Why Do Cats Sleep So Much

Cats are sweet and are one of the most human-friendly and safe pets that give you the amazing feeling of love and contentment. If you are a cat lover and want to have one as a pet then you do need to know some facts about the species. The species has multiple breeds and all of them are different in their own. When you have one in your house the main thing you will observe will be the sleeping habits of the cat.

In the daytime, you will find that they can be slow and sleepy all the time and can actually give you some problems. Here are some facts you need to understand about the sleeping patterns of your lovely pet.


Do you have a sleepy cat?

If you have experience with cats then it may be easier for you to understand but if it’s your first time then you might encounter some problems. Having a sleepy cat is a common thing. If she is a nap lover then don’t worry because that is a part of their habits. Just like the other living things, cats need nap and rest. You can find your loving pet sleeping in different parts of the house.

How Many Hours A Day Do Cats Sleep
sleepy cat

Living organisms, whether simple or complex do have their own set of requirements when it comes to rest and work. They require rest and nap of a proper quantity to keep the body active and continue the regular tasks of their routine. The cats you have in your home have similar needs. The average time this creature sleeps is from 12 to 13 hours in a cycle of 24 hours. It is apparent that within 24 hours your cat will get the required amount of sleep and continue to perform their activities accordingly.

Night time party animal

It may cause a bit of alarm to see your pet sleeping during the day without being able to keep the track of it. In this regard, it is important for you to know that cats are a nighttime party animal. Cats and other predators that belong to the family use this time to remain active during the night and are slower or sleepy in the daytime.

In natural settings, these animals tend to hunt and feed at night as it is convenient for them to find prey. So, the routine remains the same even for the domestic cat. You can observe the behavior in even your kitten as it tends to nap during the day and only have a few active hours, while at night they will be more active by chasing and hunting.

remains the same even for the domestic cat

Open eye nap

Another behavior that can be observed in kittens and cat is the open eye nap. Most of the time, during the day you can witness your cat sleeping with one eye open. This is about having a power nap in order to continue their activities. When the animal feels low on energy, it tends to rest to gain more energy and then continue their activities.

In this regard, cats tend to nap with an open eye when they power nap which lasts from 5 to 15 minutes. Apparently, she can be at rest during the power nap but can still respond to danger or other stimuli.

Open eye nap cat

Weather brings more sleep to them

Just like humans, cats are also affected by the weather. In moderate rainy weather, all you want is a perfect nap at home. It seems difficult for you to get out of a cozy and warm bed and do some work. The same could happen to your beloved kitten or cat. In winter and specifically in rain your pet likes to nap a little longer. You can observe some long and frequent naps in such weather conditions which is normal according to the animal’s cognitive needs.

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Cycle defines her sleeping behavior

We as humans have nights to sleep and days to work; we are able to sleep at night because we are tired from all the activities of the day. But, for cats nature has defined days for rest and nights for activities as at night they can hunt and find food. Considering this nature there is a simple cycle that is followed by them.

If you have a cat as a pet then you need to know about the complete cycle so you will be able to understand more about your lovely pet and adjust to their habits.


The daily cycle of a cat’s life starts with the hunt. Being a predator, they need to hunt for food in their natural environment. It is not just kittens or cat but other members of the feline family such as tigers or lions. It is important for these animals to feed themselves and to have the best energy and a filled stomach.


After hunting the next step for the feline family is to feast. Most wild predators feast on their prey. But, the domestic pets are provided with food by the guardian. For them, hunt refers to the activities and toy chasing games designed for them. Afterward, they are provided with the best food that gives them energy.

The food will give them more energy and nutrition that will provide a boost and recovery for the animal. It is a part of their natural routine that they need to maintain for long periods of time.


After having a feast, members of the cat family groom themselves. In the natural environment, animals tend to remove all the evidence of their prey and feast. They use to groom their hair and the whole body in order to remove anything extra attached to them.

This grooming session seems to be a type of spa session that is directly linked to their self-grooming. They are massaging themselves to feel relaxed and preparing for bed and to have a sound sleep.


The ultimate step they have is to sleep soundly for a long period of time. This is the final step followed by cats. You can observe that your pet cat feel sleepy after having food and grooming. Most of the time your cat loves to stay up and active at night by performing different activities but when it comes to food in the morning and after the feast, your cat goes into a sound slumber.

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Tricks to change the sleeping habits of your pet

It is not necessary that you have to change your activities around the cat’s sleeping routine. There are some tricks and tactics available that can be used to change their sleeping habits and sleep cycle.

Change the routine

You need to provide your pet with some of the basic things that are relative to hunting activities, food and sleep. These three things are actual needs of your cat and it depends on you that these needs are met and incorporated into the best schedule. In this regard, you can design some of the extremely active chasing games for your cat in the morning time so it will remain active. Make sure you will provide food in correct portions in the evening so at night she would like to go to sleep.

Change the routine

Keep them engaged

They can be lazy in the morning, make sure you keep them engaged in activities so it will remain active. Try to make her exhausted in the evening so it will go to sleep after having eaten and groomed at night. You can divide the evening meal into two portions one is before the exercise and the other is presented as a feast afterwards.

These Pets are smart

If you think that all efforts of changing the sleeping behaviors are on you then it is important for you to know that she is smart enough to notice these changes. Most of the time they alternate their habits and schedule according to the change of when food is provided. When you try to tame your pet, they will respond to food which will get the best results.

Nap, Snore and Dream

It is interesting to know that your cat is not only a sleep lover but also snores and dreams at times. It is hard to know what they dream about, but we can guess that they are about birds and rats. You can observe some of the actions and sounds created by her in sleep that lets you know about things that are going on its mind. Sometimes at night, you might experience her snoring.

cat sleep on the pillow

Change in sleeping behavior may alarm you

It is quite easy for you to change the sleeping behaviors of your cat but if you are facing some frequent and vivid changes in sleeping order then be careful. Your cat’s health is important and to maintain good health observe all the cat’s activities closely and make visits to the veterinarian if you notice anything different. Change of sleeping schedules can be caused by a number of medical problems.


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