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Hey guys, we’ve already published Leesa mattress review several days ago. Overall, this is a medium feelings mattress, the one with medium weight( 130-230 pounds) will get the best sleeping experience with Leesa mattress, no matter you are back sleepers or side sleepers. But if you’re too thin, this mattress may be a little firm for you.

Positive review on Leesa mattress from Amazon customers

This will actually be my first review for amazon…. I felt the Leesa Mattress would be the one I do first.
I have to say, the mattress is decent to good! The shipping was incredibly fast. It arrived earlier than the estimated arrival date given by amazon.

After watching a lot of youtube videos on the mattress I decided to give it a shot. It looked pretty good from the reviews.

For my review, I would like to really start off by saying that I have been through about 3 mattresses within the last year and a half. I moved with a uhaul so all my mattresses could have come with me but I swapped them out (selling them) because I couldn’t find a mattress I liked. I have had restless nights – have tried PRICEY pillow-top mattresses from the mattress store, that was too soft and had a permanent dent within 2-3 months. With the sleepless nights, I was told that FIRM beds were better for you and as I was waking up with occasional ‘aches and pains’ from the pillow top, i tried going to a FIRM mattress….. That was a fail too. I tried buying a memory foam top to try to get that ‘therapeutic’ effect that they’re famously acclaimed for….. but my nights were still eh…. minimum 4 hours to the max 6 hours! I’m in good standing health, I would say i’m an athletically built 5’11” male weighing in at 220lbs that just seemed to not really be able to find a mattress that did it for me. Sleeping was NOT enjoyable, nor was it ‘that’ bad…. just whatever.

NOW, to the product…. I will say 4/5 stars off the bat.
1) because after the first night, i’ve been getting MINIMUM 6 hours of sleep and have slept up to about 7.5 hrs max. Instant difference and I feel ‘fresh’. Don’t take it too far thinking this bed is something that will just automatically have you wake up a different person, BUT I will say i’m just more well-rested.
2) whether on your side, back, stomach…. you do not feel aches and pains, or the normal stress on my body that I would get on occasion from different mattresses. I actually slept somewhat on my side, leaning into part of my stomach, and just didn’t have a complaint with it. Great in this department.

MY ONLY reason for not giving it a full 5 star and deducting a star, is the reviews definitely said it was like a 6 firm rating out of 10 firmness rating. I want to say it’s almost 7-8. You don’t feel completely sunk in, but there have only been a couple times where I was thinking “well, if it was just a TAD softer, I think it would be perfect!!! it’s just a fraction too firm for me… if that makes sense.

Other than that…. I think it’s a unique way of shipping a mattress and it boggles my mind that technology/production can do such things now with mattresses. I HOPE that this mattresses lasts for years as I do NOT plan to return it NOR try another mattress. I’ve been overall satisfied and getting better sleep…. so I’m going to stick with it. Down the road if there is any indentation or issues, I’ll update but so far with a WEEK with it…. I’m overall satisfied!!!!!

 Critical Review for Leesa mattress

I do have to say, I was excited to receive my Leesa — it’s gotten really good reviews on the Internet, I like the fact they seem to be very community-oriented, and the price wasn’t too bad as well. Unfortunately however, the mattress failed to live up to my expectations.

I am not a “small person” (though I hardly consider 6 foot, 230 lbs overly large either), and as a result, I do not think the mattress is functioning as intended. Within a couple of nights, I noticed that I was dramatically sinking into the top two layers of foam under my midsection, so in essence, I was sleeping on completely compressed Avena and memory foam on top of the support foam, which is not comfortable at all — the foam is meant to have some give but not completely “give in,” which is what it’s doing. On my wife’s side and in the middle, the compression is a lot less, but unfortunately, these are not viable options for me to sleep on, and I am sure that over time, the compression will increase over there as well.

This might also contribute to what another reviewer said about the soft parts being too hard and the firm parts being too soft — I know it doesn’t seem like it makes sense (it didn’t make any sense to me either at the time), but after sleeping on this mattress for a few weeks, I actually understand what he means.

I can’t give Leesa 1 or 2 stars because it does seem to be a good option for those who weigh less than 200 lbs., and they are making the return extremely easy (I wasn’t “forced” to try the mattress for 30 days, and they are having a donation place come to my apartment to pick up the mattress). However, I think this mattress has a weight limit that Leesa isn’t acknowledging (because like any sales-driven business, they want to keep as many sales paths open as possible with hopes that some larger people will just “accept” the mattress for what it is). But if you are a slightly bigger person, you would be better of getting a higher quality or firmer mattress to truly give yourself the comfort and support you need.


The top positive review mentioned Leesa mattress is good for the guy within 200 pounds, can extend the time of deep sleep, and also good for every sleeping positions, won’t feel any aches or pain after wake up next day.

The top critical review mentioned Leesa is too firm. While, how to say, the firmness is very subjective feelings, if you are back sleeper, I think it will be good, but if you are side sleeper, I guess you may have other choice, like Dromma bed or Luxi mattress, especially if you are a thin guy.

This post is a summary of what we got from Amazon customer review on Leesa mattress, read full list here.

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