Helix vs Casper vs Leesa mattress

Features Helix Casper Leesa
Height 10" 10" 10"
Queen Price(Before coupon) $900 $850 $890
Structure 2" latex foam, 1.5" microcoils, 2" polyfoam, 4.5" support foam 2" latex foam, 2" memory foam, 2" transition foam, 4" support foam 2" cooling avena foam, 2" memory foam, 6“ support foam
Comfort Level can be customized, from soft to extra firm medium medium
Sleep cool
Back sleeper
Side sleeper
Stomach sleeper
Motion transfer
Warranty and free trial 10 years and 100 nights 10 years and 100 nights 10 years and 100 nights
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Who is suitable for Helix

  • The one who doesn’t know which comfort level(firmness scale) to choose. Helix will ask you several simple questions like height, weight, sex, behavior then give you best mattress.
  • The one who has different sleeping behavior, like husband prefer firm feeling while wife prefers soft or medium feeling. Helix can get this customized.
  • The one who likes a very cooling mattress, pure memory foam mattress will sleep hot, especially heavy people. Helix is the coolest among these three.
  • The one who has back pain and need awesome support from the mattress.
  • The one who needs a soft feeling, just like sleep on the cloud. Only Helix works, others two are medium feelings mattress.

Who is suitable for Leesa

  • The one who prefer a medium feeling mattress, or the one who doesn’t have a fixed sleeping position.
  • The one who wants a mattress gets high ratings by customers. Leesa is one of the online mattress brands and gets trusted by the market, and they even extend their business to the UK recently. Opposite to Eve mattress(read the review on eve mattress), who just extended their business from the UK to the US.
  • The one who is a side sleeper and may prefer sleep by the side so need awesome edge support from the mattress.
  • The one who wants a mattress which performs awesome on motion transfer. Leesa is the best among these three during our testing.

Who is suitable for Casper

  • The one who prefer cheap price, take coupon code into considering (all these three), Casper is the cheapest(not too much), if you really like the latex on top+ memory foam as comfort layer design, I would recommend another awesome mattress, better than Casper, and cheaper than Casper, that is Ghostbed(read review of Ghostbed )  and reference what’s the difference between Ghostbed and Casper.
  • The one who likes big mattress brand, Casper is born in New York City and get more exposure than other brands, so more people knows Casper.
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