Mattress buying guide

So, the time has come for you to change your mattress. Don’t think that you will be spoiling yourself if you want a great mattress.

A good night’s sleep is crucial as part of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Poor sleep can make you fat. Studies show that good sleepers tend to eat fewer calories.
  • Poor sleep can also be the cause of lack of concentration and productivity.
  • A bad night’s sleep affects exercise performance.
  • Poor sleepers are in greater risk of heart disease and stroke, while it can also lead to depression.

Given the benefits of a great mattress, it is not a purchase decision you should take lightly.

I can imagine you are puzzled with all the new technology and available brands, sizes, materials etc. out there. If all this variety seems hectic and you can’t make up your mind, the following guide we have prepared for you will update your knowledge and help you make an informed decision.

Before anything else, the below is a useful mattress buying guide we have prepared for you getting you off to a great start when it comes to making the right decision regarding your mattress purchase. All the proceeding sections of this post will detail each of the essentials you need to know.

mattress buying guide

How to choose the best mattress

There is nothing like a good night’s sleep. One way to ensure this is to choose the right mattress that will meet your needs. Generally speaking, there are several key factors to consider which make for a great mattress and you should keep these standards in mind.

The first is being Comfortable. If a mattress is not comfortable, it’s meaningless how expensive it really is.

Comfort has to do with the flexibility of the mattress to adapt to different sleeping positions, whether it is back sleep, side sleep, or front sleep. It also relates to the mattress size and how it can accommodate different people.

Say you are a side sleeper, then you need softer mattress like high density memory foam and innerspring mattress.

Your mattress should offer the best sleeping experience whatever your favorite position is and with no back, shoulder or other pain the next morning.

On the other hand you must be careful to choose the right mattress size that will fit your needs. For example, if you are sleeping with a partner it is best to choose at least a Queen size, while some families prefer King or CA King for extra space. Perhaps this is best if you or your partner have a few extra pounds.

The second thing you are looking for in a mattress is Support. This is a crucial point which is mostly related to your personal preference however it is also close to health issues, since for example the firmness level can accommodate for alleviate joint and back pain, as well as align the body.

In this case, you should prefer a firmness level that’s up to the body’s requirement.

Soft mattress

Going for an ultra-soft mattress is probably not the best option since it can cause some pain in the body. However, a balanced soft mattress can definitely provide with enough support.

Firm mattress

An overly firm mattress is not the best since it does not offer enough flexibility while it has been linked with lower back pain and joint pain. In addition, it is the cause of spinal misalignment and shoulder problems. A medium or balanced firmness is the best for a more quality sleep.

Ideal mattress

Experts suggest to avoid a too soft or too firm mattress since both can cause body disorders. Instead, they suggest going for an ideal mattress, which:

  • Holds exact body positioning.
  • Helps maintain body in a neutral position.
  • Provides enough support to ensure body’s alignment.
  • Provides pressure relief.
  • Adjusts the body to rest peacefully.
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6 factors you need consider before buying mattress online

Another requirement is Adaptability on body contouring. As already mentioned, it is important to prefer a mattress that is adjustable with the body. Memory foam mattresses are considered the best in regards to this parameter, as they provide ultimate comfort(And the best memory foam mattress I reviewed is NECTAR mattress).

In some cases, a mattress can literally work magic for you; even if you face a disorder from wrong posture of the organ during sleep, a good mattress can help reduce these problems. Latex foam is such an example since it helps alleviate back and neck pain while ensuring blood circulation flows smoothly.

Apart from the previous, you must not go on with a mattress buy without considering Safety. Always be careful to see that all of the materials used for a mattress are CertiPUR-US certified. If not, it may have harmful effects for your health and you will get sick in a few days. Which is definitely not what you are looking for when thinking of a good mattress!

The third requirement for a good mattress is Permeability. One concern is how a mattress is made in such way so as to allow sufficient air circulation. This will ensure you won’t feel too hot during sleeping. Another concern is your health, since if the mattress has such consistence that it is breathable, then it can quickly discharge the waste gas and water discharged from the human body skin.

A quality mattress should also definitely be Durable, in other words, it should have long warranty, at least 10 years. But this doesn’t mean the longer it is without doubt the best. Take latex mattress for example, natural latex mattress is better and more expensive than synthetic latex, but synthetic latex mattress can last longer than natural mattress.

The seventh requirement is to ensure appropriate Customer Service is provided when buying a mattress. No matter how confident you feel in the retail store that you are making the right decision, you still need to try the mattress long term at home in order to gain a full appreciation of whether this is the right mattress for you. In this sense, you need sufficient time for your body to adapt to the mattress and in some cases you may feel you need to return it. Thus, selecting to buy a mattress with long free trial period is very important.

The final standard to look for is Maintenance, this is not as important as the items listed above, but still it is important to ensure longevity of your mattress. A mattress cover is a good start to protect your mattress and keep it clean as possible. Now, if you are not into using a mattress cover, having a dirty mattress with an un-removable cover as is the case for most mattresses, is a difficult situation to handle. Ghostbed has designed a smart solution to this problem with its removable cover. 

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What type of sleeping surface is best?

It is important to decide what kind of sleeping surface suits you best to narrow down your choices.

There are of course the traditional innerspring mattresses such as 3S (Simmons, Sealy, Serta), although all of them begun producing other kinds of mattresses in recent years.

And then there are memory foam mattresses, which have taken the industry by storm in the past few years, now becoming the most popular type of mattress in the USA. The biggest advantage of memory foam is how it provides the feeling of being surrounded, alongside excellent support and comfort. A large proportion of manufacturers use memory foam in their mattresses, some of them using it in combination with innerspring like the 3S mentioned above.  Others produce memory foam mattresses, like Layla mattress(The first company uses copper memory foam).

Another type of mattress is latex mattress, which is as comfortable as memory foam, plus it can provide an extra bounce back feeling making it friendly for sex. So it’s not by luck that for this type of mattress is especially favourable among young people.

There are two kinds of latex, natural and synthetic; nature latex is healthier but expensive, and it’s not as durable as synthetic latex. So most people choose synthetic latex mattress due to budget concerns. Of course, either is safe to the body.

There is also the latest addition, which is hybrid mattress, an attempt to combine the best of many worlds, minimizing the disadvantages and maximizing the advantages of each material such as innerspring, memory foam, latex or other filler material like wool, sponge, silk, and horsetail hair (found in luxury mattress only). This solution is increasing in popularity as it succeeds for example to use innerspring as a base layer to provide support and durability, while memory foam is used to provide pressure relief and latex to give off elasticity and cool feeling.

The best latex+memory foam mattress I reviewed is Dromma bed. The best memory foam+ inner spring mattress  I reviewed is Aviya mattress.

These four kinds of mattresses are considered mainstream in the mattress industry, yet there other kinds available, like water mattresses, air mattresses and so on. Each serves a different purposes and can accommodate variant needs.

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What is your budget?

Although price should not be a priority when considering your next mattress buy, it is of course reasonable to be a concern. Especially if you are on a modest budget, buying a mattress could be a stressful situation.

Don’t worry though, since with the rise of the online mattress industry, it is possible to get exceptional mattresses at fair and reasonable prices.

And in addition, it is good to remember that paying more in this industry, doesn’t mean you are getting a better mattress.

Mattress Price Comparison

Online mattress companies are able to overcome markups similar to those arising in the retail stores, and still offer high quality products for about 30% of what you would pay in-store for a mattress with similar characteristics. In this sense, you should consider buying a mattress online first.

We recommend that you remember these in relation to the cost you are willing to spend for your mattress:

  • Price does not mean Quality
  • A $1000 budget is ideal –you should increase this to $1,500 if you want a King/California King bed mattress.
  • Most of them you can find coupon online, don’t miss it.
  • Don’t fall for the cheapest option out there, which means choose above $500 (for a Queen).
  • Be willing to pay for a quality mattress since it will last you 8-10 years and is critical to your health and sleep.
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When Is The Best Time To Buy A Mattress?

While it might be a headache choosing the right mattress, when it comes to timing, this might not be the most difficult procedure. Ideally, you want to pick the best time of the year to get the best bang for your buck.

New arrivals

Newcomers in the market arrive usually between May and September. This is why May, especially on a Memorial Day sale, is probably going to ensure you the best mattress deals. You will notice many manufacturers choose to cut down on price in older models.

Retailers tend to put sales during other holidays such as Labor Day and President’s Day, since people do not work then.

Overstock sales

Usually in spring and autumn, many of the stocks in retailers’ shops are being replenished during that time. Due to ordering slightly more than existing demand, if you are lucky enough you might get away with a great mattress at a remarkable price.

Inventory and restocking

Often retail stores ask from their employees to make a comprehensive inventory. It is during this process that employees discover odds and defects like mismatched sales, old models, slightly damaged goods etc. These are brought at the front once the shop reopens with top priority to be sold in reduced prices.

New store openings

It’s always a good idea to invest in a new store (whether online or from a retail store) since you will most likely land a great deal at almost everything, including a mattress.

End of year

Probably the most popular shopping period of the year with special discounts and exclusive sales. Increasing sales and clear existing stock are the main goals of most retailers during this time of the year and you can take advantage of the opportunity to make a decent purchase and get a bedroom makeover, starting from the mattress.


Do not think that a big sale definitely means you are buying a mattress at a cheaper price. The best advice is probably to keep a close eye on the prices before, during, and after to make sure you are actually getting the best deal. And don’t forget to drop by our mattress coupons list to see if there is what you need.

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Should I go for American, European or Chinese mattress?

If you feel doubtful on deciding the origin of your mattress, to get you off the hustle, we’ve tried to narrow down the details for the three major mattress manufacturer countries, America, Europe, and China.

When it comes to the US, American mattress manufacturers use high technology, in fact some even invent their own foam to produce their products, like Leesa mattress. Their first attempts involved using memory foam to produce mattress, yet following a trial period research suggested several customers complaint about this memory foam material being hot and lacking elasticity. Therefore, the company proceeded to produce their own foam instead of the original memory foam.

Another example of a US based company is Loom & Leaf, who also produce memory foam mattress of their own. Nevertheless, different from Leesa, Loom & Leaf design and produce a mattress made of 4 layers. The top layer consists of latex to keep the body cool, the middle is a gel layer to maintain good air circulation, another layers is the memory foam to offer comfort and relaxing feeling, while the bottom is a foam layer to support and provide long durability.

Their European counterparts in Europe, produce European mattresses of high quality. These are mainly produced in UK or Sweden, for instance a well-known manufacturer is Vispring who is based in the UK, while Hästens and Duxiana, are the other most famous based in Sweden.

European mattresses are luxury and expensive, mainly for two reasons. The first is due to their material; all of the materials used are purely natural, such as for instance natural silk, Scotland real estate platinum wool, flexible bamboo filament and horsetail hair, which all replace natural latex as a fill material.

A second reason why European mattresses are usually more expensive, is how the whole mattress is crafted. Take for example Vividus, which is handcrafted by 8 top certified craftsmen, needing at least 320 Hours of work to produce, and with no machine use! A masterpiece worth its money.

However, if you are more concerned about the cost, there is also a far cheaper option compared to American and European mattress, which is a Chinese mattress. The reason being is the low labor cost of China, in a manufacturer industry that is very powerful and can produce almost anything at low expenses, from electronics to mattresses.

Be careful thought before buying a Chinese imported mattress, since there is a risk of getting a poor quality mattress, although it could be that you get a high quality mattress at an unbelievably low price. Zinus is one example of mattresses manufactured in China.

For most people, my recommendation would be American mattress, however if you are on a tight budget, choose the Chinese mattress, and finally, if money is not your first concern, why don’t try a luxury European mattress.

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Bottom line for mattress buying guide 2017

For most people, it’s a tough job to pick up the best mattress. Especially if you are lack of related knowledge and experience, the good thing is there are so many mattress reviews site(like Hopefully this buying guide can gave you a hand. Remember, it is important to take all of these factors into consider before buying.

You can also check our top 10 best mattresses for 2017 to save time. I believe you will like it.

Hi,my name is Chris and used to be a mattress salesperson, now I'm a software engineer and focus on blog writing part time, I created this mattress review and rating site to share my knowledge and experiences and hope everyone can get the correct mattress at a reasonable price.

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    John Smith December 9, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    It is very well written and informative article. I agree it is really tough to pick the right mattress. I feel the mattress that is hybrid between latex and memory foam is something that will provide best of both worlds to those who are confused. High technology American mattresses have an upper hand over Chinese mattress because they are more comfortable and well designed. European mattresses, according to me, are a class apart as they are made of fine natural material. Chinese mattresses are good options for those who want a something comfortable within budget but one must search well to find the right thing.

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      Chris Young December 9, 2016 at 1:38 pm

      Thanks John for your dropping by, I can’t agree with you more.

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