeping on the GhostBed mattress for over a month, and feel ready to review it.

The dog tries to sleep with ME now!
The GhostBed mattress provides the best of all worlds. I’ve often found laying directly on memory foam, even gel memory foam, leaves me hot and sweaty, and hinders sleep from that, even if they provide relief from the pain. The latex layer on top of the memory foam significantly changes that, and I find myself getting the benefit of memory foam without the heat build-up that seems inevitable for such materials. The mattress is reasonably firm for those who prefer support over softness, yet has enough cushion that even those with a preference for soft will rapidly adapt to it. Personally, I would prefer a thicker latex layer for additional cushion, but in spite of that, I’m still sleeping better than I did before the arrival of the mattress. Prior to the GhostBed, my sleep would sometimes be so poor that I’d find myself falling asleep at work, simply from the fatigue of not being able to sleep- not a good thing to take place when one works at a school. My performance at work was poor, and I was frustrated at my inability to be more efficient and effective. My performance has greatly improved in recent weeks, and I’ve not come close to falling asleep at work even once.

An added bonus is elimination of the need to constantly shift toppers back onto the bed when they slide partially off to the side I get into and out of bed. Such toppers can be rather heavy, and constantly having to drag them provided no improvement for my spine issues- quite the contrary. It made things worse on those nights I’d have to shift it.

Another issue I have related to the spine pain is a sensitivity to pressure points. Any time I would sleep in a position that remotely aggravated things, I’d find myself waking up with my hands completely numb, and barely able to grasp anything. I also awaken with every muscle in spasms from time to time. I’ve had far less numbness, and zero spasms since I began using the GhostBed. Again, a softer mattress might be more beneficial to my pain, but under the circumstances, I’ll take any improvement. My sleep remains poor, but again, the evidence of improvement is undeniable.

Finally, the GhostBed is an excellent value. With a MSRP well under $1000, it is a bargain compared to most other memory foam mattresses. The MSRP is even lower than the one for my dog’s bed (although the actual price of the dog bed was only 1/2 the cost of a GhostBed mattress).

Upon arrival, I had my boyfriend bring the box upstairs, where we opened the box and allowed the mattress to expand and breathe. The box was far smaller than I had expected, yet quite heavy, ~80 lbs, more than I can manage anymore. The mattress was well packed, and in shrink-wrap plastic to compress it, holding it in a rolled & compressed state for easier shipping. Once unwrapped, the mattress rapidly expanded, and was ready to be slept on almost immediately. In spite of that, I still waited until the next morning to swap it for my old mattress. By then, it had aired out enough that there was no odor that I could detect. My first two nights were rather rough, but only because in my eagerness, I tried to drag it onto my bed by myself, knowing the likely consequences, but still unwilling to wait. I was exhausted and wanted a nap immediately. Once I recovered from the strain of installation, though, my sleep quality began to steadily and rapidly improve.

In all, I completely, wholeheartedly, and enthusiastically recommend the GhostBed mattress for anyone experiencing sleep difficulties, and especially those with spine issues. It does a nice job keeping the spine in good alignment for side and back sleepers, and provides cushioned support without absorbing body heat and radiating it back to the sleeping individual. While my own preference would be even more cushion, I cannot let that reduce my rating, given the improvements I’ve experienced, and the fact that different people have differing firmness preferences. With a rating in the middle of the firmness scale, a 6 out of 10, this mattress should be in a firmness range that suits most people, yet has enough of both worlds, firmness and softness, that even those with preferences toward the ends of the scale will not likely have any issues with it.

And now… it’s time to sleep on my GhostBed!

Top Critical view on Ghostbed mattress

Mattress arrived and while comfortable, there is a black stain on the mattress cover that looks like oil/grease. I’m guessing it’s residue from a packing machine or something. I tried calling to get help with my dissatisfaction on the stain and I was forwarded to their “after hours” answering service. It was 3:54pm EST and this was considered “after hours.” (really?) Actually, I had a question about the mattress before I placed an order and was also forwarded to this strange 3rd party service. They are completely useless. This service can literally do nothing for you but leave a message for whoever the real representatives for this company are. Very frustrating and leaves a terrible impression of the company, I rather get a voicemail than speak to some useless person, explain the situation (waste time), and be told that they can’t do anything because their “system” won’t let them (sound familiar, maybe with your cable provider?). Seriously, if you call, ask who you’re speaking with and if it is their stupid answering service just hang up.

Anyways, mattress is okay, but the service is seriously awful. I read about the parent company, Nature’s Sleep, and figured this would be a good bet because they are an established company who pride themselves and USE this as a marketing ploy. However, that seems to be a facade as if you need anything at all, you’ll be faced with dealing with some outsourced answering machine service for seemingly everything.

Customer service’s feedback based on Critical review

Thank you for the information in your review. We apologize about the stain, clearly in the last step of the manufacturing process it got dirty and was not caught by our QC people. It’s a very easy fix and we would be more than happy to send you a brand new cover which easily zips onto the mattress. As for the issue with the call center we agree 100% with you and we do not use them any longer. It is our goal to provide the ultimate customer experience and we are sorry that was not the case in this situation. We take pride in the fact that we are experienced mattress professionals with a long history in the mattress business. I assure you that our parent company, Nature’s Sleep, is not a marketing ploy. We would like the opportunity to make this right so please contact us directly with your comments, concerns and your GhostBed experiences. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


The top positive review just talk about these items.

  1. Medium feelings, neither too firm nor too soft,comfortable for both side sleepers and back sleepers.
  2. Don’t feel hot like most memory foam mattress. Cool to sleep on.
  3. Good for pressure relieve.
  4. Reasonable price .You can get more than the money you paid.

The Critical review talked about one thing, bad customer service, and that’s a common problem I guess, no product can satisfy every people, and the CS team give quick feedback based on the critical review. Actually for the mattresses companies who sell their product online but not from retails store, most of their customer service are extremely excellent, So I think this would be just an individual case.

This post is a snapshot of full review we got from amazon, click here to read full review on amazon. And we highly recommend you read Ghostbed vs Purple vs Leesa vs Tuft&Needle vs Casper before you made your final decision.

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