Twin vs Twin XL

After deciding the brand, model and other attributes of your mattress, the next thing comes is selecting the right size option for your mattress. Normally mattresses come in a variety of sizes. Knowing the difference between them is very crucial to get the maximum benefit out of your purchase.

Here, we are going to discuss Twin vs Twin XL mattresses. You will get to read their basic specs and differences between both. The purpose of composing this all is to assist you in choosing the right option for you. It is because higher the price the more appropriate product would be, the rule doesn’t apply everywhere.

Comparison Table

Have a look at this comparison table to get an instant idea of differences between both types.

Twin Twin XL
Width 38” 38”
Length 75” 80”
Basic Difference 5 inches shorter than Twin XL 5 inches longer than Twin
Usability Suitable for kids Suitable for kids or single adult
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These bed sizes can commonly be seen in kids’ rooms, dorms, guest rooms, or in servent rooms etc. However, they can also be seen in master bedrooms combined together to make a single large bed set. These mattresses come with the size dimensions of 38” x 75”, making them small enough to become a part of the master bedroom as a single piece.

This bed started becoming popular back in the 1980s when the concept of using the bedroom as a commonplace started coming into existence. The gradually started to become a fashion and suitable choice for kids room and dorms etc.

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  • It is affordable.
  • It may take less space at room
  • good choice for kids
  • Easy to transport
  • Offers more playing area for kids
  • Its shorter length may not accommodate tall teens
  • Can’t be used for single adults
  • Why choose this size?

You should go for this Size if you are looking for an option to accommodate a growing kid. It can be considered as an option next to the crib stage of your children. As they come in the size of 38” x 75”, it is suitable for a small person.

You can also choose this size if you are looking for some additional kids’ sleeping area in a living room or other such place. It can offer you a quick solution for adding extra sleeping place wherever it is required.

  • Cost

Considering the cost you would have to pay for this size, it is quite nominal. This is one of the most affordable options to add an additional sleeping area for teens. However, exact size would depend on the type of manufacturer and other details.

Overall, this size is more affordable as compared to another one; either you purchase it as a one piece or two separate pieces.

  • Bed Size and room dimensions

The size is such that you can’t put it in a normal bedroom as a single piece. It would look too small for that room. Rather, you can put two Twins in a room with some side table in between. In this case, it might look appropriate. If you are planning to buy a single Twin, then leave it for kids’ room. The minimum size dimensions of the room required for these beds are 84” x 120”.

The point worth considering about this size is the width. It is too narrow to accommodate even two people of an average height. Secondly, if a sleeper is supposed to be extra tall, then a twin isn’t a right option to choose.

  • Movability

It is the major plus of this size. You can move it all around your home easily wherever it is required. However, the weight also depends on the type of mattress. The innerspring can still felt heavier because of the presence of its metal springs. On the other hand, if you get Twin in Memory foam, it would feel quite light and can be delivered in a box.

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Twin XL

It is considered almost the same as Twin by many people. However, their size dimensions match with the Twin while considering their width only. It comes with the size dimensions of 38” x 80”, making them 5 inches longer than Twin. Also, the length of this size is similar to those of Queen Size bed.

Nothing clear is known about the origin of this size. However, they became popular as dorm bed, or sometimes even known as dorm bed, because of their usage in college dorms.

They were a popular choice for those students having more heights or for athletes. The trend started spreading, and they became the part of many kids’ rooms at homes. As the width of this size is similar to the half of King Size with the similar length, therefore, many people also used them for King Size bed with splits at the middle.

It becomes appropriate for those couple having different preferences for mattress types.

  • It can easily fit tall kids or single adult
  • Adds additional space for sitting
  • Can be converted into King Size by attaching two
  • Not suitable for kids room with small dimensions
  • Why choose this size?

You can opt for this size in a variety of cases. Firstly, if you are planning to sleep alone then it could be an appropriate option. As the length of this model is similar to Queen Size with somehow narrow width, a single adult can feel comfortable in it.

You can also opt for it in case your kid is taller than other teens. It is also the best option for those looking for split mattresses to accommodate on Queen Size bed. You can add two-Twin XL in place of a single Queen Size option.

  • Cost

Comparing Twin XL with the cost of its Twin part, then yes, it slightly higher. The additional charges are just because of its added length of five inches. Here again, choice of brand or style may differ. But, the overall price range is still reasonable.

In case you are purchasing two-Twin XL to be placed together, then it would cost you even less amount contrary to the case if you purchase single Queen Size bed.

  • Bed Size and room dimensions

Because of its added length, it somehow provides versatility as compared to Twin. You should opt for twin XL, if a sleeper is around 6 feet tall, or has a habit of moving around a lot while sleeping.

It can also be used comfortably in a dorm without getting worried about the students’ size. The required room dimensions for Twin XL is 84” x 120”.

  • Comfort

This size offers more comfort as compared to Twin. The reasons are its added length that won’t only let a heightened person sleep comfortably, but would also let the small person keep moving easily while sleeping. Additionally, you can also use it for your speedily growing kids even when they reach their adulthood.

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In this write-up, we have discussed basic differences between Twin and Twin XL. These points would assist you in choosing the right option for yourself.

However, if we are asked to choose then we would opt for Twin XL, provided that the room dimensions are enough large to s. Also, if I keep the budget as my first priority, then opting for two- Twin XL would be my choice rather than going to one Queen Size bed.

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