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Layla mattress Review

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Layla mattress Review

After reviewing a couple of beds, I come to agree with the idiom that says “as you make your bed, so you must lie on it. This expression is true for people who spend quality time looking for the best mattress for their home. They must have borrowed a leaf from this old saying, and it is truer if you are reading this review of Layla Mattress. As technology improves, so will human needs find quality mattresses.

If in a few years back asking for a bed with two sides of different feel and character, that offer more comfort for sleepers, may be hard to get, but here you are with Layla Mattress that offers two fine structures in one mattress. One side of the mattress is for people needing a soft bed, while also serving the need of people demanding their mattress to be firm and highly supportive.

Layla Mattress Short Reviews

Layla Mattress is memory foam with a difference. We will call it a specially formulated memory foam mattress with the following characteristics:

  • Copper technology for extra coolness. It is copper infused high-density premium memory foam
  • Offers two sides of softness and firmness. The user can change to the type of bed surface they like.
  • Cooling Technology fitting. It comes with Thermogel technology allowing the bed to be sensitive to sweat to trigger its coolness fittings all night long.
  • Good motion isolation. Almost zero motion transfer makes the bed more comfortable for couples, even if one of them tosses around all night, it won’t affect the other.
  • Guaranteed coolness. Layla is heat sensitive and will activate its cooling technology once it notices sweating from the sleeper.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Expected lifespan for Layla mattress is between 10 and 12 years.
  • Extra comfort and return guarantee in case of dissatisfaction. Layla promises a 120-night free return if sleeper does not like the feel of the mattress with a full refund within 5 days.

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Layla Mattress Constructions Layers

Layla review sleep bed mattress

Layla mattress has three layers. The three sections have just two types of foams.

Top layer

The upper layer is a 3 inches copper infused memory foam to help sleeper feel more comfortable and take care of people experiencing pain or other conditions. The copper contains anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help relief pain.

Why copper?

  • Layla is the first mattress to infuse copper with memory foam so you can sleep like a Pharaoh
  • The use of copper reduces joint inflammation and helps ease joint pain and stiffness
  • People wear copper bracelets to improve their body’s blood circulation
  • Sleep cooler with copper

Middle layer

The 6 inches high density convoluted base foam contributes to support sleeper and hold everything about the mattress together. Its structure prevents heat buildup for a refreshing night’s sleep.

Bottom layer

The base layer is a purpose built one-inch copper infused foam and it serves to augment firmness and provide additional support in the layer arrangement for the overall purpose of having a bed that supports the unique need of people looking for a quality mattress. It also serves to relieve pressure on the bed.

The cover

The removable Layla mattress cover compliments the overall quality and aesthetics design of the bed. It is infused with THERMOgel technology to improve sleep experience; it absorbs sweat and creates extra coolness for the sleeper for an excellent night sleep.

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Firmness Scale For Layla Bed Mattress

The structure of Layla mattress was designed for maximum stability, even as it provided for softness for people needing it.  The build provides exceptional support, near zero tolerance for motion and sinking when in the bed. We are looking at a design featuring 10 inches of foam thickness and well structured to accommodate all types of sleepers, whether heavy or on the lighter side.

A greater advantage of Layla mattress is the offer of soft and firm sides to test your preference. You can check to see if the soft side is good or it is the firm side that is better. The mattress is made in such a way that you can change the sides you like for sleeping.

Firmness is very subjective, personally I would rate the soft side 5.5-6.5/10 and rate 8-9/10 for the firm side(10 is the hardest). The soft side would be perfect for pure side sleepers.  And the Firm side would be perfect for back pain sleepers.  Both sides worked for back sleepers.

How do I change the firmness level?
Simply unzip and remove the cover, flip the mattress over, zip cover back on, and enjoy!
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Layla’s Warranty & Trial Period

  • Shipping – free, compressed in a box, ships in 2-3 business days
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty, as I know, only Layla and Nectar provided lifetime warranty(not cover
    Stains, rips, tears, burns on the mattress cover).
  • Trial Period – 120 nights, more than industry standard as well.
  • Coupon code.  For our readers only, access oficial site and use code GBM100 when check out, $100 OFF.
  • Made in the USA
Size Queen Price(Before coupon)
Twin $599
Twin XL $699
Full $799
Queen $899
King $999
California King $999
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Overall Feeling

Any informed buyer of a quality mattress is interested in what the bed offers. Things like comfort sleep, firmness, durability and manufacturer’s guarantee of refund in case of dissatisfaction. Happily, we can say Layla Mattress meets all of these checks, satisfactorily. If you review comments and reviews of existing users, it shows they are happy and recommend the mattress.

Let’s see what the pros and cons have for us in term of a general feeling of existing users before we draw the curtain on this review.

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Coupon And Promo Code For Layla Bed

For readers of You can now access official site and use code GBM100 enjoy extra $100 OFF. Trust me, you can’t get bigger coupon elsewhere(Even other mattress review site). 

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Who May Like Layla Mattress?

You will fall in love with Layla mattress if you fall in any of the following categories:

  • If you want to expand your taste of quality bed for softness and firmness; the mattress offers two sides one firm and the other soft
  • If you love cool bed for comfortable night sleep; Layla mattress provides perfect coolness technology that watches after your comfort, thanks to the copper infusion and THERMOgel.
  • If you love bed that does not throw you around and sinks unnecessarily; Layla mattress is designed for therapeutic needs and the copper offers relief for pains, perfect for motion isolation
  • If you love a mattress that offers refund and trial period; Layla offers 120-night trial and within 5 days refund in case you don’t like it
  • If you want risk free choice. Layla provided lifetime warranty. If they are not very confident with their product, how can they do this?
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Who May Not Like Layla Mattress

  • Individuals who don’t know about benefits of copper and don’t care; copper is part of the innovations that differentiates Layla mattress in the market.
  • Individuals who prefer traditional innerspring mattress. Layla use memory foam as the key material, none innerspring get used.
  • Individuals who prefer push back feelings. Layla provided just the right bouncy for me, but if you want more. I would suggest you try Leesa (See Layla vs Leesa here ).
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Layla Mattress Review Summary

Medically quality sleep is recommended as good for health. For you to sleep cool and uninterrupted by uncomforting bed characteristics, you need a mattress that guarantees a good night rest. The design of Layla mattress offers full comfort, and this is not just as a marketing promotion but facts that can be seen in the structure and technology. The structure provides firm and full support as well as motion isolation to keep you in bed steadily.

It cooling THERMOgel technology ensures your bed does not build up the unnecessary heat as you sleep. And it also offers therapeutic support with the copper technology for pains and other health conditions.

We recommend Layla Mattress is you desire comfort and luxury a quality bed can provide.

9.6 Total Score

Sleep cool
Motion transfer
Back sleeper
Side sleeper
Warranty & Trial
  • The first mattress use copper memory foam
  • The first mattress use thermogel technology
  • I guess one of the coolest mattress I've reviewed
  • Lifetime warranty and 120 nights free trial
  • Two firmness scale in one mattress
  • Bouncy not as good as latex mattress
  • Price is a little high(if without our powerful coupon)
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Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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    Lindsay Burleson May 13, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    What do you suggest as far as the bed frame goes? I just purchased a king layla (with your coupon) and want to make sure I get the best one.

  2. Reply
    Mary Ann September 7, 2017 at 2:29 am

    Can the king mattress be used with an adjustable base that lifts the head and/or feet?

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