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There are more and more mattresses being sold online with can mean picking one is difficult, especially when looking into the soft or spring ones. The memory foam mattress is one that I prefer as it can balance weight, provide a soft support in a position maintain and keep you less tired, like eve Mattress. which is recognized one of the best mattress for back pain.

Background of Eve mattress

eve Mattress is an online mattress company who set out to be a revolutionary mattress across all their official sites, well, which is a good title. Although it is a UK company, it also has business in US, which is the only one mattress factory across UK and US, steps to a big success. They have two official sites each in UK and US, which have different mattress sizes and prices as the custom of UK and US people slightly differs. As like most companies selling mattresses online, the eve Mattress is a bed-in-box, which has become increasingly popular in recent years as it saves space and reduces delivery costs (eve offer free delivery on theirs).9NRRJ`(TV8T][[V)]I5A2AF

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The structure of Eve mattress


The cover for their mattress is unique, it is all hand-sewn which sets it apart from most other mattress covers. The knitted cover is very thin to improve air flow and keep you cool and comfortable. The top cover is white and yellow, which fits perfectly with the brands colouring. The key point of this cover is that it is cooling, the density allows the mattress to breather, making sure that you have a comfortable night sleep, especially in summer (which I like most as I hate heat. The cover cannot be removed to wash but they do stock waterproof mattress protectors to prevent any damages.

eve mattress._SL1000_

The layers

The eve Mattress is a traditional 3 layered mattress with total 10” memory foam.

  • The top layer–a 1.6” of contouring memory foam. The Memory Foam is more and more welcomed in today’s mattress, as it is a responsive foam with slow recovery. The high quality foam can balance weight and give you a good spinal balance, helping reduce fatigue. The high density layer also has great pressure relief, durability and support.
  • The middle layer-an about 1.3” of polyurethane foam. This layer is lower than top layer and there are tiny small holes in it to improve airflow and help maintain coolness whilst sleeping. With the top layer and the cover, the mattress will not absorb heat and will create a breathable sleep at night.
  • The bottom layer-a 7” of support layer. This layer is just a foundation layer for Eve mattress and provides a great support to the rest of the layers.


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The Firmness of Eve mattress

On a firmness scale, the eve is a 6 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. The medium firmness is perfect for most people, traditionally but I think that is more suited back and stomach-sleepers. It gives you a good relief for your pains, something I have learnt from sleep testing my eve. However, in truth their unique layering system means the eve’s base layer gave me the support of a firm mattress combined with the comfort and luxury of the softer top. It’s this balance of layers that allows them to do only one option.

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What I feel for Eve mattress

The eve Mattress, in general, is a good mattress for me. The sturdy memory foam can perfectly support my weight and my back, to ease my pain during my sleep. The motion transfer is also pretty great as I like all type sleep positions, it doesn’t disturb my sleep partner at all. The sinkage of this mattress is a little deep, but I feel little heat. This is the best point I love, as most memory foam mattress with high density make me very hot, but not eve. I think it is the contribution of the thin breathable cover and the airflow layers. The cover cannot be removed for machine wash which is unfriendly for me but the spot cleaning is not too difficult.

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The advantages of Eve mattress

  • It is a mattress business which is sale active across UK, US, Germany and France. They offer free delivery for all mattresses. They deliver to your door and will pick up free of charge if you have any problems, as long as it is in the 100-day trial period.
  • Another merit for eve is their cover, it is very beautiful and all hand-sewn in UK, which is unique from other mattresses. And the box is also simple and pretty. If you have kids, they may love it, so I think eve is one of the best memory mattress for kids for children like colorful things.
  • The unique design for cooling is also fantastic. Most of the memory foam mattresses make you very hot during sleep but no eve. The unique breathable middle layer works with the top layer and the thin cover, making air flows smooth and shifting the heat away from your body.

eve mattress_

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Why should you buy an Eve mattress

  • The eve Mattress is a memory foam mattress which is good for your spinal balance. The sturdy firmness can help balance your back, your neck and the points of your body to ease your pain during your sleep. The medium firmness is fit for most sleepers, like back, side or stomach sleepers.
  • The online only model can cut your cost and time. The free delivery of bed-in-box can help you saving a lot of spending, even cutting the 2/3 money if you buy one in stores. But if you like testing the mattress before your buying, I think this is not for you.
  • The eve Mattress gives you a 100-day trial period. In this period, if you do not like eve or think that it’s not fit for you, you can call them to collect it and have a full refund. eve have 10 year guarantee with strong customer service, they would solve any problem that you might have.

Want to know more on eve mattress, click here to see how does eve perform when compare with other memory foam mattresses like Leesa and Purple.

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Size, price, Warranty, shipping ,Free trial

  • Shipping – free shipping, comes compressed in a box, can buy both from US and UK.
  • Warranty – 10 years
  • Trial Period – 100 nights
  • Return – For free, but need to free trial for at least 30 days.
  • Discounts – Enter US officia site and enjoy $40 off Coupon(US)
  • Made in the UK
Size Price
Twin $499
Twin XL $499
Full $549
Queen $649
King $749
California King $749
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Is there any coupon code?

You can buy your Eve mattress on their official sites, UK from UK official site , US from Us official site. or from Amazon. There is no price gap between official site and Amazon, but Amazon only has 30 days free trial.

This coupon will expire on 31st October 2016.
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Well, the eve Mattress is a pretty good. The sold online only and free delivery are definitely big USP’s. The cooling feeling and comfort definitely meant that I had a great sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.definitely one of the most comfortable mattress around the world, and also the most beautiful one 🙂

More question? Try to reference amazon ustomer review for eve mattress to see if this can get what you need.

9.3 Total Score

Eve is a pure memory foam mattress, it doesn't use any latex, compared with other 10" mattress, eve is more durable for his higher base layer, eve is very friendly for back sleepers or back pain customers, but if you feel side sleeping, eve may not your best choice. And the bright yellow color make it one of the best mattress for kids.

  • Crafted by a team of mattress experts and leading British designers
  • The best of luxury memory foam and high resilience foam, giving you comfort, coolness and bounce
  • Free delivery, 100 day trial, hassle free pick up returns
  • Very beautiful cover, good emotion every day
  • Eve is a proved brand, got big success in UK already
  • A little odo, but will gone soon
  • Cover is unremovable.
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