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Over the years, the full bed mattresses have been considered as the best mattresses by a number of consumers. Nonetheless, in recent time, customers have preferred queen sized beds too. Therefore, the question that comes to mind is which one of these two sizes is most suitable. Well, both of them come with some merits and demerits and the most part of the decision is based on your requirements and preferences. For instance, if you sleep alone then the full sized mattress can do the job for you.

If you don’t have enough space in your room then again full sized mattress will be the ideal solution and if you don’t want to spend more money then again full sized mattress would be your ideal solution. On the other hand, if you don’t sleep alone then full size will be useless. If you have plenty of empty space in your room and you have the budget too then queen sized bed would be a great option. In this post, we will have a look at the differences between the two options and see which one is better for you.

Comparison Table

Full Queen
Easy to move Hard to move
Good for one person Good for two persons
Cheap sheets Expensive sheets
54-inch x 75-inch 60-inch x 80-inch
Less expensive More expensive
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What is a Full Mattress?

Full beds are the smallest in sizes among the standard mattresses but it is bigger than the twin size. However, in comparison, there is a large difference between a twin and a full bed. A full bed is 16-inch wider than a twin which means that there is a considerable amount of upgrading from twin to full. For a number of years, these sized beds were preferred by people but the trend is now tilting towards queen beds.

  • It is not too heavy to lift or move.
  • It is comparatively low priced than queen size.
  • You can conveniently find the accessories associated with full sized beds.
  • Because its dimensions are smaller than queen-sized mattresses, therefore, it is not ideal for couples.
  • Size

For some people, full sized beds are the best options because they don’t take much space in the room especially if there is plenty of other stuff lying around. It is not as compact as the twin size but it can conveniently fit in any bedroom without consuming too much space.

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  • Comfort

A full-sized mattress is considered to be the right choice for anyone who sleeps alone. If two persons sleep in it then only 27-inch of space is left for each person. You would think that that’s not a big deal at all but if you or your partner move a lot during sleep then it can become an issue. The fact of the matter is a full sized mattress provides plenty of room for one person.

  • Accessories

Because the full-sized mattress is very common you can find various accessories that you can use it. These accessories come at very cheap prices too. You can choose from a massive range of fabulous duvet sets and use it in your room. An array of options is also available from online retailers plus you can add an extra pillow or two as well.

  • Ideal Room Sizes

A room that measures to be 10-foot by 12-foot is best suited for a full sized mattress. A twin size would be ideal for a room that is smaller than 10×12. However, the best-suited sizes depend on the furniture or available space in the room too so that you can walk around comfortably.

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What is a Queen Mattress?

In the US, this size now dominates on all others because it offers plenty of legroom and is also slightly wider than the full mattresses. It adds five inches to the height and six inches in the width. The extra room that is available makes it the most suitable option for couples and for this reason; it is gaining plenty of popularity among the masses.

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  • It offers plenty of legroom.
  • It is excellent for couples.
  • Because it has become a popular choice, therefore, you can find a variety of accessories for this size.
  • It is way too heavy than full size.
  • Because of the large size, it is expensive than full-size beds.
  • Size
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If you realistically compare the queen mattress with a full mattress, you will see that there is not much of the difference between the two. For this reason with slightly bigger size that full mattress, the queen bed remains a good option for most of the rooms. But you might consider that if a full size barely fits in your room than the queen is going to cause some problem as you need to have some space to walk around as well.

  • Comfort

If you sleep alone then queen size will be overkill but if you have plenty of space than a bit extra legroom is not a bad deal. If you move a lot during sleep then queen can be a good thing for you because it does well with a couple of people in it too. A queen mattress provides 30-inch of room for both the sleepers.

  • Accessories

Since queen is gaining momentum if we talk about the popularity, you can now find many items and accessories that you can use it. You can find them at your local stores or can buy from online retailers. Please keep in mind that these accessories will be more expensive as compared to the ones that are made for the full sized mattresses. But most of the duvet sets available on the market can be used for both full and queen so they do come cheap as well.

  • Ideal Room Sizes

If you are looking to buy a queen sized bed then you must consider the size of the room or you will feel all cramped up. Room size over anywhere over 10-foot x 10-foot will work fine but a lot depends on the furniture in your room and how much walking space you prefer.

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The Verdict

After going through all the information given above, choosing between a full and a queen mattress is somewhat difficult but there are some slight differences too. With the queen size, you will get some extra legroom as well as some width. However, the price difference between the two is significant if you compare it with the sizes.

Mattress brands also come in to play a role because some brands have a considerable amount of difference in the prices for both the sizes while other brands don’t have any difference at all. But if you forcefully ask to choose between the two then we will recommend the queen-sized bed. If you can buy an affordable yet good quality queen mattress then it will provide you with extra length and width which is an advantage that you won’t get in full size if you sleep with your partner.

If you don’t sleep alone then you will require some extra room in the bed and that will only come in queen size where both of you can easily move around. You can also go for the king size if you want more space because it is a fair bit of a jump in size from queen and full, however; king size is way more expensive than all lower sizes. In the end, the decision lies with your preferences.

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