How To Dispose Of A Mattress

It is true that sleeping on an uncomfortable and saggy mattress can disturb you throughout the night. It in turns leads to back pain thus, hindering your functionality. If you are not satisfied with the type of mattress you have, it important to invest in a new one. You are probably thinking what you should then do with your current mattress.

There are a variety of ways you can dispose of your mattress legally, instead of burning or throwing it away. Disposing of a mattress differs from company to company, and for a majority of mattress stores, there is a requirement of purchasing a mattress before disposing of one. Below are the ethical methods of disposing of your mattress.

1.      Give It to Your Retailer

A standard method is to consult your retailer. This is the ideal method for those planning on investing in a more comfortable bed. Your desired manufacturer might take the old mattress for free. However, the mattress company may ask you to buy another one to compensate for the cost.

Sometimes mattress stores do not charge you for this service, but there may be hidden charges under the price tag. Therefore, you should consider whether you would like to immediately purchase another mattress after disposing of the previous one.

2.      Donate Your Mattress

Many charities or nonprofit organizations will accept your old mattress. Unless the condition of the mattress is unsanitary, then you can donate it to specific organizations that accept mattresses. For those of you who do not know which organizations would accept this donation, don’t worry, we’ll discuss that later in the article.

A prominent international organization is the Salvation Army. This organization aims to help needy families and are located across the United States. You can either drop your mattress off at one of their locations or call them for a free pickup service.

Another organization is Habitat for Humanity International, a nonprofit organization which accepts used household furniture including used mattresses. Like the Salvation Army, it also offers free services across the country.

A third charity organization where you can dispose of your mattress is Furniture Bank Association. They welcome household’s items such as old mattress that is still in excellent condition.

3.      It’s Time to Sell It

Selling your old and lumpy mattress is the option most of you want to hear. Who doesn’t want to make some money from their used things? Before you decide to sell it, make sure that your mattress is in excellent condition. This means cleaning it, because the cleaner and intact it is, the more likely it is that you are able to sell it.

There are different online websites where you can sell your mattress such as eBay and Craigslist for example. However, to get the best price for your mattress here are few tips to follow.

  • Wash and remove all stains from your mattress.
  • Upload high-quality images to these sites to attract customers.
  • Add specific details about the mattress and your desired prices.

4.      Send It to Recycling Centers

Sending your mattress to the recycling centers might be inconvenient for the majority of you, since this requires transporting your mattress, which can be a hassle. However, you can feel proud of yourself once you have completed this task and it’s always easier and a bit more fun when you have the help of a friend.

Once you arrive at the recycling center, one of their assistants will help you unload the mattress and recycle it.

5.      Rent a Large Open-Top Waste Container

Many of you have never rented an open-top waste container, also known as a skip or dumpster. However, these can be incredibly helpful when disposing of large objects, such as mattresses. Renting a large waste container is an easy and convenient method.

Some rental waste container companies may charge you a little more for the mattress, but it varies based on the size of your mattress. To reduce the charges, you can cut up the mattress into smaller pieces.

6.      Use a Local Authority Service

While disposing of your mattress, do not forget that some local authority services offer the option to take large household items. Not every council gives you this service and those who do, may charge a fee. This method saves you from putting the extra effort into carrying your mattress to a different location.

Instead, the local authority service books a date and collects it within the time frame. After this, they will recycle it properly in order that it does not destroy the environment.

7.      Recycle Your Mattress

Another reliable method of disposing, is recycling the mattress yourself to ensure a clean and better environment. For this purpose, there exist a few businesses that collect and professionally recycles mattresses. It has estimated that 80% to 90% of the mattress can be reused.

Once you find a recycling center that accepts the mattress, you will be surprised to find that many of these companies do not ask for any money. For those who are not residing near a thrift or recycling center then a junk removal option is also acceptable. They will check the warranty and quality of the mattress and then pick up your mattress and recycle it.

8.      Break It Down

Most of the time due to the quality and other reasons, many charity organizations do not accept mattresses. If this is the case, you have the option to break down the mattress for disposal. The below-mentioned steps are required to prepare your mattress of disposing.

  • Bring your mattress out to an open area such as a backyard.
  • Take a sharp knife and remove the outer covering of the mattress. Cut the box springs around the corners and extract the fabric.
  • Clean the fabric of the mattress.
  • Collect the fabric and place it in a

9.      Offer It to Your Friend or Colleague

It should be mentioned that sharing is caring. Almost everyone has friends that believe in sharing. If there is no option left for disposing of a mattress, donate it to a friend. In some rare cases offering a used mattress may be taken offensively.

To avoid any hurt feelings, simply inform your friend you have an extra used mattress since you had recently bought a new one. With this method, there is a better chance that your friend will take your used mattress.

10. Do It Yourself Recycling

You can also recycle your mattress without using any charged services. There are surprisingly many different uses for an old mattress. However, recycling also depends upon the type of the mattress you have.

For breaking down the mattress, all you will need is a screwdriver, pliers, and sharp blade. Mattresses with inner springs can be easily recycled without any mess. The coils can be scrap metal after the process of recycling.

11. Use a Free Collector Ad

If the choices mentioned above do not work for you, then a collector may be an option. Not everyone can sell a mattress effectively online. In this case, you can create an advertisement for it on a website. It will reach a greater audience of people who are looking for a free mattress and will help you in saving a bit of money.

12. Throw It in the Waste

If you do not have any luck in any of the above options, then dispose of the mattress in the waste. You can divide your foam into smaller pieces and store it for a couple of weeks. In this ways, you can throw smaller pieces away each day. Although this method takes longer than the other options, it is free of cost.


All in all, we can say that disposal of the mattress is not an arduous task if tackled correctly. Moreover, before you plan to dispose of a mattress do not forget to check for its quality and appearance, because nobody wants to buy a used product that is full of dirt and stains. Whether you prefer to spend money or not, the will help you in disposing of a mattress.


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