Novosbed mattress VS Leesa VS Loom&Leaf VS Ghostbed VS Tempur-Pedic

Nonosbed is one of the luxury memory foam mattress that you can get at a reasonable price, if you are looking for a memory foam mattress and Novosbed is one of your alternative, you may want to know what’s the advantage and disadvantage if Novosbed compare with other mattresses.

Novosbed VS Leesa VS Loom&Leaf VS Ghostbed VS Tempur-Pedic

FeatureNovosbed LeesaLoom&LeafGhostbedTempur-Pedic
Highlight3 firmness scale, free shipping in CA, long free trial and warranty.Special designed Avena foam, almost suitable for everyone. 2 firmness scale. Combine the advantage of Latex and memory foam, almost the best mattress you can get at this priceNumber 1 in memory foam mattress industry, if money is not your first concern..
TypeMemory foamMemory foamMemory foamHybrid foamMemory foam
Firmness scalesoft,medium, firmmediummedium, firmmediumsoft,medium, firm
Height11 inches10 inches12 inches11 inches10-15 inches
Structure(Medium)Airflow memory foam
+memory foam
+base foam
Avena foam+memory foam+base foamGel memory foam
+memory foam
+base foam
Latex+memory foam+base foamDifferent based on model
Trial period120 days100 days75 days101 days90 days
ShippingFree shipping in US/CAFree shipping in US$85-$99 Free shipping in USBased on carrier
Warranty15 years 10 years15 years 20 years 10 years
CouponExtra $75 CouponExtra $50 coupon
ReviewNovosbed reviewLeesa reviewLoom&Leaf reviewGhostbed review

Comfort level

Leesa and Ghostbed only have one comfort level, medium, it’s suitable for most people, but if you are looking for extremely soft or firm feeling, then you need to consider other mattresses.

Loom&Leaf has 2 comfort level, better than Leesa and Ghostbed, you have more choices. But still, it doesn’t satisfy everyone, especially for the one who prefer sleeping on the cloud.

Tempur-Pedic is good, it has many collections so you can find the one which is most suitable for you, but you know, the price is different, maybe the one you love best is the one most expensive.

Novosbed has 3 comfort level, soft, medium and firm, with the same price, and it has special Comfort+ solution to adjust the firmness scale dynamic, for example, if you buy a medium firmness mattress,after trying for several weeks, you think it’s good, but if it could be firmer, but not too much , it would be perfect. In this case, Comfort+ solution can give you a hand for free. If you think it’s still too soft, then you can exchange for a firm model directly for free. Risk free either way.

Winner: Novosbed of course.


Tempur-Pedic is very very expensive, it’s almost double or even triple price  of other mattresses.

Novosbed  and Loom&Leaf are the same price, also the second highest in this list, that’s because they use higher density memory foam and more than one firmness scale design, but if you live in Canada, Novosbed will ship you for free.

Leesa and Ghostbed are almost the same price level, Leesa use Avena foam, Ghostbed use latex+ memory foam design, but consider other benefit like warranty, free trial, I have to say Ghostbed did better.

Winner: Ghostbed if in US, Novosbed if in CA(Others will charge for more than $200 if ship to CA)

Mattress Structure(Form)

The key component of Loom&Leaf is Gel memory foam, it will bring you extremely cool feelings when you lay on firstly, but because it doesn’t use airflow design in memory foam, you may still feel hot during sleeping, especially for the big guy and soft model.

Leesa use special designed Avena foam, it combine the advantage of latex and memory foam, latex is more bouncy, and good for air’s circulation, memory foam is very comfortable, and provide body contour, really good design.

Ghostbed don’t use Avena foam, but they use latex and memory foam directly, so there are not too much differences if compared with Leesa,  if have to say, I think it’s provide more bounce back, if you want a sex free mattress, you can’t miss Ghostbed.

But if just talk about technology, I have to admit Tempur-Pedic is the best, a lot of customers complain Tempur-Pedic is too hot, even through they are very comfortable, so Tempur-Pedic did more research and now use Cooling Cover+PureCool™ Comfort+Ultra-breathable Design, all they did is to provide you cooling sleeping experience. But you know Tempur-Pedic is a pure memory foam mattress, they don’t use latex, so lack of bounce would be one concern,especially for young people.

Novosbed, same as Tempur-Pedic and Loom&Leaf, all of them use high density memory foam, and Novosbed did a better job compared with Loom&Leaf on air circulation for memory foam. But also, as we mentioned before, lack of bounce, not very friendly for sex.This is its disadvantage.

Winner: Leesa and Ghostbed 

Warranty, Free trial, Shipping, Clean

Novosbed: Warranty 15 years, Free trial 120 days, Free shipping in US/CA, cover removable and machine  washable.

Loom&Leaf: Warranty 15 years, Free trial 75 days, charge $85-$99 for shipping in US, more in CA, cover un-removable.

Leesa:  Warranty 10 years, Free trial 100 days, Free shipping in US, cover un-removable.

Ghostbed: Warranty 20 years, Free trial 120 days, Free shipping in US, cover removable and machine  washable.

Tempur-Pedic: Warranty 10 years, Free trial 90 days, shipping fee based on carrier, cover removable and machine washable.

Winner:Novosbed and Ghostbed

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