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Yogabed is a newly set up online mattress company, has no relationship with yoga,but their goal is to make their customer feeling great and refreshed after a good night’s sleep.

But Yogabed is based on their own “Yoga Comfort System“, which is developed by a small team of mattress manufacturing experts, with over 40 years of experience in the industry.But Yogabed’s core is foam,not memory foam, Yoga bed is actually a foam mattress, a very special foam.

What we need to know it that all of the memory mattress on the market, such as Loom&Leaf or Leesa mattress, only part of mattress layers are memory foam or contain memory foam, there is no 100% memory foam mattress on the market.

Actually pure memory foam can not be made into a mattress, all of your body will sink into it, with no bounce back,good experience?

Structure of Yogabed

construct of yogabed

Yogabed is made up of 4 foam layers, totally 10” high, all of these 4 layers called together Yoga comfort system, which can provide a incredible sleeping experience, of course, not for everyone, just for the one who is suitable for it.

  • Top layer, Yoga instant response foam, 1” high, this amazing foam was designed to retain the best qualities of memory foam, latex foam and gel foam, all-in-one. It offers great pressure relief, unbelievable support and it sleeps cool, it reacts and recovers its shape as you move. It’s the mattress that adapts to your body, not your body adapting to the mattress, to help eliminate the sinking, trapped feeling created by traditional memory foam.
  • Second layer,Yoga gel layer, 2” high, one common problem of foam mattress, especially memory foam mattress, people will feel hot, one of the common solution of mattress industry is to add gel into foam, which can provide a cooling sleep experience. This is helpful for most people.
  • Third layer, breathable foam base, this support layer is also the thickest layer of whole mattress, 6” high, traditional mattress here are made up of inner spring, the same usage, just to provide support. One of the highlights I need to mention is Yogabed’s base foam layer is breathable, the naturally cool and responsive breathable foam base ensures 95% better air flow and three times better heat and moisture wicking than traditional memory foam.
  • Fourth layer,support base, 1” high.  Which is also to provide support, and better combination with your foundations or boxspring. They don’t require a sheet of plywood be placed on your foundation as many other brands require due to the unique construction of a Yogabed.

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Firmness, Comfort, & Support

Firmness is a very important factor when people buying a mattress. If you a totally stomach sleeper, and you buy a extremely soft memory foam mattress, all of your body will sink into it and you can’t breath anymore. 
Yogabed has only one model, one firmness scale. Official claim their mattress is suitable for everyone, I don’t think there is mattress suitable for everyone. Their official firmness scale is 6.5-7/10 (10 is hardest). This is different based on person, just for reference.

While from feedback we collect from real consumers, it’s even more firm. Maybe 7.5-8/10 on firmness scale. This is unacceptable for some one, especially the one who are totally side sleepers and lighter ones(less than 120 pounds). For the big guy or the one who prefer back sleeping or stomach sleeping, user satisfaction are good.

One important tip is you can dial 1-844-333-3709 to contact with Yogabed’s customer service, tell them you felt too firmness on the mattress, and they will send you a free mattress topper, with that I believe you can get a perfect sleep. Yogabed is a good designed mattress, they can provide good support and durability.

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Sex and Motion transfer

A good news is Yogabed is very friendly for sex, when you’re making love the bounce back is very important, and if you sink into it and hard to move, it would be horrible. Benefit from Yoga comfort system, Yogabed can provide a cool, productive experience, so I claim it one of the best mattress for sex.

Different from innerspring mattress such as Saatva, foam based mattress did a better job on motion transfer control, your partner can hardly feel any movement form your side. I can rate it as B+, not as amazing as thick memory foam mattress.

Yogabed free pillow

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Cover and Free pillow

This is another advantage of Yogabed, their cover is removable, for most mattress, you can’t remove the cover, all it will damage the foam.

Every Yogabed mattress has a removable, machine washable zip-n-Wash cover with Easy Align zipper, making it easy to keep a super clean and fresh sleep environment. You wouldn’t sleep in the same unwashed pajamas for 10 years, so why sleep on the same unwashed mattress cover.

Besides free mattress topper(if you ask), they provide 2 free standard size Yogabed pillows (1 with twin, twin XL) on every mattress buying, Yogabed is the only mattress that comes with Yogabed pillows, which use the same technology found in Yogabed to provide an incredible level of comfort.

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Off gassing when new open

Generally form based on mattress will have off gassing issue, this is caused by the manufacture process of form layer, they need to combine several form layer together, the period of off gassing depends on the foam thickness, material and chemical they use.

Yogabed is made in USA(manufactured in Georgia)

There is a slight smell to Yogabed, kind of like a new car, but it is much less than what you smell with other beds since we compress the bed when we ship it to you. When you open the bed it will renew with fresh, clean air. The smell will dissipate over 2-3 days.

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Shipment,Trial Period, Warranty and Returns

The shipment will be arranged within 2 business days and Shipping times range from 3-10 business days.

Similar to Casper, but better, the risk free trial period is 101 nights, while Casper is 100 nights.They require you give your body a minimum of 30 days to adjust to your new Yogabed.

The Warranty are the same, both are 10 years. Same as other online mattress company.

If you are not satisfied after the first 30 days and up to 101 days, email [email protected] and they’ll arrange to have it picked up, at no charge to you of course. Please note that only one free trial and return is permissible.

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Compare with other online mattress

As a 10″ mattress, I think the price below is expensive, I can’t think out any reason why Yogabed is more expensive than Leesa, I believe Leesa is a better memory foam mattress, and longer history and more return customer.

Another better choice is the Dromma bed if you prefer memory foam mattress. It’s thicker, more comfortable and has better warranty and longer free trial period.If you prefer the firm feeling from Yogabed, you can reference Bear mattress, this is designed for athlete, can give you awesome support and very quick recovery. Yogabed is not bad, but maybe not the best choice for most customer.

If we extend the topic, we don’t just talk about memory foam,  Ghostbed is another good choice, this is a hybrid mattress(latex+memory foam), it’s very similar to Casper, but cheaper and better(structure, warranty,free trial).

If you like pure latex mattress, Helix or Brooklyn bedding should also take into consider as well. They are cheaper, but more comfortable maybe. Don’t forget to drop by our best memory foam mattress list to see other recommendations. I believe you can find what you need there.

Size Price
Twin $574
Twin XL $624
Full $824
Queen $874
King $974
California King $974
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Yogabed has a lot of advantage, their only Yoga Comfort System, removable cover, free pillow, free mattress topper(if need), and the interesting story with Casper.  Consider buying a Yogabed mattress if you

  • Prefer a cooling sleeping experience
  • Prefer the feeling of bounce back when sleeping or making love
  • Like the free gift from Yogabed
  • Back or stomach sleep prefer medium to firm firmness scale
8.3 Total Score

Price and Value
Warranty and free trial
Sleep cool
Back sleep
Side sleep
  • Yoga comfort system, provide comfort,relax, cool
  • Full of bouncy compare with other memory foam
  • Two free Yogabed pillows
  • The cover is removable and washable
  • $125 off limited time
  • Firm for side sleepers.
  • You have better choice at this price level.
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