PlushBed Mattress Review

Overview: Plushbeds a leading, American online retailer and manufacturer specializes in luxury eco-friendly mattresses. They offer natural and organic latex products ranging from latex mattresses, toppers, beddings, adjustable beds, and accessories from 2007.

PlushBeds started purely as an e-retailer where they had their mattresses supplies from a single manufacturer. But with the need to improve the value of natural latex beds, the founder and CEO Michael Hughes set foot in his highest undertaking to not only sell but manufacture their latex mattresses. Today, this company stands unbeaten as the only latex bed manufacturer who imports the highest amount of latex to the USA from Sri Lanka.

If you want to sleep in a fresh, clean, toxic-free mattress, you’ll want to sleep in a PlushBed. Their uniqueness in meeting safety standards keeps you healthy with fully rested sleep. Just figure out what it is you want from a mattress and the best size and find your exact fit from PlushBeds.

Walk with us, as we give you a detailed overview of the PlushBeds Brands. We promise it will be time well-spent.

Why PlushBeds is the Safest Option

All their mattresses are GreenGuard Gold Certified. They meet standards only seen in less than 1% of mattresses in the market. These beds meet rigorous chemical emission standards. As such, they can be of use in hospitals, hotels, children’s rooms, and for the elderly.

Greenguard Environmental Institute is an organization that aims to improve indoor air quality by certifying products for low chemical emissions.

Their foam passes the CertPur-US standards, their cotton is GOTS certified, and their latex is GOLS certified. As such, every product; a topper or mattress goes through controlled chambers tests for safety. Every cover uses 10pounds of 100% wool to pass the fire retardant test without inculcating harmful chemicals.

why are plush bed safe choice

Why the Luxurious Price?

PlushBeds pride themselves in producing the healthiest products on the worldwide market. You’ll find that the prices are slightly over $1000 for Queen Size mattresses. This is because PlushBeds dedicate their time to make healthy products to promote quality sleep. They use non-toxic materials, offer luxurious comfort, and they are relentless in producing beds using the latest technology.

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Main Products by PlushBeds

PlushBeds is mostly known for their natural mattresses collection. This includes 100% natural latex, memory foam, organic cotton, and New Zealand Wool.

Here’s a Brief Description of the Differences in latex and memory foam mattresses:

Type Category Sizes Layers Available Bed Sizes
Natural Latex Botanical Bliss 9,10, and 12inches New Zealand wool and cotton cover, natural Talalay, and APRICO latex Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, split King, Split Cal King, and Split Queen
Natural Bliss 6,8 and 10inches Knitted cotton cover, natural Talalay, and APRICO latex Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
Eco Bliss Hybrid 8,10, and 12inches Natural latex comfort layer, premium polyurethane and foam core Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
Memory Foam Cool Bliss 12inches Gel memory foam comfort layer a 100%natural latex support layer, high-density foam Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
Pacific Breeze 10inches Cooling gel memory foam, high-density polyurethane layer, orthopedic foundation Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
Ocean Mist 9inches Patented gel memory foam, high-density polyurethane, Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
Heavenly Plush 12inches Tencel cover, PlushFoam APRICO latex,  high-density polyurethane Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
Posture plush 12inches 4-way stretch cover, PlushFoam memory foam, APRICO latex, high-density polyurethane supportive core Twin, Twin XL, Full, King, Queen, California King, and split King
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Other products by PlushBeds

Apart from the above mattresses, there are:

Sofa Beds in three categories:

  • Memory foam sofa bed
  • Cool Bliss Gel memory foam
  • Natural latex sofa bed

RV beds in four categories:

  • Deluxe memory foam 8” RV mattress
  • Cool Bliss Gel 8” Gel Memory Foam
  • Eco Green Natural Latex 8” and
  • The original 6” RV mattress

Toppers in four categories

  • Natural latex toppers
  • Memory foam toppers
  • Cool Bliss Gel Memory foam Toppers
  • Handmade woo toppers

We also have various beddings like pillows, sheets, protectors, and wool comforters. Not to mention, you can adjustable beds like the Reverie 5D, Reverie 8Q, Leggett and Platt Premier 2.0, Leggett and Platt S-Cape 2.0+, & Leggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0. In the accessories category, you can get a premium bed frame plus foundations and boxsprings.

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Important Aspects of the PlushBeds Brand

Clocking in 10years of excellent retail and manufacturing of latex beds, this company provides eco-friendly, comfy, and luxurious mattresses. Their experience with how extreme the effects of inhaled chemicals can get is what makes this company stand out in delivering only the cleanest products to the market.

PlushBeds offers 100 days trial period so that you can be sure to get what you really want. As you make an order, you have the chance to order a customized bed, one that is specially designed to suit your specific needs. For those who live in the USA, you can expect to have your mattress within nine days at no shipping charge. It’s the most stress-free method of buying a bed.

With a significant following among the elderly and young children, it goes without saying that PlushBeds are here to fulfill your every sleeping need.

Across the different types of mattresses by PlushBeds, we notice some similar features for all of them.

  • PlushBeds manufacture their mattresses in their 50,000ft factory at Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Latex is imported by the world’s oldest and largest latex producer APRICO whose location is in Sri Lanka. Cotton is sourced from within the USA while the tops use New Zealand wool.
  • All mattresses go through GreenGuard Gold certification every 90days.
  • All the mattresses are certified against fillers, artificial glues, PBDE Flame Retardants, mercury, lead, prohibited phthalates, formaldehyde, and over 10,000 harmful chemicals.
  • Mattresses shipped within the USA are for free with no inclusive fees for return in case you want a refund. There’s a small shipping fee for overseas buys.
  • With the use of the exclusive Modern open-cell technology (patent pending), all memory foam mattresses are now expected to achieve superior comfort and cooling comfort.
  • All mattresses are derived from 100% natural raw materials to ensure you take home a safe bed.
  • Expect up to 25 years warranty so you can be sure to get a top-quality mattress.
  • Every mattress arrives in the popular vacuum rolled size right at your door.
  • Expect a slight odor because of the compact size. It should go away after a few hours by placing the bed in a well-ventilated room.
  • With the differences in mattress firmness, it’s always advisable that so you give the mattress time before adjusting to the body.
  • All mattresses do not need flipping since they have a construction from layers which serve different functions. Instead, you can just rotate the mattress for even sleeping.
  • Let’s go through a brief comparison of the different types to get the uniqueness of each of the PlushBeds mattresses. We hope you’ll find it informative as you pick the next bed to adorn your bedroom.
  • All mattresses are in various sizes from Single, Twin Size, Twin Wide, Full, Full-Wide, Queen, and Queen-Wide.
  • Here are some tips to consider when buying a mattress
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Brief Comparison of the PlushBeds Mattresses

Here, we offer a detailed overview of the TOP PERFORMERS in the PlushBeds Brand. These beds come highly recommended for everyone who’s looking to change into an eco-friendly mattress.

First, let’s compare the features on a table for a brief look at what’s coming up on our list.

Brand Botanical Bliss Natural Bliss Eco Bliss Cool Bliss Ocean Mist Cool Bliss Gel Sofa Mattress Mobile Plush
Layers Cotton and wool top, Talalay middle, and APRICO latex base Cotton Top, Talalay latex, and APRICO latex Cotton Top, latex, and memory foam Gel memory foam, latex, high-density foam Gel memory foam and supportive foam Gel memory foam and natural latex foam Natural latex and CertiPUR-US certified Plushfoam
Height 9,10, and12 inches 16,8, and 10Inches 8,10, and 12inches 12inches 9inches 4.5inches 6 and 8inches
Motion Transfer None Minimum None Minimum None Minimum Minimum
Cover Knitted cotton and New Zealand wool Knitted organic cotton Knitted organic cotton Knitted organic cotton Knitted cotton and New Zealand wool None 100% Organic Cotton cover
Firmness Medium firm (5-6) Medium-Firm (5-6) Medium




Medium-soft (4.5-5.5) Medium-soft (4.5-5.5) Medium



Plushbeds 9” Botanical Bliss 100% Natural Organic Latex Mattress – Available in 9 Sizes and 4 Firmness Levels

Overview: Our first look is at the Botanical Bliss 9Inch Mattress which is from 100% Natural Organic Latex. It is highly recommended by chiropractors and orthopedic specialists as it provides excellent body support.

Product Features

The 9 inches of this mattress include:

  • 1inch knitted organic cotton and New Zealand wool cover
  • Middle layer of 2inches 100%Talalay Latex

Bottom Support layer of 6inches APRICO Organic Latex

plush bed 9 inches Botanical Bliss 100% Natural Organic Latex Mattress

By passing stringent quality controls, this mattress achieves high breathability to help you sleep fresh thanks to the wool and organic cotton used on the cover. It provides maximum airflow to the outer layers which help regulate your body’s temperature every season of the year.

The cover is wrinkle free, and it stretches to take your body’s shape without becoming distorted. If you experience allergies and morning sneezes, this mattress can help alleviate such conditions as the New Zealand Wool is hypoallergenic. The natural wool is synonymous with being fire resistant since it contains high keratin protein.

It enjoys high comfort layers with the Talalay latex. It is great for pressure relief to provide a buoyant sensation when you sleep. Seeing that it is dust and mite resistant, the Botanical Bliss sleeps clean each night. Not forgetting, it boasts a medium firmness level of 5-6 which feels equally good for side sleepers as it is for back and stomach sleepers.

structure and layers for 9 inches Botanical Bliss 100% Natural Organic Latex Mattress

The core is dense from natural latex which keeps the mattress in good shape. It resists sagging providing you with years of great use. With the integration of open cell technology, the bed gives off excess body heat so you can place it in any room.

In a nutshell, it is an exceptional option for allergic persons sensitive to down, feathers, and synthetic beddings. It breathes naturally and is a great buy for the quality. The Botanical Bliss is also available in 10 inch and 12 inches sizes.

  • Engineered using high safety standards
  • Pure non-allergenic New Zealand Wool
  • Regulates temperature naturally
  • Fire retardant without the use of chemicals
  • Dust, Mite, Mold, and Mildew resistant
  • High-density, breathable latex core makes it a durable product
  • 100days trial period and 25 years guarantee
  • Soft cotton and wool cover
  • It does not sink much for side sleepers

Get more information about the Botanical Bliss here.

PlushBeds Natural Bliss, All Natural Latex Mattress – Available in 9 Sizes and 4 Firmness Levels

Overview: With a promise to deliver top-quality products, the Natural Bliss Mattress is 100% free from wool. It excels in the manufacturing of natural materials which make it the healthiest mattress for the whole family.

Product Features

The 10 inches of the construction include:

  • 1 inch top cover of 100% organic cotton
  • 3 inches Talalay latex in the middle layer
  • 6 inches APRICO premium on the base

PlushBeds Natural Bliss, All Natural Latex Mattress 10 inches

This top-quality mattress has the highest levels of family protection. It uses hydrated silica and plant cellulose fibers to create the fire barrier. As such, it is clean to breathe into. It complies with the Federal Flammability Law CFR 1633.  The cover is great for wicking away sweat and helps to keep your body relaxed.

The Talalay is incredible in providing a buoyancy feel like what you’d expect from box spring beds.

It sleeps comfortably on hot nights as it is infused with air to make open cells which increase breathability. It is non-allergenic with the Talalay preventing the growth of mildew and mold. It also blocks dust mites which cause allergic effects and morning whizzing.

The base provides support for aching muscles owing to the high-density latex foam which is resilient to sinking and deforming over time. This is all thanks to the medium, 5-6 firmness level which supports all sleeping positions from the side sleeper who likes a balance of support and comfort to the back and stomach sleeper who like their mattress firm but not so much as to stress the pressure points.

Overall, we have a dependable mattress which is free of wool for those who are affected by animal products.

  • Provides overall body support by contouring to your body
  • Uses an eco-fire barrier instead of chemicals
  • It is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and dust mites
  • Sleeps cool as it wicks away sweat
  • It is resilient to sagging and developing deformed areas
  • Has a medium firmness feel to suit all sleeping positions
  • Favors persons who weigh more than 200lbs
  • Exhibits some minor motion transfer due to the bounce sensation

Find out more about this mattress here.

Plushbeds Eco Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress – Available in 7 Sizes and 2 Firmness Levels

Overview: The most affordable of PlushBeds mattresses, the Eco Bliss is a combination of the best materials. It brings resilience, safety, and a luxurious touch to your bed.

Plushbeds Eco Bliss Hybrid Latex Mattress 12 inches

Product Features.                                                                        

The 12inches of this mattress include

A cotton cover to give a plush sleeping surface.

  • 4”100% natural latex
  • 8” foam and polyurethane base support

This bed uses foam that is CertPUR-US certified. It meets the stringent standards to give you a toxic-free mattress. It is Green Guard Gold certified for low VOCs (Volatile Organic products) so you don’t have to mind buying it for kids. It is incredibly resistant to lasting body impressions hence it can last a very long time.

Right under the cover is the eco fire barrier which keeps it safe from gushing flames. You’ll find it comfortable throughout the night as it maintains high levels of breathability. No one loves to wake to a hot sweaty body and with the knitted cover; no doubt it is elastic for maximum pressure relief.

The latex provides an effective dust mite barrier so that the indoors can remain fresh at times. It is blended in comforting latex which hugs the curves of your body to eliminate muscle tension. This way, you’ll wake up relieved and full of energy.

There’s also a pushback feeling to be expected from the memory foam support. It serves in the best condition for the longest time possible. Better still, it provides a medium-firm comfort level, mostly recommended for persons over 275lbs.

  • CertiPUR-US Certified exclusive PlushFoam
  • Resists mildew, mold, and dust mites naturally
  • It remains fresh over the time you’ll be using it
  • Medium firmness level feel great for side and back sleepers
  • Light and compact to move and setup
  • Stretch knit cotton top cover
  • Affordable pricing
  • Feels hard for some side sleepers

Read more about it here.

Plushbeds Cool Bliss Luxury Memory Foam Mattress – Available in 7 Sizes

Overview: Sleep cool and dry in one of the World’s plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress. The Cool Bliss mattress comes in a box right at your door. It is perhaps the best innovation we have seen in memory foam mattresses in the modern day.

Plushbeds Cool Bliss Luxury Memory Foam Mattress 12 inches

Product Features

Its 12inches comes in five layers which include:

  • Top cotton cover
  • 3” of 4lb gel memory foam
  • 2” inches medium 100% natural latex
  • 2” of convoluted 2.5lbHigh density foam
  • 5” of 2.5lb high-density foam

Looking for a bed that is free from off-gassing and harsh odors? Then you’ll want to look at the Cool Bliss design. It offers a fresh top surface which is 30% cooler than standard memory foam beds. It provides a soft cover which wicks away sweat keeping you comfortable and dry.

Experience medium firmness (6.5-7) that accommodates all sleeping positions

This product excels in providing a cushy sinkage, but this mostly depends on your weight as it supports the body according to the curves. More so, it offers minimum motion transfer thus is it is a great option for couples.

The bed has 25years warranty with an initial $50 discount when you purchase from PlushBeds. It comes rolled in a box so you won’t have trouble moving it to an upper room in the house.

You will love the versatility of a mattress that is pliable with all bed foundations. Talk of adjustable beds and platform slates, and it will look great in any of them.

The best thing about the Cool Bliss Design is that CertPUR-US certifies it for durability and emissions, GreenGuard Guard for VOCs, and Oeko-Tex Standard for being free from harmful chemicals. It is just the right option for children and the elderly.

With the price range around $1400, we feel this is a luxurious mattress for all those looking to purchase an upscale bed.

  • Made from foam sourced within the USA
  • Medium firmness feeling
  • Cushy softness provides the right sinking
  • Sleep cool and dry because of the gel beads
  • It is comfortable for sleeping in all positions
  • It is free from irritants and odors that prompt airing the bed for days
  • Natural latex gives it a long lifetime
  • 25 years warranty and 100 days trial
  • It is a bit heavy when lifting to the bed, but it unrolls by itself during setup

Great sleep is achieved only when you lie on the mattress of your choice. If you want an all-around bed which favors all sleeping positions, keeps you dry, and fresh, pick this model and never have to look back.

Get more information about the Cool Bliss 12inch online.

Plushbeds Ocean Mist 9 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Plushbeds Ocean Mist 9 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Overview: Clean, fresh, and free from chemicals is what the Ocean Mist is all about. It passes all the rigorous chemical tests and ranks high in pressure relief, comfort, and a luxurious feeling.

Product Features

The layers of the stunning Ocean Bliss starts with an optimized 4-way stretch cover plus:

  • 3” of 4lb cool bliss memory foam
  • 6” of high-density 2.5lb supportive foam

Using the latest open cell technology, Ocean Bliss can dissipate heat 3x faster than traditional memory foam mattresses. It allows you to sleep in summer’s heat without worries of waking up to a sweaty body. It has an enhanced moisture wicking capability seeing that it infuses gel beads and a cooling cover.

If you like feeling comfy close to the beddings, you’ll love the cotton cover as it stretches four ways to accommodate your body’s curves. This cover does not distort in shape as it is made to serve you in the best condition for the longest time possible.

This bed features beautiful aesthetics. The cover is removable for spot cleaning. As such, you won’t experience accumulation of odors from sweat. The Bliss memory foam is hypoallergenic and does not emit any chemical smells. You can use it out of the package.

The bed’s core distributes the body’s pressure points hence evening out the wear. This increases the life of the mattress such that you can depend on it for many years. It steers clear of sagging and deformations over every dimension.

When it comes to the firmness level, Cool Bliss gives a medium-soft feeling (4.5-5.5) which is great for side sleepers. If you’re on budget this is one of our recommendations.

  • It meets rigorous chemical testing against emissions
  • It uses patented PlushFoam that provides excellent heat dissipation
  • Uses resilient, supportive foam to ensure it distributes the weight and prolongs its lifetime
  • Open air cells provide maximum airflow for a clean sleeping surface
  • Provides a consistent feel over a wide range of room temperature
  • Resists growth of dust mites, mildew, and mold
  • It has no motion transfer
  • The cover is not machine washable

The Next Generation Gel Mattress is finally showcased in the Ocean Bliss Design. Get yours today and start experiencing the comfort of an elegant bed.

Read more about this brand here.

Plushbeds Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Sofa Mattress – Available in 7 Sizes

Overview: Cool Bliss Sofa bed is adopted as the best option for guests. If you like the idea of a plush mattress in a thoughtful and affordable design; here’s the mattress to consider.

Plushbeds Cool Bliss Gel Memory Foam Sofa Mattress

Product Features

This mattress is in two layers of 4.5 inches gel memory foam and supportive latex foam.

Featured as one of the comfiest gel mattresses, the Cool Bliss Sofa Bed is an exceptional choice. It provides maximum pressure relief as it distributes the weight evenly on its surface. This means you’ll use it in the same high-quality condition every night.

The all-natural latex foam contains no fillers or blended materials. It is handcrafted to see that it fulfills the needs of every sleeper up to 250lbs.Without non-toxic fillers, expect a mattress that is odor-free. Anyone and everyone can find their ideal position on this mattress.

The natural fibers resist breakage to provide bottom layer pushback which prevents sinking from the gel memory foam on the top. You can sleep directly on the cover without using extra layers of sheets to curb the smell of a new mattress.

Gel foam is the ideal choice for keeping your body at the right temperature. It allows airflow between the open cells. As a result, you have a bed that keeps your mattress fresh every night.

We also like that it offers superior comfort for side sleepers seeing that it has a firmness level in the medium soft ranging from 4.5-5.5

  • Provides even support for the whole body
  • CertiPUR-US certified premium PlushFoam
  • Passes all other quality standards against chemical use and emissions
  • Cool gel-infused memory foam top
  • Supportive natural latex foam increases longevity of the sofa bed
  • Resilient to sagging and loss of original structure
  • Available in seven sizes
  • Springs back to its original shape
  • There’s only the 4.5 inch height mattress

If you want a fair price to accompany a mattress; get the Cool Bliss Sofa Bed. It is the perfect accompaniment for a cabin bed when you are out on a camping trip.

For more about the Cool Bliss Sofa Bed, visit this site.

Plushbeds Mobile Plush Eco Green 8Inch RV Mattress Natural Latex

Overview: Made specifically for use in RVs, the 8inch Mobile Plush mattress is a must-have for outdoor expeditions. It comes with a luxurious cotton cover, a comfortable, natural latex layer, and CertiPUR-US certified PlushFoam base.

Plushbeds Mobile Plush Eco Green 8Inch RV Mattress Natural Latex

Product Features

The 8inches of this mattress is made from:

  • 2” of 100%natural latex
  • 6” of CertiPUR certified Plushfoam core

The natural latex provides pressure relief as well as being resilient to sagging and distorting over time. It uses fresh foam which is toxic-free. Thus, it is intended to make your RV environment clean while on the move. It feels and sleeps fresh as it does not contain any chemical odors.

This RV bed does have any petrochemical products. As such, it resists sagging, breaking down and discoloring. You’ll also notice that it springs back to its original position to ensure it does not wear fast and unevenly.

With a firmness level of 5-6, you’ll receive overall support for pressure points on the shoulders and hips. It does well with all sleeping positions, and for persons who turn a lot in their sleep.

Looking at the price, this is perhaps the most budget-friendly mattress we have. At approximately $700, it is just right for on the go spending.

  • 100%natural latex provides superior pressure relief
  • Does not use fillers and toxic chemicals in the construction
  • It is odor-free
  • Resilient to sagging and discoloring
  • It uses a luxurious cotton cover
  • It is hard to move after rolling it out of the box

After spending hours on the road, you’ll need to be fully rested before heading out again. With the MobilePlush, you are assured of optimum comfort every day of your journey.

Check out more about this mattress here

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Purchasing a luxurious mattress that meets the standards set forth for it isn’t a walk in the park. PlushBeds ends your search as you get a mattress that has been thoughtfully designed to meet your exact needs. You can order a customized mattress that ticks every box or your requirements. From the materials, layers, height, and cover there’s a wide variety of plush beds.  Here are more tips on what you should know when buying a mattress.

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